WATCH THIS For 2 Minutes And God Will Give You Healing | Most Powerful Prayer For Urgent Healing

in times of illness and struggle we

often turn to prayer seeking God’s

healing touch yet in the midst of our

pain and uncertainty it can be

challenging to hold on to hope but today

we’re here to remind you that through

prayer we can find strength peace and

healing in the arms of our loving father

prayer is a powerful tool that connects

us to the Divine it’s a direct line to

God where we can pour out our hearts lay

our burdens at his feet and seek his

healing touch in the Book of James we’re

reminded of the power of prayer the

prayer of a righteous person is powerful

and effective we’re called to bring our

troubles before God knowing that he

hears our cries and is faithful to

respond when we pray for healing we’re

declaring our trust in God’s

sovereignity we acknowledge that he is

the ultimate healer and his ways are

higher than ours through prayer we

surrender our fears and doubts and we

open ourselves to receive his peace and

restoration even when the road to

Healing seems long and uncertain we can

find Hope in the assurance that God is

with us every step of the way so today

as you face your own battles and

challenges remember that you’re not

alone through the gift of prayer you can

tap into the Limitless love and healing

power of our heavenly father trust in

his perfect timing Embrace his peace

that surpasses all understanding and

hold fast to the hope that he is indeed

The God Who heals let us

pray oh Supreme healer I express my

gratitude for the gift of this day and

for the Abundant mercies you’ve bestowed

upon me in humility I seek your

forgiveness and mercy beseeching you to

cleanse me from all my sins and my

unrighteousness that may linger Within

You Lord have promised that when we call

upon you you will answer and save us in

my time of suffering I call upon you

asking for the flow of your Healing

Waters through my body recognizing that

you are the ultimate source of true

healing I find solace in the calm and

peace that resides in you amidst my pain

and the shadows of depression grant me

the grace to place my trust in your

unending care love and omnipotent power

that surrounds me your your word as

stated in Revelation

assures me that you will wipe away

all tears and there shall be no more

death sorrow crying or pain with

unwavering faith I stand on your

promises and ask that you wipe away the

burden of pain that weighs me down erase

the sickness from my life eliminating

the weakness in my body eliminate the

weakness in my body and bestow upon me

Divine health and healing I plead with

you oh God to deliver me and restore

peace to my body soul and mind I Express

gratitude Lord for the healing that I

believe you’re bringing into my life

with trust in your wisdom and Providence

I anticipate the renewal of my health

strength and inner peace in due season

father I humbly approach you seeking the

touch of your healing hand it feels as

though my world has crumbled drawing me

into a realm of darkness in complete

surrender I Turn to You recognizing that

with you all things are possible hold my

heart in your hands and bring renewal to

my body Soul and Spirit

helpless and afraid I Surrender

everything to you please lead me out of

this darkness and illuminate my path

with your light open my heart to deeper

communion with you and let your Holy

Spirit dwell within me your word in


reassures me not to fear for you

are with me I need not be dismayed for

you are my God you will strengthen help

and uphold Me with Your Righteous right

hand I release all my pain fears and

anxiety to you confident that you will

never leave nor forsake me I entrust

everything to your Compassionate Care

yearning to feel your loving Embrace

provide the healing I seek and alleviate

all the burdens me I thank you

acknowledging that through your power

healing has already been bestowed upon

me set my feet on Your Righteous path

and Grant me inner peace lighten the

burdens in my life and restore wholeness

to me once more Lord I acknowledge that

the price for my health and wholeness

was paid by Your Precious Blood

therefore for sickness has no place in

my life free me from every spiritual

bondage and restore me to perfect health

Infuse me with confidence in your

Supernatural Miracle power I release all

burdens from my heart Before You O Lord

instantly remove my pain and Sorrows as

I Surrender that all I am to rest in

your perfect peace

from my head to toe heal me completely

and anoint my body with your restoring

power rescue me from the clutches of the

wicked drawing inspiration from Mark

where the paralyzed man was healed trust

in the authority of your word command my

healing Lord and send forth your word to

heal all my

diseases grant me the Great Grace to

have unwavering faith in you putting my

whole Trust In Our Savior Jesus Christ

restore me to full health by the power

of your word I Express gratitude Lord

for being my ultimate healer and

deliverer sustain refresh and strengthen

me each day help me overcome every

Obstacle of sickness sorrow and

infirmity sanct ify my body and soul

with the precious blood of Jesus I

declare Divine Health upon my body in

jesus’ name committing to abide in good

health for the rest of my life I trust

that my miraculous healing is on the way

Lord do not withdraw your hands of

healing and Revival from me breathe life

into every dead area of my life you the

