God says life will not always be the

same I will come again today I want you

rejoice in Victory I will lead you and

will give you the victory you will not


destroyed I love you dear Lord I need

you I can’t do this alone I need your

help I need your presence with me help

me to trust you more and more Lord I

want you in my life Lord God chose you

for a reason and God marked you for

Victory if you are faithful to God he

will give you all the success in your

life God says I am watching over you

tonight stop fighting this battle alone

I will never leave you in your storm

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain God says it

might be the Midnight Hour but I have a

miracle with your name on it receive it

by faith stop monitoring things you left

in my hands trust me and

rest God says help me to walk by your

teachings daily there are so many

Temptations I can’t do it alone I need

you I love you type amen

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