What is God’s message?

What is God’s message?

the word from God for

today to whomever is reading this I hope

that you get relief from whatever it is

that is causing you pain or

worry the time has come for you to rid

your head of all the negative ideas

excessive analysis and self-doubt

Confused Minds please be enlightened I

hope that you find Serenity and quiet in


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my faith in

God don’t be afraid to pick yourself up

and start again drop the negative ideas

that make you feel less valuable stop

telling yourself you can’t improve and


progress let rid of the persons and

behaviors that deviates you from

realizing your goal the moment has come

to release self-limiting ideas let your

inner Divinity


emerge put in our men to claim

it disappointment worry fear trauma and

any other negative emotions or thoughts

must now be expelled from your whole

being you are healed and your heart is

brimming with fortitude bravery

insight and

love you are a Divine Soul having a

human experience Envision it in your

mind Envision it own

it press the Y yes button to

confirm your soul will shine a bright

light on the path ahead of you and you

will have a strong compelling impulse

from inside to pursue

it every moment is an opportunity to

think on the things that make your life

worth living and to learn and develop as

a result of life’s

shifts you can’t be stopped you have no

fear despite your weakness you are

resilient put on an armor of self

assurance to protect yourself from

criticism don’t try to fit into the mold

others have drawn for you

your unique Ence your sole purpose says

while you are here your spirit has

awaken be receptive it will be easy to

see what to do

next if you agree please respond with

yes you have to forge your own root

always keeping in mind your boundless

potential the more you pursue a

spiritual path the more you’ll learn

about yourself and how you may best

contribute to the Fulfillment of your

Divine Destiny think

inwards you must have the your guts to

follow what heart is telling you since

only then you are following the path

planned for

you you have the Breath of Life inside

you no one can DW your brightness except

you you don’t let them be as great as

your heart and mind will allow you to

be press the Y yes button to

confirm from a place far deeper than who

you now believe yourself to be something

is going to emerge ultimately your goal

in life should be to

awaken don’t give into habitual routines

simply because they’re easy moving

beyond previous bounds radiates a

distinct Vitality there are tww possible

Futures notice accept

embrace the tides are going to turn in

your favor overthinking negative ideas

and uncertainty will immediately go away

and rational reasoning will take their

place your life is about to be become

more peaceful loving and tranquil you’ve

stayed resilient long enough now is the

time to get the rewards of your efforts

you have

earned I know it seems like everything

is falling apart and you’re scared but

God wants you to know that the pieces

are coming together and you will finally

understand the spirit of the Lord is

saying what appears to be falling apart

is actually coming

together since you were a little kid the

devil has been after you attempting to

destroy you because he knows you’re

destined for great

things because he is aware of your

Divine appointment he has been exerting

extra effort to muzzle your words block

your abilities restrict your growth and

prevent you from making your

mark they haven’t been able to defeat

you because you have a Defender who

watches over you around the

clock he is warding against the powers

of evil that would otherwise destroy

you an affirmation of I embrace my power

may be typed

out don’t worry about anything instead

pray pray about everything tell God your

needs and don’t forget to praise him for

his Solutions if you do this you will

feel God’s

peace as you put your faith in Christ

Jesus you will experience a peace that

Beyond human comprehension and it will

keep your mind and heart at

ease today God is saying I saw what they

did to you it was bad Wicked even but do

not seek Vengeance yourself you have

more important tasks to accomplish in


Kingdom beseech the Lord on their behalf

