What is God’s message to all of us?

have you ever felt like giving up on

prayer have you ever wondered if your

prayers make any difference at all have

you ever been disappointed discouraged

or disillusioned by the lack of answers

to your prayers Hello friends am so glad

you’re here today I want to share a

message with you that believe will bless

your life and help you grow in your

faith it’s about the power of prayer you

know pray prayer is one of the most

important things you can do as Believers

prayer is how we communicate with God

how we express our gratitude our needs

our desires our Praises prayers how we

align our will with God’s will how we

receive his guidance his wisdom his

peace prayer is how we tap into the

supernatural power of God how we release

his favor his protection his healing his

miracles in our lives but sometimes we

don’t feel like praying sometimes we’re

too busy too tired too distracted too

discouraged too angry too hurt or pray

sometimes we think our prayers are not

heard not answered not effective

sometimes we doubt if God really cares

really listens really loves us but let

me tell you something today

if you don’t feel like praying force it

because something is also forcing you

not to pray the Bible says in Ephesians

that we are not fighting against

flesh and blood enemies but against evil

rulers and authorities of the Unseen

World against Mighty powers in this dark

world and against evil spirits in the

Heavenly places you see there is an

enemy who doesn’t want you to pray there

is a devil who wants to stop your

communication with God there is a force

of Darkness that wants to silence your

voice of Faith why because the enemy

knows that when you pray you are

powerful the enemy knows that when you

pray you are victorious the enemy knows

that when you pray you are unstoppable

that’s why he will try everything he can

to keep you from praying he will try to

make you feel guilty unworthy ashamed to

come before God he will try to make you

feel hopeless helpless defeated by your

circumstances he will try to make you

feel angry bitter resentful towards God

or others he will try to make you feel

busy stressed overwhelmed by your

responsibilities but not let him win not

let him rob you of your blessing don’t

let him steal your joy don’t let him

destroy your destiny instead of giving

into your feelings give in to your faith

instead of listening to your emotions

listen to God’s word instead of

following your flesh follow the spirit

force yourself to pray even when you

don’t feel like it even when you don’t

know what to say even when you don’t see

any results just pray pray with

confidence that God hears you and loves

you pray with expectation that God will

answer you and bless you pray with

persistence that God will work for you

and through you pray until something

happens pray until your feelings change

pray until your situation turns around

pray until your breakthrough comes pray

until until your Miracle manifests pray

until your Victory is complete pray

until your destiny is fullfilled pray

until your purpose is accomplished pray

until your glory is revealed pray until

your joy is full pray until your peace

is perfect pray until your love is

overflowing pray until your life is

transformed pray until your world is

changed pray until Heaven comes down

just pray and I promise you this if you

force yourself to pray today tomorrow

you will be glad that you did because

Prayer Changes Everything prayer changes

us prayer changes others prayer changes

God’s mind so don’t let anything stop

you from praying today don’t let

anything keep you from talking to God

today don’t let any anything hinder you

from connecting with God today force

yourself to pray today and watch what

God will do in your life tomorrow amen

amen type amen if you believe in prayer

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