WARNING 🔴 A Heart breaking incident is About to happen ✝️ | Gods message today

after the next minutes you will truly

feel the divine power so don’t cut them

short or skip them you’ll feel as like

God is watching over you and caring

about you after those minutes to my

most beloved listeners he advises child

do not let the fears from your past

prevent you from pursuing the things I

have planned for you never give up you

will succeed up to the Summits where we

may form even stronger bonds and

circling you and supporting you come

with me darling and have faith in me

recall that not a moment goes by while

I’m not with you then I’m going to take

that step forward with you visit my

Creations which I made only for you I

trust you to enjoy this video one must

believe in God you are going to open up

a lot of doors in January praying will

yield an answer you will be astounded by

the Magnificent and amazing benefits

that are on the way for you and your

loved ones to God none of your worries

matter simply press the yes button if

you concur he informs us the stress you

are experiencing is not not destroying

you I am constructing you I heard you

cry child what I’m doing now is helping

you discover who you truly are in spite

of the challenges God says to some of

you who are waiting at a closed door a

new door is coming uncomfortable and

unwanted closed door your energy was

sapped by this encounter and you felt

helpless but God wants you to realize

that there’s more than one choice he is

going to open doors for you that you

have never been able to enter before to

a place full of happiness and Delight

just because the door is closed don’t

give up there will be another soon and

it will bear many fruits to continue typ

yes to claim it God is the one fighting

this battle not you TR the process for

his ways are not our ways both the plan

and the understanding come from God if

he fails to save you what will you do

he’ll see you through it safely it is

not what the Lord wants when we worry

before we come to him it is his desire

that you approach him fully assurance

that he is more than capable of solving

any problem you’re facing perhaps

despite your greatest efforts faith and

prayers nothing seems to be changing is

easy to let stress take control of your

life but in a distinct manner you’ve

reached the designated waiting area it’s

not as though you’re falling behind or

something to put it plainly Gods will

revolve around you everything is moving

along like it should

the trick now is to wait with a positive

outlook rather than a frustrated

complaining one thank you Father for

what you started you will finish thank

you the thing you promised is on its way

please select yes in the space provided

to low if you do believe in God you can

be sure that God will protect you from

the deadly sickness and deliver deliver

you from all traps there is nothing that

can remove you from God’s grasp he is

supreme and the enemy has no final say

all of these things are headed your way

a job admission to that school a

promotion an opportunity and a path out

of debt if you will simply announce it

work toward it and pray for it God will

find a way to bring you out of that

dangerous situation to be sure type I am


aware God is now saying I need you to

keep going my child you’re getting close

to the Finish Line the ideal position

you’ve been seeking is about to arrive

your needed assistance is on its way you

can anticipate getting the required

money shortly their intention is to to

make you change your mind he’s hoping

you’ll give up and allow your lucky

break to pass you by you’ve come to far

to give up now my love never give up on

your asent the vist is breathtaking from

the summit and you’re almost there oh

God I pray that the person reading this

will be blessed with the understanding

that everything happens for a reason and

that everything will work out well in

the end God I ask that you use your

authority too assist them and that this

is a sign that you are going to do

something amazing for them in the name

of Jesus Christ if you’re in agreement

hit yes in January you might expect a

run of good luck recovery

unanticipated advantages growth trth

expansion Financial Independence and

spiritual enlightenment nothing will

remain the same I command you to receive

your heart’s desire in the name of Jesus

Christ God is greater than your

financial obligations disease

addictions sad history leak future and

the difficulties of raising a single

child God is on your side and the holy

spirit gives you strength so if you will

just keep going God will give you beauty

for those ashes despite the loss

disappointment and heartbreak wonderful

