What, you are my child yet you will ignore your god | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God’s message for you

today God says if I didn’t believe you


succeed I would not have made you you


succeed I gave you the

potential stay

positive I love you my

child God says you don’t need to worry

about the next step in your life all you

need to do is to put your trust in me

and to work

hard I will place the right people and

places along your path I have watched

over you and will always watch over you

I love you my

child God says I look at you

and I see a strong beautiful Warrior

keep your head up you are more than the

choice you have made I love you my

child God

says I love you you are beautiful and


made I have a better plan for your life

than you have for

yourself trust me I love you my

child God says I need you

forgive that is what I command it can be

hard but is necessary I love you my

child if you believe in God please


amen thank you very much

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