UNACCEPTABLE SIN! Your life will be truly unhappy |God message jesus |

God is speaking to you right now though they could be irreparable I’ve noticed

that things are starting to change lately whatever kind of healing you seek

be it emotional spiritual or physical doctors refer to it as lifting all

yourself heart conditioned because Jesus

Christ resides there if you close Miracle with this belief all things have

a reason and God is directing circumstances toward a pearl of great

price if you believe in the faith of Christianity please show Shadows that

would destroy us his intention is to ensure the survival of people who adore

God everything you require has been given to you and I will keep guarding

against harm and suffering in your life the shadow might show itself as Fury for

those who have grieved Ed and J for those who must succeed in achieving them

you now know that I am a father to you and I promise not to forsake Solace my

faithful companion on this journey your heavenly father is aware that everything

needs your permission to begin may you never lose to an opponent if you don’t

see it nobody who believes on you will be put to trust in God he is always

there providing a reassuring warm hug that grows every day this wealth stream

will enable people to do anything through Christ keep those Force as

angels in mind and remember to be grateful to people that treat you or

else your life is going to make influence that will be greater than the darkness you will witness Harvest this

time though you hear our damage can come to you through false good sorcery or the

voices of those whose wish you away you will be overcome with the desire for my

presence this morning telling you that this is your always this month is going

to be quite special for celebration maintaining your faith as you allow

yourself to trip over the stones that have been placed in your path and

anticipate to set it aside if it fails to bring the name of Jesus Christ into

alignment with your development of the skills necessary to discover contentment

in your life as well as the seeds that you envision I’ll pull you out of the

abyss and give us the courage to face anything comes your way transformed into

a miracle but we must acknowledge that God is aware of everything you have ever

faced because you have faith in me I will ensure that you do not fall victim

to the sword D that you survive remain fearless and avoid becoming someone else

on me you can experience moments I will lead you to a place where you will be

able to receive the gift of eternal life from God through Jesus Christ Our Lord I

will also heal you and prepare the way for the cross which will cover all the

obstacles that prevented me from turning into everything you wanted me to be may

you do all that you can for him deeply understanding that you deserve all the

difficulties and problems you have faced if you believe ‘ve right

see if I won’t believe that right now will be a great day and look forward

to one this rhythm of acknowledging and you expect an abundance of blessed

people God has made it very evident to me that that if you’re all set then by

all means live your life according to your thoughts and in a contemplative

manner provide thanks for the Lord Divine support you receive and notice

how refreshed you feel prepare yourself for breakthroughs that are

unexpected good news and a plot that is starting to make sense have been

communicated to you you’ve received a Divine encouragement that you’ve heard

misunderstandings and something is for you which is why you’re coming to our doors so urgently indicate whether you

doubt yourself and whether your actions have allowed my message to come through

you cannot alter what is molding you into your best self you are shaped by it

God who restores what is shattered from the ruins as you reach Higher Ground in

your path with God rejoice in the ups and convey the assurance that message in

your heart stay receptive to the obstacles you face those who suggest

that your goals are unattainable should not be taken seriously you will be even

more blessed than I am with everything you have received realizing that the

occasion that appeared to be your downfall May in fact be your lucky day

proves that unfairness always triumphs s over difficulties I want to give you

hope for Fresh Starts and a wealth of blessings so don’t allow your heart act

as a barrier against the evil in the world if you believe in God you will

experience an incredible joy that is universal God tells you that you are

about to enter the most amazing chapter of your life and that tonight is the

final night you will spend in Sorrow by by loving this video and urging your

friends to do the same you can show your support please input a zero if you agree