things are ahead because he has you in

the palm of his hand and didn’t bring

you this far to forsake you a simple I

am ready to shine typing counts as


God created you with a purpose and a

plan you are a result of Christ’s death

on the cross not your current situation

dot to put it simply God is saying to

you today I know you have been

questioning your own abilities lately

wondering if you are really capable of

doing the things I have set out for you

to perform the purpose of this message

is to serve as a reminder that with

Christ anything is possible give up

being so cowardly that you give up on

your dreams out of fear don’t worry I’ve

got you covered take action view the bio

link for the money attraction secret

Link in the space provided for comments

there is a Heavenly scheme in motion he

is aware of the many ups and downs highs

and lows and twists and turns you have

experienced through this message he is

reminding you this mning that he keeps

his word and will fulfill all of his

promises beyond your greatest

expectations something amazing is

approaching it will be your moment you

are not being ignored by God to date he

has not fulfilled his commitments

nothing went wrong and no one cancel not

withstanding the delays there is still

optimism what God has started he will

finish it is for him to determine you

have been faithful persistent and have

believed for a long time now God says

great blessings are going to enter your

life you’re going to receive a

substantial reward for your perseverance

excitement and hard work and you witness

how everything comes

together the last ditch attempt by the

devil to confuse you is that everything

appears to be setting up for God to

bless and honor you aim small for your

goal a blessing is about to come your

way let me give thanks to the Lord for

everything I am man may I always

remember his kindness toward me he cures

all my illnesses and pardons all my

transgressions he saves me from death

and bestow upon me a kind and gentle

Crown a simple I am ready to shine

typing counts as

confirmation I would suggest you to

continue doing so though as you are

already aware of the source from which

you learn what you cly

know however as you are well aware the

holy scriptures have been available to

you since you were very young and can

teach you about the path of redemption

found in Christ Jesus we ask that Gods

might keep you safe and sound and that

his mercy and Grace envelop your home

you’re going to have a major

breakthrough and a special blessing

materialize very soon the Lord will help

you acquire fire and keep wash God is to


praised today I resolve to not just

survive my challenges but also to thrive

in spite of them all of my hardships are

a part of God’s plan for my Redemption

God’s strength holds me up God’s power

moves me onward and God’s wisdom guides

me as I go the highest form of worship

is giving

gratitude to God through suffering

remaining steadfast in the face of

adversity holding fast to him through

thick and thin and loving him through it

all while it may seem he is far

away I can always count on God to be

there for me even when things seem

hopeless God is my strength when I am at

my lowest at my saddest God is my

consolation if you believe this to be

true kindly reply with a yes try to

remember that when you’re feeling down

God is constantly at work you can

sometimes sense his hand at work and

other times you cannot remember that

there are other evidences for God’s

existence besides feelings if we could

always feel God then we wouldn’t need


in the inim find solace in the knowledge

that God is active it is possible that

the most severe obstacles could

ultimately prove to be divine encounters

before God does anything for you maybe

he is working on you from the inside out

it may seem that the temperature has

increased but your time will come the

odds are for you God is telling you

today everything is going to work out

for you a seemingly unsolvable problem

that is just Trent more success than you

could have ever dreamed of as in store


you a bunch of young Israelis when you

do eventually remove your garments from

the frying pan they won’t even have

smoke damage on them like Lazarus you

will turn into a living example of God’s

kindness choose y yes to

consent you’re about to discover

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minute to make ends meet overwhelmed by

Financial worries and the next moment

you find yourself lured to

money what aspects of these people’s

life changed dramatically it generates

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trajectory is forever changed this is