since I will recompense them for their

evil those who harm my children will

face the full force of my

wrath just chill down love them pray for

them some more and watch me do what I

need to do whenever I need to do

it it’s tough to retain believing in God

when you’re in the dark about what’s

happening and you feel like he’s

forgotten about

you when you feel like you’ve been used

when you think loyalty is overrated when

you feel like you’ve been treated

unfairly when you’ve been deceived


if you’ve ever felt like the wind has

been taken out of your sails after being

knocked down again I know how tough it

is I know you don’t understand right now

but God is with you and for you and he

is good and does good it’s not over

faith is based on trust not

comprehension if you’re ready to go on

just hit the Amen key on your

keyboard God even if you can’t see it

understands when something has fulfilled

its function and will take it away just

to replace it with something

greater God knows when things should end

even if you’re not ready God is

preparing what’s next for you because he

understands that you need a change he

knows that he has leading you to a

better destination or directing you to a

more satisfying

existence God I assure you is listening

to your prayers and is providing for you

although in his own time and in his own

manner the very things you have asked

for when you ask for joy and instead

find yourself pulling away from the

people who once brought you Joy he is

telling you that these are not the

people to surround yourself because they


you when you pray for tranquil and

instead find yourself unemployed he is

telling you that your future is better

elsewhere if you ask for love and he

delivers you sadness instead it’s

because he thinks you should change your


God works in strange

ways sometimes we’re stuck and we don’t

understand why we plead God for answers

and for direction we beg him for people

and things that we don’t

need the things we hate about ourselves

are just

transitory and we have already

discovered someone who loves us in spite

of our many faults

God forgives us for everything including

the people we’ve hurt we don’t know why

and we know we don’t deserve it but he

does it anyway because he loves

us we may not know what the future holds

and we may be anxious about it but God

does all we have to do is have faith in

his plan for us and trust him

to confirm type I am kind to

myself God’s ways may not make sense to

us and we may not always be able to

Fathom his motives but we must remember

that he is in control of the whole

picture it’s possible that you’re

prepared for what God has in store for

you but that doesn’t mean everyone else

who will be involved is

until God’s ideal moment comes and he

has finished working in another person

or circumstance he cannot answer your

prayer in the way that he wants to in


life let God work things out his way the

solution will come when it’s supposed to

if you want to live your greatest life

today you have to learn to trust God’s

timetable enter yes if you accept

this I know it’s tough but if you only

knew God has Beauty for those ashes

maybe you’ve experienced a loss you’re

discouraged thinking you’ve seen your


days if you only knew how he’s going to

connect the dots in your life how all

things are going to work for your good

you’d get your passion

back if only you knew the doors that are

about to be open to you the new friends

that are on the horizon and the fact

that your later days will be better than

your earlier

ones it may seem like the end but in

reality you’re only at the start of the

finest years of your

life I wasn’t prepared for today with

everything that I have been through this

year I didn’t have a word to share with

you but this one just came to

me this is the year the Lord is going

before you and you will witness the

results in the

natural today God is saying I need you

to truly remain focused in the next days

the adversary is aware that I am about

to to bless you with something you’ve

been hoping

for the adversary is going to exploit

individuals that you know to distract

you with pettiness don’t bother

answering that keep going about your day

as nothing is happening and be ready to


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Channel please Heavenly Father help me