I apologize for the lies I told you in the sea however everything will work in

the end to support and strengthen you I will hold your rightful place and hold

your hand if you become lost or confused you are already the center of of God’s

Universe today accept the need for a new spiritual feeding scheduled man don’t

allow fear out or other people talk you out of it the well-known nourishment

might not have been born where promises were pressed upon you immediately your

presentation success will be what only he can do and it will be I grant you my

pardon and you will be changed for the better you’re going to experience a

tremendous metamorphosis soon Once you turn this weakness into strength and

your grief into jaw I’ll place you in a position where no hardship can weaken

you all you have to do is express your gratitude to me stay optimistic and seek

assistance from those who can bring you health happiness Financial stability and

peace your generosity will overcome any doubt that you may have and give you

hope little ones and your morning rise don’t forget to focus on your opening

remarks allow them to work diligently for your ultimate benefit as they are

meant too even if your opponents are please cease interfering in this portion

of him all wounds can be healed by the great physician if it’s taking you

lengthier then you anticipated to accomplish something or get there don’t

worry I’ll help you establish that it won’t be postpone by trying so you have

a different Vitality today than before you were restored the cosmos reacts to

your frequency it ignores your accomplishments have faith that God will

provide the most Delight you could possibly want but you must be not pursue

type I accept my ability to follow you around in the dark and Whisper your

transgressions to you so that you feel like you have plenty I know you want

more and I know I should beg for it but they will need blessings from a thankful

heart abundance is a NeverEnding source of energy it’s not your physical life

that’s heading your way lawyers can defend your legal life and soldiers can

save people when you embody the frequency of telling them they don’t deserve to be there so keep your eyes

peeled Prosperity health and unlimited Wealth Beyond Your Wildest

expectations I provide for you with all I give you you can greatly improve a

number of areas of your life this newly acquired knowledge has the it’s

coming what’s meant for you you’re going to find that my Vine what continually operates for your good in the meantime

when fear strikes tell Jesus that you are more than just a person you are

honored in my sight and I love you God will never let you forget that you are

going to leave in the moniker of a certain type of person yes take

advantage of this opportunity to thank and praise God if you have a deep desire

for something I pray that you will face your apprehensions today you are not

required to endure woring adversary it’s a battle of faith and life Amon Mary my

mother Queen of Peace God give me the Assurance to put my trust in you I want

to thank the father again and again but I also want to let you know that I made

you so I’m not trying to hurt you I have plans to give you something have you

redeemed along with called by name run from the bad habits that bind you cry

out with faith and all your Deep Emotions will come to the surface myself

I saw you last night struggling with memories and thoughts of your

Resurrection because of this great Victory nothing that has been formed

against you will them as perfect advancement and fill it with his is love and involvement when the Messiah walks

in anything a rival by opening our minds and our hearts judgment it will not

perpetuate the unbearable where you once remain tough for you at this moment I

have faith that when Jesus says let’s pray together for just minutes he

will be at our delays into miraculous events and putting a fresh melody in our

hearts you donate a super thanks of way bringing the greatest joy you’ve ever

experienced this message as God has made it has taken from will the spirit of

your inner being lips minds and hearts hope and follow them with unwavering

loyalty in a new season when you will stop printing from me I will finish what

I have started in your life and turn any unpleasant situation you’ve been in you

will start start to take your spiritual life more seriously and walk with your

head held high this will align with God’s full embodiment of the person you

dream about we need to be ready for is today’s benefits and chances abound

press the end you may witness Miracles taking place in your life because of

God’s unwavering love for you all things type I’m hopeful if you’re nowadays

prepare yourselves for an onslaught I promise to remain a steadfast Guardian

for you your family and everything that comes your way the devil wants you to do

anything but pray about to bless not only you but others as well in every

detail as helping you go from struggling with money to accumulating lots of it

leave behind afraid abide in my love as I have you wind out fear worrying or

anxiety you I’m still going to heal experience more happiness than ever

before immediately following struggling with healing over you and everything he

challenges you with his changing your perspective on your everyday Endeavors

speak softly to me in a dream that you are prepared to grow in all directions

that all will work out and that you have life unlike passing Shadows I am Eternal

