Video Every Christian Must See Or they Will Cry| God Message Today | Jesus Message Today

my beloved child you may question why

you a faithful follower May shed tears

after missing this message but rest

assured this is not a warning but a

revelation a revelation of divine love


forgiveness in the grand tapestry of

life you may stumble you may falter and

you may question your

worthiness it’s in these moments of

doubt that I want to remind you you are

not just a single thread but a vital

part of a beautiful masterpiece

and just as a parent loves their child

unconditionally so too does the Divine


you this love is not bound by the

confines of your triumphs or failures it

is ceaseless it is profound it is yours

perhaps you’ve been carrying a burden of

guilt a weight of regret you’ve stumbled

you’ve ered and you wonder can I be

forgiven listen closely my child for the

answer is a resounding yes there is no

transgression too great no mistake too

grave that it cannot be washed away by

the cleansing tide of divine forgiveness

the Divine doesn’t demand Perfection but

growth each stumble is a lesson each

fall an opportunity to rise stronger the

divine’s love and forgiveness aren’t

just a balm for your wounds but a

catalyst for your

transformation it encourages you to shed

the old to embrace the new to grow to

evolve to become the best version of

yourself in your darkest hours when the

world feels cold and unforgiving

remember you are deeply cherished and

profoundly loved you are not defined by

your mistakes but by the strength you

summon to rise above them and as you

navigate the winding road of Life

remember you do not Journey alone the

Divine walks with you always it’s in The

Whispers of the wind the warmth of the

Sun the resilience of your spirit

you are loved you are forgiven you are

Divine so take heart my

child while the journey may be arduous

the destination is worth every step

embrace the Divine love and forgiveness

that is yours for the taking let it

transform you let it Empower you let it

guide you my child You are not alone for

I am with you my love for you is

unending and my forgiveness is yours to

receive life can be a stormy sea and you

may feel like a ship tossed in its

turbulent Waters but hold on to your

faith my child for it is your anchor In

This Storm you may find yourself in the

midst of trials and tribulations feeling

lost and weather beaten the Winds of

adversity May blow fiercely threatening

to uproot you from your path but

remember it is in these moments of

hardship that your faith is tested and

strengthened when doubt clouds your mind

let your faith be the beacon of light

that guides you through the darkness

when despair weighs heavy on your heart

let your faith be the wings that lift

you to the heights of Hope for faith is

not just believing that I am with you

it’s knowing that I am with you your

journey may be fraught with challenges

but these are but Stepping Stones on

your path to spiritual growth each

hardship you overcome brings you one

step closer to your Divine Purpose so

when the storm rages hold fast to your

Faith let it be your compass guiding you

through the tumultuous Seas Let It Be

Your Shield protecting you from the

biting Winds of doubt and fear fear not

my child for I am your refuge in the

storm with faith as your anchor you can

weather any

Tempest in this digital age even the

word of God can spread through a simple

action like subscribing to a

channel it’s a small act but it carries

a profound significance

you see when you click that subscribe

button you’re not just following a

channel you’re joining a

community a community that is dedicated

to spreading the Divine love and

guidance of Jesus Christ to every corner

of the globe this act of subscribing

becomes more than just a buttonclick it

transforms into a spiritual service a

commitment to sharing the teachings of

Jesus with those who may be in need of

Hope love and guidance it’s a ripple

effect where one person’s action can

touch the lives of countless others so

consider this each time you share this

channel each time you encourage others

to subscribe you are helping to spread

the word of God extending his Divine

love and wisdom to those who need it

most by subscribing you become a vessel

for my message spreading Love and Hope

to those who need it are you ready for

the next Revelation my child it awaits

you just a click away the path to

spiritual growth and Enlightenment

doesn’t end

here the next step of your journey is

Within Reach filled with profound wisdom

and divine Insight it’s time to delve

deeper to uncover the Mysteries that

wait for you in the next Revelation

click on the endscreen video and let the

journey continue my message is not yet

finished my child prepare yourself for

the wisdom that awaits

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