said it is over

now open your eyes and ears and pay

attention to the biggest sign of two

decades don’t ignore it for this is your

only chance to hear the truth and save


life the total solar eclipse that just

happened was

not a random event of a Celestial

event but it will also leave a

supernatural impact on your City on your

home and on your personal

life God has taken a final decision and

with the end of the solar eclipse many

things are ending in your life

God has decided to finish every

unrighteous every unnecessary thing that

once started in your

city you are about to witness a

supernatural and unusual change as the

after effects of the solar eclipse

they’re about to bring a massive change

in your personal life as as well as in

your social

life dear child of God I spend this

morning in prayer today during the

entire period of solar

eclipse and I heard the voice of the

Lord in my spirit that told me about the

major upcoming


the Holy Spirit told me that these

changes are necessary to bring

righteousness back in the

world but it won’t be seen in effect

immediately by the power of the Holy

Spirit I was able to understand what God

is trying to convey to his

people and this is what

I want to share with you

all so for every listener every believer

present here let me share what God is

saying to his childrens at this moment

he is

saying my beloved

child as you read these words know that

they are not mere human

utterances but the Divine voice of of


creator reaching out to you

today as the world Witnesses a Celestial

phenomenon the solar

eclipse I want you to understand that it

is not merely a spectacle in the

sky it is a sign of the

Supernatural and unusual change that is

about to unfold in your

life before the sun’s rays are


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