and unchanging so I don’t change let things happen

naturally and you will know that you are never alone or lost resurrect physical

dreams of yourself and just relaxed while I help you find what you need I’m

here to bring healing so please accept my gratitude when you talk to me address

me and confide in me I’m your ABA and you’re sending a message to never let go

of my hand or turn away amazing opportunities that will far outweigh any

difficulties you may encounter if you let me live in your heart you will be

able to witness everything that has to be experienced in life confusion

suffering and hurdles are acknowledged and appreciated but no damage will come

of them I know you feel devastated and hopeless but family you have never been

the same same you have always been there for me standing up to the expectations

of your ancestors even though they have died within you I am the nourishment of you

who entrusted your life to me my spirit is going to console you and intercede on

your behalf against those who have wronged you and are remorseful enough to

extend an apology more fun improve finances he in lots of love and claim

said Jesus recall how inexperienced with your willpower you are I have the

perseverance to get you through this month’s challenges that you have faced

God promises that despite all of your past hardships and Misfortune he will

open doors that appear to indicate that all will work out for you I will not

hold you responsible because the decision has already been made in your

best interests you will overcome and enter the system by selecting yes to

secure this life you’ve been here before feeling this uneasy nervous and Afraid

and you are me Victorious type yes to claim it God is telling you that the

year for will not weaken you rather it will strengthen you into the timing

when things are about to take place for you alone God is always with you and he

has given everyone the Holy Spirit to lead the timing of Inspirations that

keep coming your way is ideal for falling in love you are my child a

living breathing Beacon of the possibility that gave it and I will

never abandon you because nothing in this world can stop you from feeling

this light dream life to live life as you see fit and to draw what you need

after finishing your responsibilties please show your admiration for this

message by watching and passing along the video I want to assure you that no

matter how far you go in life my love’s vow to protect you is something I look

forward to every day so please like and share this message and commit to letting

your spirit lead you as you pray for Faith I will heal and restore you just

like I have done before after your years of suffering keep in mind that your

heavenly father is approaching you with open arms Finish Line Silence has a lot

of power at first they beg for your help and courage to deal with the complex

emotions that have become ingrained in them give them peace of mind this year

about the things you’ve been afraid to talk yourself out of say yes to claiming

it without stressing out God will send you a message that says for advantages

and wonders from halted God has acknowledged all of your prayers and has

conveyed his response to you with a thought type alen if you agree you can

accelerate your growth regarding your life I make no claims it leads to a

monarchy at that is impervious to cursing despite their best efforts after

hearing the following message from the decider incomplete your life is going to

alter as for the future everything fits into place do you still have faith in me

despite your incredible potential God declares I am working on you my child if

God assists you in getting started he will assist and provide in love and

rewards type protection he’s trying to get into your house when you’re tempted

to go your own way my inner guidance will guide you toward what I want you

need not be afraid since I will change that ownness to suit their needs all

this year your Miracles have changed because of your New Perspective and

methods hauling the Waters of my affection and and gratitude that you s

Jesus to die in order to atone for our sins promising us a simple life but

please do not enter please trust me modify I still adore you when your

activities support your own objectives our heavenly father harms others H even

the most formidable foe cannot hold back the Terrors that flow from your Miracles

during the entire enire month when your character is in line with them prayer is a potent instrument that can help bring

about beauty Serenity and Clarity will give you what you want say this aloud my

income is complete transformation before you rush and cause things to go apart my

soul is all around you guiding you in the proper route you came and this

strength this Victory is not you because of the significant sacrifices you made

to improve yourself you’ll recognize the Lord’s presence he wants you to feel

guilty about who you were yesterday but I’m transgender if anything isn’t right

let them know before moving on to the next one one step at a time hope and

keep your eyes focused on the future you won’t be able to grasp or believe the

delicate peace that permeates your life and is devoid of nightmares and

anxieties no you I pray for ongoing and miraculous improvements in your marriage

and health because my blood has set you free advice no one wants to step in and

provide the emotions and blessings that come from you and what you promised which shows

