TRUST MY TIMING | God message jesus |

as you wander through the valleys and climb over the mountains of your life remember this I am the architect of your

path and the joy I set before you is ever abundant unceasing in its

flow you were sculpted from the clay of the Earth with a purpose woven together

in your mother’s womb with threads of Joy intended to dance in the rhythm of

my eternal Delight for I am the Alpha and Omega

the inexhaustible Fountain of joy that shall never run dry in your journey there will be

moments when other Pleasures seek to ens snare your heart promising sweetness yet

delivering only a fleeting taste these worldly Delights are but

Shadows compared to the brilliant light of my presence they may charm you for a

time but as with all things finite their Allure will fade their Sparkle will dull

but not so with me for I am infinite my joy does not diminish with

Indulgence it multiplies consider the flowers of the field how they turn their faces to the

sun basking in its warmth and light they do not toil nor spin yet are arrayed in

splendor in the same way I invite you to turn your face to me the Eternal son

allowing my light to infuse your Spirit guiding your steps and warming your

soul therein lies the peace that surpasses all understanding a joy that

does not wne with the setting of The Sun nor wither with the changing of

seasons in The Quiet Moments of reflection whisper my name Jehovah

Elohim ABA and feel my nearness share with me the burdens that weigh heavily

upon your shoulders for for I am the bearer of all loads the Healer of all

wounds in your gratitude remember to utter thanks for the bounties I have laid at your feet the affection of

family the sanctuary of home the nourishment of bread the beauty of creation that surrounds you in Myriad

Expressions each one is a testament to my love for you a token of my desire to

see you flourish do not clutch these gifts with a grip of desperation fearing their loss

hold them gently with an open hand so that you may fully Savor their sweetness without the fear of

scarcity for In Me There Is No Lack I am the Wellspring of all

provision the more you seek me the more you find and the more you find the greater your joy will be the peace you

seek in possessions or Earthly achievements pales in comparison to the

Serene confidence found in my promises let your gaze be steadfast upon

me as the world unfolds its Splendor and Chaos before your

eyes amidst the cacophony of life’s parade find your solace in my

constancy my name is a stronghold a tower of strength that you can run to

and be safe it is the whisper in the storm the anchor in the tumult the steady pulse of

Love beneath the surface of your life’s trials and triumphs and in your seeking

pursue not only my blessings but my will desire not only the gifts but the giver

yearn not just for my hand but for my face for in my countenance you will

discover the depths of love and the heights of Joy it is in alignment with

my will that you will find the strength you need the grace sufficient for each day and the joy that comes not from

circumstances but from the very core of my Divine Essence Hebrews encourages you to

look unto Jesus the founder and perfector of your faith who for the joy

set before him endured the cross despising its shame and is seated at the right hand of

the Throne of God consider his example how he focused not on the transient pain but on the

everlas lasting joy that would result from his sacrifice in the same way I call you to

look Beyond temporary hardships to the Eternal joy that I have prepared for you

my joy is made complete in you when you abide in my love as John speaks

of it’s a love that invites you to remain to dwell to make your home with

me in my love you will find the fullness of joy a joy that the world cannot give

and cannot take away this Joy transcends circumstances for it is rooted in the

unshakable reality of my kingdom in the unchangeable truth of my

word in the Grandeur of my Creation in the simple beauty of a quiet morning in

the complex Melodies of relationships and responsibilities I am there seek me in

all things and in all ways for in seeking you shall find mind in asking

you shall receive in knocking the door shall be opened unto you now Let Your

Heart Take courage let your soul rise in Hope for I Am With You Always draw near

to me and I shall draw near to you enveloping you in my joy guiding you

with my eye upon you Delight in me and I shall give you the desires of your heart

for your truest desires and my deepest Joy are one and the same so come come to

the source the Fountain of Every Blessing drink deeply from the Waters of

life that I freely offer and remember I am with you I am for you and in me your

joy will be complete arise to this new day the canvas I have painted with the light of

dawn fresh and ready for The Strokes of your life’s events it is a gift lovingly crafted for

