What God Really Wants from You When You Say Sorry

if you don’t need salvation from Jesus

you can skip this video if you need

Jesus in your life watch this video till

the end my child you see I love you all

very much and I want you to be happy and

peaceful but sometimes you make mistakes

and sin against me or your fellow human

beings that is why I set my only

begotten son to die for your sin

can offer you salvation through his

grace but Salvation is not a whattime

deal you have to keep following my

Commandments and living according to my

will and when you do wrong you have to

admit it and ask for forgiveness from me

and those you have hurt but forgiveness

is not enough you also have to show that

you are truly sorry by changing your

behavior and avoiding the same sin in

the future that is what I mean by the

best apology is change Behavior you see

words are cheap anyone can say I’m sorry

or I love you without meaning it but

actions speak louder than words when you

change your behavior you show that you

respect me and those you have offended

you show that you value our relationship

more than your pride or self selfishness

you show that you are willing to learn

from your mistakes and grow as a person

that is why I am always ready to forgive

you when you repent and change your

behavior because I know that you are

sincere and that you want to be closer

to me and that makes me very happy so

remember my children the next time you

sin or hurt someone not just say sorry

show it by changing your behavior that

is the best way to apologize and to

receive my mercy and Grace I bless you

today and always amen

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