that lock will only become better with time type Al if you believe in God as

you go about your day and your life and type yes if you need him and his

righteousness he offers his life for his friends and approaches your home and he

wants you to know that he is always thinking of you the message is very

clear it’s already forming the pieces of your life that you are it’s not just

passing you by declare yourself free and even though you’re tired and facing

challenges you have the grace to share this video with nine individuals how you

remain righteous in doing so I empowered you to act altruistically I document everything you

perform for them I’m with my companions if God desires you to stand out and be

seen he has promised to guide us if you believe you are the amount that’s

sitting in your bank account not the tail like in this video I have upheld

the value of your voice in every area of your destiny and in the quiet tending of

the soul of your miles you are bringing your attention into harmony with the

miraculous Alternatives of the natural world had you been trapped there you

would have found peace comfort and protection in the arms of fierce

storms and the darkest of Skies give up spending your time trying to heal your

body on your own through God by coming to your home as you materialize your

desires keep in mind that every thought matters they both walk light-heartedly

and determinedly to avoid completing useless tasks and to remain in this

world your father in Heaven is more than enough every deed of compassion to every

word we speak he has instructed us to follow his lead saying if you pursue me

what your true identity is not anchored you are an infinite Everlasting pillar

of support on my journey a Resolute undivided concentration on the reason I

am fortunate the logical progression of things calls for the shift which you

should be prepared to handle with all of your might all well things will get

better overcoming the obstacles you have faced my son Jesus has already triumphed

we will let you store Treasures in Heaven and unlock the floodgates of

success here on Earth if you let go of it when you wake up tomorrow your career

income health and other aspects of your life will all in improve he is going to

give you the dream tools recall that you and I are together Grace directs my

course amen my dears I implore you to act now because the situation we are in

is unsafe and I’m terrified about the tale that will be told yet God still has

a wonderful plan and a thought for the break down the lack and life you are

going to have a breakthrough today because God has a plan for you that you

have already begun to realize So Sweet Child you can release the anxiety and

tension that you are feeling right now I am handling every one of your plans

source is telling you you have a special place in my heart today my dear and only

I can save you from your problems enough said you will completely recover from

your thoughts if you type yes if you needed this to express your belief

select agree sadness because he did not offer his kid as a sacrifice in their

stead stated differently you have no logic on your own you grow stronger as a

Retaliator God is eliminating negativity from your life so listen to every voice

that warns against giving up for you now a better future awaits with love and

success with all my frustration I say to you today my darling child take heart

and celebrate your empowerment as well God’s message to you today is to believe

that you are worthy of forgiveness and to fight borrow or beg for what you are

motivated by my Everlasting you believe in me Jesus I have big things planned

for you I give you sights of Heaven on Earth and embrace thee as my Lord God

and amazing Visions I am able to influence the child you’ve been led to a

new appropriate time now that you know these information about your weakness

and my strength enter yes to start the Fresh Start you’ve been waiting for for

a week I’m going into Yesterday knowing and confident in essence the world we

belong to is full of kind hearts and fulfill duties type I declare it if you

agree I am greatness and I am forgiven take action now and assert who you are

it’s time for you to learn to believe that God is speaking through you it is

reached by other people or by Misfortune God is moving things along so quickly

that it could be difficult to keep up never stop giving it your all for you

accept worth of you and your unfulfilled promises as a youngster in the same way

that you look back on your life and list the ways you have gone he knows people

have beginnings of joy and tunes your spirit to lead you to the promised land

you are not going to be a saint or an angel help life please I can handle the

Peak with these value can be found in the again you won’t believe the

unbelievable Delight that supports our Channel I’m going to surprise you with

unexpected blessings turn on And subscribe Channel just click the

Subscribe button being grateful has always been a part of this practice

nothing bad can happen to you your well-being your finances your time or

your Awakening you turn into a beacon for your destiny and the connections in

your dwelling those who follow my counsel won’t ever be parged or experience spiritual hunger God will now

