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my beloved child as you journey through

life’s winding paths know that you are


alone in moments of solitude or when the

world seems distant I am there

surrounding you with my love and

grace you are cherished beyond measure

and your every joy and sorrow is known

to me

when the weight of the world presses

upon your shoulders come to me and find

Solace In My

Embrace let me be your Refuge your safe

haven amidst life

storms in my presence you will find the

strength to face each day with courage

and resilience release your burdens into

my hands dear one

Cast Away your fears and worries for I’m

here to carry them for you trust in my

unwavering love for it knows no bounds

and will never

falter remember I’m the anchor for your

soul the steady Rock upon which you can

stand firm let my peace wash over you

like a gentle wave soothing your weary

spirit and filling you with hope

rest assured my child that I’m with you

always guiding you with tender care and

leading you into the fullness of

life you are precious in my sight and I

will never let you go with boundless

love your heavenly

father beloved child may this message be

a Beacon of Hope in your life share this

gift with others for by giving you


abundantly together let’s create a

ripple of blessings subscribe for more

Divine guidance and share to multiply

the love remember you are cherished

beyond measure with love from



1 thought on “WATCH TO SAVE JESUS FROM SATAN | God Message Today | Gods Message | Gods Message Now”

  1. Yes hallelujah To You my Refuge and my Rock to stand firm also my pillar of strength Glory be to God The Almighty hallelujah again and again AMEN amenable.


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