my beloved child I speak to you now with an urgency that transcends time and

space hear my words for they are of utmost importance stop everything and

address this immediately in the grand tapestry of existence there are moments that demand

our full attention moments that call for immediate action this is one such moment

I implore you to pause to set aside all other concerns and to Focus your entire

being on what I am about to share the world you inhabit is a magnificent creation filled with wonder and

potential yet it is also a world in crisis the delicate balance I have woven

into the fabric of reality is under threat and you my cherished one have a

crucial role to play in its restoration first understand that you are not

alone Every Soul that walks the Earth is connected part of a greater hole your

actions your thoughts your very essence ripples out across creation touching

lives in ways you cannot fathom this interconnectedness is both a blessing and a

responsibility the immediate concern that requires your attention is the growing disconnection between humanity

and the natural world in your pursuit of progress and comfort you have forgotten

the sacredness of the earth that sustains you forests are disappearing oceans are

choking with pollutants and the Very air you breathe is becoming tainted this desecration of my creation

cannot continue I call upon you to become a steward of the earth start in your

immediate surroundings look around you what can you do right now to honor and

protect the environment perhaps it’s as simple as picking up litter in your neighborhood or as profound as

dedicating your life to conser ation efforts whatever action you take do it

with love and reverence for the world I have given you but environmental concerns are just one facet of the

crisis at hand the human Spirit itself is in Peril in your modern world filled

with distractions and artificial connections many have lost touch with their inner selves and with each other

loneliness depression and a sense of meaninglessness plagues so many of my

children you must address this immediately by reconnecting with your own spirit and reaching out to those

around you put down your devices and look into the eyes of your fellow beings

listen to their stories share in their Joys and Sorrows be present truly

present in each moment in doing so you will ReDiscover the Divine spark that

resides within all of creation remember my child that love is the most powerful

force in the universe it is through love that I created you and it is through

love that you can heal the world let every action you take every word you speak be infused with love this is not a

passive love but an active transformative force that has the power to move mountains and change Hearts as

you address these pressing concerns do not neglect your own growth and de velopment you were created with

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