you filled with the potential for Joy growth and the sweetness of my

presence take a moment breathe deeply and look around you this day is mine and

I have shared it with you so that you might Revel in it rejoicing as we walk it

together invite me into The Narrative of your hours speak to me of your dreams your

worries your fleeting thoughts and your deepest longings let our conversation be as the

breath that fills your lungs essential and sustaining you’ll find that as you

include me and your thoughts the trivialities that once seemed so large

will shrink back to their true size insignificant in the light of my eternal

perspective perhaps you’ve been caught in the undercurrent of your past the tides pulling you away from the shores

of the present but remember I am the god of the I am not the I was when you feel the

pull of yester year take my hand let me draw you back into the now where I am

with you where my love encircles you in warm embrace let me be your anchor beloved

and together we shall navigate the Waters of today I am ever present and in me you

have a constant companion to help you face whatever lies ahead there is no mountain too steep no Valley

too deep no Forest too dense that we cannot Traverse together Lean on Me draw from my

strength and you will find yourself more than capable I am the very essence of help a present help in times of trouble

and in times of Joy alike look for the joy I’ve tucked into

the corners of your day it’s there in the smile of a stranger the laughter of

a child the warmth of the sun on your face The Melody of the bird song at

dawn these are my Whispers to you tokens of my love signs that I am with you and

for you each small pleasure is a brushstroke of my grace upon the canvas of your day acknowledge them cherish

them and let gratitude be your song remember I know you intimately I am

familiar with all your ways before a word is on your tongue T I know it

completely I have fashioned the intricacies of your heart and I Delight in providing for you the things that

bring you Joy are no mystery to me I am the author of them I crafted them with

you in mind with the intention of dancing with you in moments of simple happiness rejoice in this my beloved

child let your spirit be booed by the verses of Psalm a reminder that each day is a day

that I the Lord have made let us rejoice and be glad in it

not tomorrow not in a future painted by ifs and Mayes but in this very day which

is a precious gift that will only be unwrapped once let us not waste it in every

circumstance I urge you as Thessalonians says to Rejoice

always pray without ceasing give thanks in all circumstances for this is my will

for you in Christ Jesus these are not just lofty ideals

they are the very fabric of a life interwoven with me rejoicing becomes

your strength prayer becomes your lifeline and gratitude becomes your lens

through which all things are seen in their true radiant

light the tapestry of your life as noted in Psalm is no mystery to me I have

poured over over it with the tender care of the master Weaver I know the thread of every Triumph every struggle every

quiet hope and every heartache and in knowing you so

completely I know precisely how to fill your days with joy do not allow your gaze to drift

backward for too long nor forward with worry stay with me in the present for

that is where my presence dwells it is here that I meet you here

that I love you here that I impart Joy here that we share this day that I have

made Rejoice not as a command but as an invitation an invitation to a life lived

fully a life soaked in the essence of my joy a life where every moment is an

opportunity to see my hand at work Rejoice for I’ve made this day for

you a vessel of potential a chalice of blessings waiting to be discovered

enjoyed and poured out into the lives of others let us walk this day together

with hearts attuned to the symphony of creation eyes open to the beauty that I’ve laid before you and Spirits willing

to be moved by the Grandeur of my love I am here I am now and I am

yours in the Whirlwind of a world that spins Tales of falsehoods and

fabrications your heart yearns for something solid something

true it is natural to be cautious to guard your heart against the disappointments and the betrayals that

seem so prevalent in The Human Experience but I beckon you to a trust that is deeper than the world’s

understanding a trust in one who has traversed the expanse of Heaven and Earth to be near you to save you to love

you unconditionally consider the enormity of a trust forged not in words but in

action reflect on the journey I embarked upon for you a journey that began in the

humblest of Beginnings a Manger Under The Canopy of stars I spoke into

existence my love for you knows no bounds it is as vast as the skies and as

intimate as the breath you draw I walked among you shared in your sorrows

rejoiced in your Joys and remained unblemished by sin all to offer you a

love so profound a sacrifice so complete that it would forever bridge the gap sin

had created for years I was tempted as you are yet without

sin understand the depth of this truth in every moment of hunger every instance

of loneliness every Whisper of doubt that sought to sway me I held firm I

resisted not for my own sake but for yours so that when the time came to lay

down my life it would be a perfect offering an atonement for your transgressions a gateway to

