What is the purpose of life according to God?

and i want you to turn with me to the

second chapter of john’s gospel the

second chapter of john’s gospel

in the rd verse jesus said

oh the scripture says

now when he was in jerusalem at the

passover in the feast days

many believed in his name

when they saw the miracles which he did

but jesus did not commit himself unto

them because he knew all men

and needed not that any should testify

of man

for he knew what was in man

there was a man

of the pharisees named nicodemus a ruler

of the jews

the same came to jesus by night and said

unto him rabbi

we know that thou art a teacher come

from god

for no man can do these miracles that

you do except god be with him

and jesus answered and said unto him

verily verily

i say unto thee except a man be born

again he cannot see

the kingdom of god

i remember the first day

that i ever went to school

i was scared to death

we had to walk to school in those days

about two or three miles

and walk back in the afternoon after the

school was finished and my mother had

fixed me

a little lunch to take and eat at

lunchtime or the recess time no one told

me that there were two recesses so they

had one recess about or

for us to go out and stretch ourselves a

little bit

and so i ate my lunch very quickly at

that time

well when the real lunch time came at

i had nothing to eat

and i’ll never forget that day as long

as i live i got on the bus the wrong way

of some or i this was four years later i

got on the bus the wrong way

and the principal came out and he

grabbed my ear

and i think part of it is still gone

but some time ago

bill hybels

said in one of his sermons that there

are so many changes happening rapidly

that we don’t even realize how many of

them are affecting us

he said that this is an era

of information overload

you and i

have access to more information data

facts and news and knowledge than

anybody in history

and the information in the world is

doubling every five years

and then we get information through

magazines and newspapers

we’re told

that we forget up to percent of it in


and virtually all of us

will be forgotten by the time we reach


nicodemus the man that we were just

reading about in the bible

was a great religious leader

and he came by night

he probably was afraid of criticism

or he had a desire for a private

conversation with jesus and maybe that

was the only time jesus could give him

or maybe he thought about committing

himself in a new way

many of you have thought a long time

about religion and christianity

we’re living in a revolutionary and

changing world

man’s ability is

man’s moral abilities lagging behind

his technological ability

and it could mean disaster

and catastrophe for the whole human race

and many people have a feeling that

something is about to happen

i’m asked more questions wherever i go

today about the end of the world than i

ever have and all of my ministry put

together people look at our world with

all the crime

and all the headlines screaming at us

about the killings

and we see the moral depravity on so

much about entertainment

and we ask ourselves are we nearing the


are we living in the days of noah as

jesus predicted would come someday

i heard about a drunk in london

he was under a street light

and he was looking for his wallet that

he had lost

and somebody came by and said did you

lose it here

he said no about a half block back

well why don’t you look there

there’s no street lights back there he


searching is important

searching for purpose and meaning is

very important

do you have purpose and meaning in your


i told many times about the ten-year-old


who went to his mother and said mother

how was i born and she said the stork

brought you

then he went to his grandmother and said

grandmother how were you born

said the stork brought me

said how was my mother born mr stark

brought her

and he was to write a little paper in

his class on birth

and he wrote in his paper and said there

hasn’t been a natural birth in our

family in three generations


now nicodemus was surprised

and stunned when jesus turned to him and

said nicodemus you must be born again

if christ had said that to zacchaeus

who was

cheating the people out of money

you could understand that

or the woman at the well who had five


you could understand it

or the thief on the cross who was guilty


robbery and mugging and all kinds of


who begged je who said to jesus lord

remember me when you come into your


or the woman taken in adultery

but to say it to a religious leader like

nicodemus surprised everybody

you see nicodemus was a ruler he was

rich he was religious

and yet he was searching for reality and

that’s why he was there

he wanted fulfillment in his life which

he hadn’t found in all of his religion

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