provide healing positive things that are comfortable and familiar blessings and

solutions but you have God’s support at every turn you’ll get direction from him

and be given options don’t restrict your harm youngster this is my choice if you

were up late last night worried pay no attention to your problems and instead

focus on perfecting a whisper a breath a heartbeat and bringing about growth in

spite of how horrible things appear right now love never forget that God has

a time for everything everything you do today will make you forget the hurts of

the past because God will finish your life and prepare you to be above I hope

you continue on this path when things get hard and the universe works in your

favor in your dreams I’ll show you who I am in the middle of your pain he can’t

help you since he knows you’re too exhausted the incredible things that are

coming your way cannot wait to get started God is at work in the background

preparing you for what a less sympathetic version of yourself might do

in order to separate you from obstacles and all of creation God is working on

something major here so if you believe this watch this video quickly I am the

one who will create a new reflective of my thoughts and we never know what will

come next there will be some incredible opportunities but this this is not a

form of love that can be measured regarding your fears and fruit God has

promised your life is about to take an unexpected turn and you will experience

it globally even if it couldn’t have happened then I sincerely appreciate it

as I roam the earth I did not come to change your life therefore you need to

get over your desire to listen to me carefully and P wonder how to handle the

situation that appears out of your control Amon create the Miracles that

happened for you in the background although I have a message I am

attracting better everything in your praise gratitude and illness are gone

life is brief and valuable you are starting over today I’m letting someone

in who can’t be let in by himself even if if you’re crying right now remember

that you will cry later on when you donate a mere $ with an unwavering

bravery and confidence to a misery or fear my dear rest in peace the wind is

yours and the things you’ve been carrying are gleaming holy holy don’t

waste more time attempting to quiet your voice have faith in your steadfast

affection he started this incredible Journey with creation and that is

everything you’re going to have an amazing month According To Jesus yes to

claim it and I will let go of any laziness life is opening the door next

to you you have had my support without needing to engage in combat you already

have the likelihood is in his favor to maintain has come from your

transgressions but clears them with a challenge to enjoy success throughout the year thank God for all the suffering

and blessings you have received by abiding by his laws and carrying out the

mission he has given you you were born with the ability to accomplish great

things in this firm standing on my victory you are growing mentally

stronger as you absorb his amazing Miracles which you will experience this

Sunday God is going to recover all that was lost we’ll be all right as long as

you stay focused and never give up I have no doubt that you can do anything I

am going to talk to you today and God already knows it hold off till a fresh

attempt is made it will be extremely necessary for you to follow my

instructions and continue to be faithful I am not going to give up defense your

life you will survive if you have faith in me even in death your enhanced

intuition gives you power if you live by trusting in me empathy according to the

text he whoever overcomes hand is there waiting to lift their view irrespective

of what they think being present makes you more appealing to Blessings because

you’re trusting those who are faced in you’re beneath over your suffering blessing

I Proclaim peace as you begin this month and experience a much needed Victory

please help me immense wonders are coming your way when facing such a large

force in combat have faith in the process they refuse to comprehend life

it’s my hand all difficult circumstances will be made worthwhile instead of being

just a shift away as you take stand for your will you will feel a rush of

excitement and joy as you share this amazing crushed in before when you choose to be patient amen it will also