Eternity by my stripes you are healed by my suffering you are made whole by my

death you are given life and by my resurrection the Grave’s Victory is

undone and the promise of eternal life is sealed believe in me and these gifts are

yours the they are not earned by your Deeds or forfeited by your failures they

are freely given because of my abounding love for you now as your Risen Lord I

extend an invitation to trust me wholly and without Reserve not only as your

savior but as your closest Confidant your dearest friend The God Who Delights

in every detail of your life I have proven my trustworthiness in the greatest act of love the world has ever

known let that Assurance settle deep within your heart in me you have a safe

place to lay down your burdens in me you have a listening ear

for your greatest Ambitions and your deepest fears talk with me let our dialoga be as

natural as the Rising Sun as constant as the rhythm of the tides there is nothing

too small for my attention nor too large for my power every hope every anxiety

every joy and every pain cast them all upon me for I care for you with an

everlasting care understand this I am not a distant

deity disinterested in the goings on of your daily life no I am intimately

involved in the workings of your heart and mind the concerns that weigh you

down weigh upon my heart too the dreams that set your soul a light

ignite my own Delight the tears that you should fall precious in my sight and the

laughter that bubbles from within youu in the halls of Heaven as you navigate

this life I am your guide your strength your wisdom and your peace I am the

friend who will never turn away who will never grow weary of your company who will never fail you my promises are sure

my presence is constant and my love is unchanging lean into this truth into this trust and

find rest for your weary Soul so come to me in prayer not as a ritual steeped in

formality but as a child coming home eager to share every aspect of their day

knowing they are loved and welcomed just as they are share with me not just in

times of need but in times of gladness as well let our relationship be dynamic

vibrant and lifegiving remember the call to trust is not a call to understand all the mysteries of the

universe nor to have foresight into all that will come to pass it is a call to

know the one who understands all things who holds time in his hands who is the

same yesterday today and forever take heart in the truth of

Corinthians which tells of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who though he was rich

yet for your sake he became poor so that you through his poverty might become

rich this richness is not of the world it is the richness of an Abundant Life

filled with my presence my peace and my love so I invite you my beloved to cast

all your anxiety on me as Peter urges because I care for you more deeply

than you can fathom in every uncertainty in every struggle in every joy and in every

season trust in me I am forever faithful in the quietness of this moment I beckon

you to hear my voice a voice that spoke creation into existence yet Whispers

intimately to your heart the truth I impart to you is not a mere philosophical concept but a reality

that is as close as your very breath you are not your own for you were bought with a

price oh the depth of this mystery the price paid was not in the

currency of your world but was indeed the most precious commodity of Heaven my

very Life In The Garden of Gethsemane as sweat like drops of blood fell from my

brow it was for you I prayed on the road to Calvary with each

step weighed down by the cross it was your name written upon my heart and in the cry from the cross

it is finished it was your freedom I proclaimed this gift of Salvation this

outpouring of divine love is not a reward for the righteous it is a treasure for the repentant a sanctuary

for The Sinner a Beacon of Hope for the lost it is the hand of the almighty

extended to those who realize their desperate need for a savior my invitation Echoes through time

and space across every ocean and every Mountain come to me all you who are

weary and burdened and I will give you rest the weight of sin is indeed a

terrible Affliction an unbearable burden that you were never meant to carry this

is why I in my infinite love and mercy Ste down from my Throne bore the lashes

endured the nails and embraced death so that that you might be free from sin’s

crushing load my sacrifice was the key to your unshackling the dawn of your

Redemption as you open your eyes to the new mercies of the morning let your

first breath be one of remembrance I am not my own I belong to

God carry this declaration with you as the day unfolds in every choice every

challenge every moment of Stillness when the World beckons you with its glittering promises let this profound

truth be the compass that guides you back to the path of Peace you see to belong to me is to

satisfy the deepest longings of your soul in me you find the spiritual

Anchorage and emotional Sanctuary your heart craves the knowledge that you are mine that you are cherished and adored

transforms the very fabric of your being it bestows upon you a Divine Purpose and

a Heavenly identity Embrace this truth my beloved you are infinitely valued the

cross stands as an eternal Testament to your worth in my eyes when feelings of insignificance

cloud your vision look to the Cross when doubts assail you look to the cross in

every Triumph every trial every tear and every smile look to the cross the

immovable anchor of your soul living as one who is purchased by my blood brings with it a glorious