great healer and and comforter I seek

your blessings for health and a long

life let the flow of your healing power

permeate every part of my body in these

challenging times help me anchor my

faith in you and Grant me strength in

Body Spirit and soul reveal yourself as

the ultimate healer in my life I release

the anointing of the most most high God

to take charge of my body welcoming the

Heavenly Touch of healing in the name of

Jesus I speak life into my body and soul

releasing every form of unhealthiness

from my system Lord your word instructs

us to pray for healing and in return we

receive blessings of health and strength

to overcome our pains may your your word

manifest greatly in my life and health

drawing inspiration from Psalms

verse to I call out to you the

Eternal one with a humble cry look down

with Mercy heal me with your power and

make me whole redeem my life from the

clutches of Satan and his malevolent

forces strengthen my immune system

eliminating every lingering virus May

those who wish me harm face the

consequences of their wicked intentions

I command sickness and pain back to the

sender in

abundance father you pay the price for

my healing with your blood and body

remove every harmful substance from my

body and restore every damage inflicted

I declare confidence in the Redemption

through your blood affirming that I am

healed through and through sustain

refresh and strengthen me entirely Lord

I receive my powerful healing in the

name of Jesus I pray for a life of

robust Health free from the grip of

sickness and disease bring healing to

every part of my body in my path May

there be life healing healing and health

knowing that Jesus Took on all my

infirmities and bore my

sicknesses I adamantly reject any

Dominion of sickness over my body the

life of God courses through me bringing

healing to every fiber of my being

father Lord let the cleansing flow of

your blood course through my body

uprooting all sicknesses and diseases

touch me comprehensively from head to

toe and eliminate any unhealthy cells in

jesus’ name I implore you to repair and

restore my body Lord let your Healing

Hands rest upon me and may your

lifegiving powers flow into every cell

of my body and depths of my soul purify

cleanse and restore me to wholeness and

strength for the service of your kingdom

show me mercy relieve my fears and grant

me a quiet mind and expectant heart as I

await my Healing Touch Me Oh Lord and

fill me with your light and hope I rest

in the certainty of your healing power I

pray for protection against every evil

power causing sickness in my body

deliver me me from their malevolent

plots to destroy my life Lord I cover my

entire being with your precious blood

declaring a life of good health and

prosperity father Lord don’t allow the

wicked to control my life I come against

every evil implantation in my body

neutralizing their plans with a blood of

Jesus I declare freedom from every

sickness and disease and the power ful

name of Jesus as an overcomer and

conqueror in Christ Jesus I stand firm

healer of the sick I come to you today

as your child longing to hear from you I

ask for your Divine Healing there is so

much I don’t understand about life but I

do know that with your touch and your

word you can make me whole please

forgive me of my sins cleanse me of my

unrighteousness and begin your healing

From the Inside Out Lord I come humbly

before you and I ask that you heal me in

every area of my life I give you my

heart in faith that you can make me

whole again and I give you this hurt

pain weakness and sorrow in exchange for

your comfort let your Spirit move all

over me father I need your healing and

your grace always remind me that you

work on behalf of those you love

constantly father have compassion on me

and bring healing to my body right now

your word says in Psalm to

that when we call out to you the Eternal

one you will give the order heal and

rescue us from uncertain death father I

have read of miraculous healing in the

Bible and I believe that you still heal

the same way today forgive me for

forgetting how much I need you above

everyone and everything else you see

where no one else is able to fully see

or understand you know the pain and

burden I’m carrying and and you know

where I need to be set free deliver me

from this pain and set me free from this

burden I ask for your healing and Grace

to cover every broken place every wound

and every heartache teach me to yield

myself to your never-failing care and to

know that your love and power will

always surround me your scripture says

that you heal all diseases and whoever

believes in you will not perish but have

everlasting life strengthen me Lord in

this time of illness sustain me as I lay

sick in bed you died and Rose for my

sins and that I may have eternal life

Lord I believe in my heart that you are

here with me today and that your most

holy power will uproot all sickness

within my body father help me to put

back my focus on you and not to dwell on

the pain frustration and burden I’m

facing in Jesus name I pray amen I

declare strength and healing upon my

life I declare wellness and newness in

my body I thank you Father for I know I

am already healed by your miraculous


I thank you Lord for restoring unto me

healing and for awakening a fresh life

in me thank you for an answered prayer

in jesus’ name I pray


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