the appropriate location to activate

your genetic wealth code if you would

like to do so right now go to my profile

and click the link to download a copy of

the genetic wealth code had there ever

been moments when you thought there was

no way out and you were trapped all of

us have had feelings of being totally

overwhelmed by everything going on at

some point in our lives the prophet

Isaiah promised that God will answer

your prayers as soon as he heard them so

that should give you hope today D he

will bolster your Tower when you feel

weak and offer you strength when you’re

exhausted right now nothing can prevent

God plan for your life from coming to

pass trust me I have you covered says

God to us today I am aware of your

location and your destination the

impediments that appear to be

unbreakable are actually not it is the

day of expansion restoration healing and

breakthroughs that I am cutting the

bonds that have bound you

enter I love you God to make

sure it’s critical to remember that life

goes on despite whatever obstacles or

losses we may encounter know we are

unable to remain there we have to get

moving quickly we should look forward

and Express gratitude for the things

that did work out rather than obsessing

about the things that did not like a

broken marriage or a squandered


opportunity focus on what lies ahead

your story has a beautiful ending and

God will restore everything that was

taken from you allowing you to move on

from the past and into the present

intend is fully capable of assisting you

in getting out of this predicament and

back on your

feet a helpful technique is the

affirmation I am open to life and put

into a computer do your request was

answered by God God is aware of your

suffering he knows how exhausted how

tense and how apprehensive you are about

what lies

ahead the Lord says rest in me I will

see you through this time of trial and

restore what has been broken I am

sending great change into your life

today declares God your prayers have

been heard by me I am aware of your

heart Tang you desire better I know

that you have endured a great deal

including the harsh judgment and

abandonment of many people yet God is

bringing more and better things your

way to indicate your belief in the Lord

just type yes no matter how you got

there God can utilize any situation in

your life to your advantage if you have

an optimistic Outlook whether your

struggles are the product of your own

poor choices or the unforgiving actions

of others God wants to work in you via

them despite your unease keep in mind

that God is using hard ship to mold you

into the person you want to be and have

faith that he will work things out for

the best regardless of the state of the

property Market or the most recent job

statistics God’s word never

changes he still rewards those who seek

him how he will meet your once doesn’t

concern him in the slightest he can

still open doors for you that no one

else can close even in this economic

slump he can put you in touch with

powerful people open doors for you and

provide you the tools you need to

advance in your profession or other

endeavors if you agree please click the


button God is instructing you write now

to not consider where you are as the

destination of your journey for you I

have something better I never intended

for you to end up where I had you start

without being adaptable progress is

unattainable you are destined to remain

where you are when you accept things

that you are unwilling to change it’s

time for us to move forward let nothing

from your past hold you back from where

you want to

go enter I am evolving as an affirmation

to make

sure we worship a strategic God who

knows precisely who we need to meet and

become in order to reach our objectives

he is aware of who will put in a good

word for you and who will offer you a

pleasant respit he is aware of when help

is needed to get you through a difficult

situation God is in charge of everything

and he will see to it that the people he

has planned for you to spend the rest of

your life with are met at the ideal

time to claim this declaration as your

own type I claim it if you receive

it have faith and joy in God remain

centered around me Don’t Stray From the

Path I promise to be here for you if you

need me God heard Dan answered

your request he knows how you are

feeling how exhausted how anxious and

how un you are about the

future the Lord says rest in me I will

see you through this time of trial and

restore what has been

broken to confirm just type I’m taking

my power back you have aspects of

yourself that are concealed from view

but not from your creator at any given

time someone might try to make you feel

and important or put down we frequently

hear Whispers In Our Heads telling us

that we are

unworthy your Creator God acknowledges

your great worth despite your

imperfections and the things people may

have said about you one such

interpretation isan to you may think

I’ve messed up God still believes in you

God sees your potential as well as who

you are perhaps you weren’t Flawless and

everything do furthermore even if you

acknowledge your mistakes God still sees

success in you God can only see you

Rising no matter how much others attempt

to keep you

down God knows and observes your need he

is aware of the situation you find

yourself in he knows what your doctor

has prescribed to him what the bill

collector said is not confidential he

obviously overheard your boss giving you

instructions he will take note of what

your friend said rather than

contemplating from his Heavenly seat I

wonder how I am going to fix this

God will use the struggle to make you

stronger than you were

before your bad luck will make him feel

more confident he will use your

situation to motivate others to overcome

their own obstacles it is up to God to

provide simply press the Amen key if you

concur God is telling you not to turn

back now that is the the desired action

of the enemy your history will not be

the same as your future I’m here to

support you as you continue on your path

to a better future your past hardships

served as training for your future

challenges the enemies you once faced

will no longer be encountered you are

now overcoming bad habits and addictions

that have been preventing you from

moving forward a new way is being

unlocked for God’s

favor your advancement will Quicken God

will finish what would have taken you

years in a

Flash typing I am kind to myself is a

fantastic way to affirm

oneself your current struggles are

fleeting but God is eternal he used his

own to hands to build everything and his

own to feet to set the stars and their

orbits he is capable of far more than

you could have ever dreamed or

anticipated and he is stronger than any

obstacle that could come

along move your focus in the direction

you want it to go and away from your

current situation today raise your eyes

and look at Jesus the Creator and

completion of your faith God speaks I am

aware of your current struggles I am

aware of your financial

difficulties I am aware that you are

making every effort too manage all life

has thrown at you to quote I want you to

rely on me even though I know there are

moments when you want to give up sense I

am the way I will lead the road for you

your name appears on a blessing I have


you persevere till the blessing arrives

if you answer yes when asked if you

believe in

God fear not who can bring you low how

God honors you after all who could be

against you if God is on your side so

don’t worry don’t worry you need do not

be alarmed God God is aware of every

tear that is shed every prayer that is

offered and every pain that is

experienced he is ever present ever

knowing and ever listening God can hear

and understand things that are beyond

words because his love is based on the

heart rather than the lips or the

brain did you know that before you were

even born you in entire existence was

predetermined God has a thorough record

of your life and is fully aware of you

he has experienced every heartbreak

before both obstacles and

disappointments you have a happy ending

to your story even with all the

challenges and setbacks you have faced

not as your final chapter comes to an

end you have accepted your eternal

healing and discovered your mission in

life type I am strong to affirm

yourself why not believe that goat is

more suitable for you in terms of plans

that function as yah would you like them

too if something doesn’t turn out the

way you had hope you shouldn’t think it

won’t happen never forget that God is in

charge his strategy is

unfailing don’t limit him by insisting

on carrying out tasks in your own way

instead say I trust you God I’m sure

you’ve had my best interests at heart

and I will keep believing that you are

in charge of my life even if my wishes

are not

fulfilled kindly look after

yourself please write yes to indicate

that you are ready and



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