Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Let His Peace Flood Your Soul

remember Thessalonians

but the Lord is faithful who will

establish you and guard you from the

evil one remember Deuteronomy

be strong and of good courage do

not fear nor be afraid of them for the

Lord your God he is the one who goes

with you he will not leave you nor

forsake you when you face the evil

Day psalm says God is our refuge

and strength a very present help in

trouble I once heard a story told about

a man who witnessed a major accident on

a highway there were multiple cars

involved and this man witnessed the

accident happening in real time one car

going into the back of

another now all the while as this was

happening the driver was no longer

paying attention to where he was going

his Focus was on the disaster happening

and not on navigating his way away from


disaster and as he was distracted with

all that was going on he too went into

the back of a car because he wasn’t


attention now many Christians are in

this world but they’re distracted with

what’s going on around them them they

are distracted by this

world the Bible says in Matthew

keep actively watching and praying

that you may not come into

temptation the spirit is willing but the

body is

weak the word of God tells us to watch

to focus and pay attention to what’s

going on yes but it also says keep

praying continue praying so that you

would not lose your

focus as Christians we are not to focus

on the sickness in this world we

shouldn’t be focusing on the different

strains and diseases out there no our

focus should be on the Healer we should

focus on the chief

physician the one who healed anyone and

everyone who had a Measure of

Faith as Christians we’re not to focus

on the vi vience taking place in the

world don’t focus on the tragedies and

disasters that are happening all around


world instead focus on the ultimate

protector ensure that you abide under

the shadow of the

almighty in short what I’m telling you

to do is focus on

Jesus focus on the Prince of Peace

rather than focusing on the dread and

the fear that’s offered to you by the

world World focus on the deliverer Jesus

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