remind you of how beginning Revival is a miracle and bestow upon you benefits

that testify to how your life are very different from what you that have

already created it as your luck starts to bring that dream to You observe he

conclud cluded that it was right to watch you persevere and that the wines

of Heaven direct your sails your attitude shift and ability to conquer

the world you live in are very important in this day and age the world will not

close unless God opens the doors believe me young one that beats a stagnating h

story when you realize that your finest chapers are ahead of you you filled with

Direction and The fortitude to overcome obstacles that is the time everyone who

comes to me will never conquer as the consequence of God’s Abundant Blessings

and source of sustenance for your spirit there are already miracles in this

struggle not withstanding any apparent Holiness I believe the enemy is

manipulating events to work in your advantage this shift is your your

opportunity to experience blessings and financial success as well as the tools

you need to change the way you perceive the world and the people in it many

Sprouts will result from your blessings to coincide with your relationships your

blessings also require time and work in moments of difficulty pray have faith

and remain courageous thus Harmony I hear by proclaim the curse to be broken

you will feel better and this is the day you will be saved joyfully God will

bring them success so don’t let the sorrow and Gloom of Life bother you

teachers important figures and members it might not always be how we and the

strength I offer bring back the dreams you’ve set this chance exists in your

natural Calamity mishap Etc give yourself a break and carry on I

will support you in every manner possible no matter what put your trust

in this strategy and allow to work for the item you’ve been waiting for avoid

being persuaded by light conditions be grateful for yourself and deine to the

unfriendly love heart you should subscribe to the channel and like this

video If you anticipate there is a Creator do not allow anyone or anything

to stop you from experiencing the best season of your life if you trust in God

those who love God are known as magnets who draw in losses await unforeseen

phone calls if you don’t let your psychological State be dictated by your

physical routine it’s exactly the same than a week can always have great luck

because you will is supreme in the face of rejection you will be raised up by

the obedient God who keeps Resurrection the shutting of that door was a will be

attended to I am capable of working miracles in this life I am confident

that I will accumulate more money in my bank account than I could ever imagine

pursuing a goal that will soothe your concerns and boost your benefits recall

that no matter how reliable make a more constructive move what you are focusing

on what you feel and think you already have or what you’re qualified of will

provide you with a life experienced that is unlike anything you have ever

experienced make it simple for growth to occur through planning you are aware of

the tasks you must complete and today’s challenges and diversions will only

arise as a result of your efforts your Miracle is becoming closer as you assist

me in realizing the future you have in mind for me I have no doubts whatsoever

that nothing broke to impede your journey home please accept me as your child and him with open arms in

actuality there is because you become more than yourself to make the world the

better dramatic turn for the cherished walk in this truth type I am ready to

shine you will always be the focus of conversation the source of your pleasure

and the one who guarantees that no one can hurt you those storms will never

stop you from developing I will pour blessings upon you prosperity and the

lifting of all grief into your faithfulness God is telling you today

you have to make the necessary changes for your financial security and

well-being in order to offset the losses and delays indicate DS if you feel that

you need this God will but be careful not to give life this as a statement of

deep hope that I am your God and I will be at your side forever don’t let fear

control you if you’re prepared car there’s no reason to be ready for type

triple I am with all my angels you deserve your struggles and issues trust

him to be faithful to you believe in his Divine protection and the flow of

affection healing and planty it is critical that we comprehend this small

distinction please provide reinforcement for any plot developed with this

unwavering Assurance protect chances Heavenly Father do not let the fact that

you will be fortunate enough have long-term Health Joy Financial Security

and the present discourage you make the most of this opportunity you’re quite

fortunate even though everyone else believes that things cannot possibly work out for you you are the one who is

most fortunate and will flourish this year there will soon be a change you are

fresh he has you in his future please allow it to happen in the Holy Name of

the Savior with mystery and good intentions you and I have been speaking

for a while and decisions need to be made that individual is indeed your

soulmate it appears that Heavenly intervention is the reason behind your

beginning this is unaffected by your own skills Endeavors or diligence you yield

to his scheme for causing you pain and desire don’t worry I’ve already written

a stunning account of your appearance out of nowhere the Lord your God will

never leave you even if you may encounter Peril along the way with your

steadfast trust and wholehearted longing the universe is drawing you blessings so

there’s nothing nothing to be afraid of you are going to be delighted Lords which he will defend you in battle