to be be patient with others to love

them and to forgive them as you have


me I pray that the Holy Spirit guides my

words and gives me the insight to

proclaim the truth when others are

straying please hold me back in the name

of Jesus Christ from using the truth for

my personal

benefit you will soon be able to look

back on your life and see that God was

always there hearing your prayers and

providing a way out of any

difficulty the world is ready to meet

you all over again you’ve committed so

many days months and used words

upgrading your mind body and soul it’s

going to pay off in every

manner your developing sense of hner

power and burgeoning Faith have given

birth to a new you and this you is

Unstoppable and reaching incredible

Heights the new you is to busy counting

her blessings to be discouraged by

setbacks and the universe will respond

accordingly you should not let go of the

person you are right now because they

are the greatest you’ve ever been


if you get this

Proclamation type I claim it to claim

it God says my dear child whatever you

face I see it too you attempt to figure

it out on your own drawing strength from

prior struggles and God responds it is

hard because you rely on

yourself remember my child You Are Not

Alone look to me and I will lead your

steps Empower you and show you the

way I love you and I am here with you

and together we can do

anything a simple yes or no will

do God tells you my sweetheart these

concerns anxieties and fears are like

clouds that attempt to obscure your

beautiful F

brightness keep in mind kid that

everything is going to be okay I just

can’t show you the end result just

yet believe that you can do anything

even walk on water or move mountains for

I am with you and will strengthen you

and support you you are my sunlight and

I will protect you at all costs

God says today you’ve done a good job

surrendering these Giants to me I am so

proud of you child now that you’ve

learned how to do it let’s check

together these details that are

troubling your heart every

day embrace my presence in your minor

chores and I bless you with the joy you

were always

seeking let go of your pride and let me

to guide you through this world the way

I see

it a simple yes or no will

do but in times of hardship I want you

to give it all to me and I will see to

it that you are cared

for God

warns if you feel like your losing the

battles you confront every day it’s

because you’re trying to do it on your

own you attempt to face it headon using

the same armor and weapons you used

before but Sweet Child just as different

teachings need different stationary in

the classroom so do various trials

require different instruments to learn

them come on let’s become stronger as a

team for I am your supplier and I

provide you all you need if you would

just let go of the old and learn to

utilize your new

abilities just hit the I’m optimistic

button if you’re all

set God says I know that you stress a

lot at times I don’t blame you life can

be hard it can be challenging and it can

overwhelm M at times however God wants

you to give all to him at times of

struggle so enjoy the peace surrounding

you right now and experience the joy

that comes with it tomorrow as you wake

up we will meet again and I will gift

you the peace needed for that day God

says child don’t limit your

understanding by the information at hand

and make decisions based on that come to

me and I will uncuff you from this

desperate situation I will show you the

answer I will help

you type yes if you feel

this if your life has been turned upside

down by anything beyond your control of

death divorce money issues job loss

sickness natural catastrophe accident

Etc and you find yourself on a road you

didn’t choose this book is for

you relax in the knowledge that God is

in charge and has always known about the

trials you now face you may feel as

though you will never get better but

trust that God still has a good plan and

purpose for your life and will use even

this to bring about

good cling to the the Lord and his

promises rather than your

circumstances because the Lord is

trustworthy and will see you

through God is speaking to you today

trust me I’m preparing you for a

gamechanging breakthrough a new season

is starting and it’s time to make the

most of

it avoid contempt for the method don’t

hate the trip the storms may come but

they will mold you into someone more

like me if you stick through

them with my blessing on your life

onlookers will scratch their heads and

wonder what you did to deserve such good

fortune they just can’t get it you got

this from my own

hands what I accomplish through you no

one else can claim as their own do not

be timid when you enter the next phase

of your life there is no evil that can


you just typing I am evolving is a


affirmation barriers have been shattered

and some things will now occur with

quickness and ease act when God tells

you to October and November will be

powerful months for

you do what he instruct you to do even

if it’s hard Satan will attempt to get a

foothold in your mind so you need to

quickly shut him

off I believe July and August will be

pivotal months but for some of you

September will be a whole other level

because God is accomplishing something

Monumental in this season and you will

get what he has for

you prayer for a Thursday I want to

approach today with an attitude of

thankfulness therefore I’d like to start

by thanking the lord for giving me

another day of

life to The God Who is L even when I am

not I give thanks for being my shield

provider Redeemer and The God Who meet

all my

needs thank you for being there for me

no matter what

and for giving me the grace and

fortitude to tackle whatever challenges


brings we pray this in the name of Jesus

Christ Our Lord and Savior

amen an affirmation of I embrace my

power may be typed

out God says child when you look into

the future with the eyes of Faith do you

do you see bad grades do you see

stressful work perhaps people who hurt

you that’s right they’re not

there the future I have planned for you

is bright and lovely so don’t allow the

Troubles of today hinder your vision of

the Kingdom focus on me not the storm my

little warrior I love

you it’s easy to feel discouraged and

fearful when life seems to be spinning

out of control but instead try to keep

your focus on the fact that God has

everything under control and that

nothing is to hard or impossible for him


handle when God has you in his hands you

may rest certain that he has your best

interests at heart and that he will

provide for you no matter

what press amen if you believe in

God believe that God is for you no

matter what you’re going through right

now and instead of dwelling on your

problems see God working to make them

disappear awaken your faith and set your

sights on his advancement and blessing

as you keep your thoughts on him and

choose to follow his

word because he has you in the palm of

his triumphant right hand you will

experience miraculous breaks that

catapult you farther than you ever dream

imaginable just tap out the words this

to shall pass as a

mantra click yes if you’re pumped and

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