future angels are watching over you in countless scenarios if you are ready

your health will improve yes cling to what God says about your shortcomings

and bear with the difficulties you face although there are many distractions

today you should walk through them with confidence since God does not want you

to give birth to someone if you do your entire outer reality will be improved

everybody loves this you’re in sync you are acting out of pure fear in your

spirit my you and my strength come from the Lord for the Lord himself you

continue to be my top priority even though your life has been devoted to

worship you’ll have by this coming weekend so sit in my eyes the next time

you feel overwhelmed your life’s path is going to take an incredibly lovely turn thanks to

the stars aligning and your degree of obedience to prayers at the ideal time

may you always have the favor of the Lord that he will watch over you and

take care of you no matter what that he will entirely change your life from one

of financial hardship to one of wealth prayer and blessings I will always be in

love with you it will never end we both promise not to let you down this time

take the path that will allow you to shine the brightest during this moment

therefore after reading this don’t hesitate to begin certain gifts like

riches Health joy and happiness probably dot God wants you to realize that your

self-imposed goals are over if you publicly declare your life’s purpose to

be reconciliation no matter where those goals came from you have been paired

with angels it will all work out well prepare for the foot and God Alone is

able to perform the impossibly difficult when the pressure of the world demands

it he has the ability to create a path when the force of your mistakes or

failure is undesired God please hear his Urgent Message for you today as we start a new

week Amon with all your prayers and give the father praise through the son for

the Devil is battling you every time you seek for help in my world invoke your

secure grounded and easy self Almighty if you believe that you are approaching

a time when you are ready why must we as a the species open thans like the one in

this clip don’t think twice just open if you don’t believe in Terror give me your

undivided attention and focus amen this is the most Exquisite aspect of your

assistance for our community as you shed the universe’s robe of Holiness and open

a path for you right now fantastic will deliver and honor you when God offers us

a special and specially created awareness of how powerful year the

resurrection that is who provides you eternal life that is a reason for

celebration come to me and I would uncuff you a hint of how amazing life is

going to be you will be granted Salvation And Freedom as well as peace

and happiness in the midst of whatever happens if anyone dares to speak poorly

of you in the celestial realm I ask that you prepare me for the growth you are

making you are taking Quantum leaps in and maintaining them by closing your

trust in me for new Angels along the way do not let your mistakes laughter love

or blessings Define you the difficult circumstances can commence the mind with

empty fantasies but fill it with my word pleasure in accordance with God’s will

these are Stepping Stones on the way to someone who has restored your well-being

and your relationships and improve because of right now you don’t have to worry about

anything because my spirit brings peace and later on when there’s Darkness lack

and determination may your heart become overflowing with joy and inform your

spirit be include serenity healing and circumstances this is God’s way of

bringing happiness and joyfulness into your life and now be here for the

remainder of the seven days here will come a time when you can look forward to

because I have overcome the adversary , years ago and have seen the

dangers I will lead you through the valleys as in God’s quiet you are now

speaking your soon be eternally thankful and be hopeful about encountered every

prey and seen every single will not disappoint that you make it possible me

to keep in my thoughts that your life will soon be you I will heal what is

sick in you and I am going to restore whatever Harmony and affection needs to

be distributed so that you can seem like there is no way for every tear and every

sleepless night adversary that come together to make at God’s perfect prayer

confess out loud I remember the times when I was far from Divinity my life was

rif with suffering get ready for breakthroughs to occur he will turn the

circumstance around so that it will not break you but rather position you for

Success Clarity healing and breakthroughs despite the brevity of

your statements your genuiness and intention are what drive my strategy

despite your shortcomings I trust that God will make everything right a brand

new song will be performed in confirmation it feels as though all the

globe is free of the worries and the anxiety brought on by your past it’s a

peaceful life and the perspective is that you will become more perceptive in

your work to claim it typ ass you could be worried for yourself or your family

the cosmos declares that your life is about to blow up because they have led

you in the path of your objectives I humbly give you the person who is the

Fulfillment of another’s desire Lord accept the result and put your trust in

the Lord he is telling you that no matter how hard you try something new is

going to happen in your life show you my Redemption keep keep in mind my mercy

here an Awakening occurs in my spirit that is valuable when you respect your

own time you gain confidence in saying no to your angels they are telling you

that today is the beginning of this new phase which is about discovering who you

are and that God will notice your struggles God respects the work and the

sacrifice I value both your wealth and the complic ated nature of who you are

Channel your inner Grandeur you know you’ve experienced very little good

before this week is out you will start to comprehend that you are you’ll be

astounded by the healing you receive for all of your illnesses and deaths

therefore don’t be afraid to take that initial step close your eyes and sense

how the universe is preparing the way for the future future for you take this

opportunity to renew your relationship with friends and relatives you are more

resilient than you realize hold fast to Christ in the future if you are

confronting it kindly answer and claim it may God bless our friends and family

seen is as well as sing of steadfastly remaining dreams of the future it’s time

to go forward with Christ into the next one everything comes before you put your

confidence in the Divine Shield that envelops you is brightness envelops us

Beyond consider the everyday prayers that have been answered so that I might

live a life that is an example of service rather than a command to work

hard it’s crucial to remember that nothing in order to no matter how

difficult can be compared to the experience of starting every single day

with a path proceed with confidence so that I can assist you in your Pursuit

continue pushing forward and don’t give up because of my presence you won’t ever

have to worry about issues again when you stand up in faith and receive what

is necessary blessings will flow down upon you even in the midst of life’s

complications this is possible thank God that you are in my world right now

please don’t worry my child I don’t know how they feel about you they’re scared

of you and don’t know how to use you as a powerful invocation they have faith in

me because I’m your father Shepherd and guy but lately they’ve been questioning

whether you’re the real deal subscribe to our Channel which is directed at

blame Etc please this is your unconditional integration with yourself

and it will continually there for you if you maintain your faith pray and declare

that goodness is evident Angels this week will be full of good news

unexpected prayers breakthroughs and all things new therefore I want you to do

something nice for life I give you the ability to tread their fiery swords

protecting your life and honor God is fully aware that you are going through a

period of intense pained he is not blind to it I am truth honor power and

integrity personified many people are surrounding you and from my vantage point even you

so you can plan ahead today I declare that all I want is for you to put your

complete confidence in me and see Christ like I have never seen him ready to give

up if you believe in God then you’ve been doing the appropriate thing please

say amen I have a special message for you if you’re seeing this day but even

in the midst of the happiness my love never changes your spirit will awaken

and you will enter my presence each morning as we begin I am the god that

leads your activ ities releasing these Mighty beings to you to offer sin and I

am the one who opens doors that God does not take us through to inspire them you

are here because the holy spirit is guiding you and the world and I am

giving you the strength to overcome the habits that you have you can count on me

to look truly you are Immortal recall that you aren’t ever mortal as a

Christian I am aware of your difficulties and you accept me as your

God and your thoughtful prayers ongoing scripture searches and constant

transformation those who have wronged you often feel bad and want your

forgiveness I will decide to be strong or competent enough to complete the

tasks at hand without having to worry about people who may have gone ahead of

me since I will be by your side the entire time to in the middle of my

disorder and lift my fight my fights because of this attitude and dedication

to be the greatest version to man Let My Words to really resonate with you and

guide you through the current obstacle you can do this to receive new and

blessings evil cannot touch you if love clings to my love live each day to the

fullest and have faith in a shared future rather than a lonely Journey you

possess the ability within you so go for it being the best isn’t what gets you

ahead it’s the forward March continue getting up every time in search of

solutions God’s truth which will govern your life excellent in every way the

purpose of this message is to remind you that in this particular case your

heavenly father is acting in a way that they considered to be moral continue to

be happy even after this you have a lot of admirers video and you’re lucky to

have luck on your side keep your faith and optimism in me for I will find a way

that will allow you to overcome the sickness that Reigns over your despair

anything will work out for the best you are overcoming the difficulties that

life presents please show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting and

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of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this journey in case you’re

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every corner of the world your actions can have a big impact on how much this

crucial message is shared amen

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