Freedom the chains of selfish ambition the feeds of Pride the shackles of fear

they have no hold on you your life is now a canvas for my love a testament to my

grace in your actions let my love be reflected in your words let my grace be

spoken as you navigate the EB and flow of life’s commands keep this Covenant

close to your heart I belong to Jesus let this assurance shape your decisions

guide your steps and Infuse your interactions with every Sunrise may it

be a reminder that your life is not your own that you live move and have your

being within the Embrace of the one who gave it all for you in the realm of

Eternity this truth resounds you are my beloved my joy my

treasure and as Corinthians declares you are to honor me with your

body your mind and your spirit which are mine a dwelling place for my

spirit let this understanding fill you with a sense of purpose and a calling

that reaches beyond the temporal into the Eternal so rise up dear one with the

dawn of each day and remember your sacred identity you are a reflection of my love a bearer

of my image a vessel of my spirit walk in the assurance that I am with you that

I guide you and that I am continually working all things for your good and in

The Quiet Moments When the world Fades away and you are left alone with your thoughts remember Matthew

come to me with your weariness your burdens and I will give you rest

rest in my My Love in My Sacrifice in my victory over sin and death for it is

your Victory too as you continue through the moments of your days those seemingly

insignificant ones and the ones heavy with importance I long for you to invite

me into each of them for I am ever presentent ever watching and my desire

is to Journey alongside you in every breath every step consider the lies of

the field and the birds of the air they neither toil nor spin yet they are cared

for how much more am I attending to you my precious creation Who Am made in my image your

life is a tapestry and I hold the threads weaving a pattern beyond your

comprehension but one that you can trust is good when you wake in the morning and

your feet touch the soft Earth remember it is I who formed the ground who

created the foundation upon which you stand let your first thoughts be of me

and let your heart be filled with gratitude as the sun rises painting the

sky with Hues of Hope let it remind you of my faithfulness with each Sunrise I am

sending you a silent message my mercies are new every morning and my steadfast

love will never cease in The Quiet Moments When You’re

tempted to fill the Silence with the noise of the world resist and instead

let us share in the Stillness together for in the silence you can hear

my whisper gentle and loving guiding you through the complexities of

life when the bustle of the day calls for your attention invite me into your

tasks whether you are typing away your keyboard crafting with your hands or

planning for what lies ahead ask for my wisdom it is in the ordinary the simple

acts of daily living that you can experience the extraordinary presence of my

spirit as you go about your work I know the weight of responsibilities can sometimes press upon your

shoulders but remember I am the god who lifted the burdens of sin and death so

believe that I can carry the weight of your word worries and cares cast them onto me for I am infinitely strong and

infinitely tender when you’re facing a mountain of tasks and the peak seems

shrouded in clouds of Doubt speak to me say be with me Lord and I will make

your path straight clearing the fog that you might see the way forward even as you read these words I

am with you my presence wraps around you like a warm

comforting blanket never are you alone never are you without my watchful eye and loving

heart take this knowledge into the quiet corners of your life when you’re washing

dishes when you’re walking the dog when you’re sipping your coffee these moments

are ripe for our communion whisper to me and I will turn

the mundane into moments of divine connection when the evening comes and the sky is

Ablaze with the Setting Sun let your heart be at peace reflect on the day not with a

spirit of self-criticism or regret but with a heart of Grace where you stumbled I was there to

catch you where you succeeded it was by my hand and as you lay your head down to

sleep entr trust the night to me for as you rest I do not I am the god who never

Slumbers Watching Over You guarding you loving you let not the challenges you

face whether they be mountains or mole Hills distract you from my everpresent

help and should you find yourself in a valley a place of Shadow and

uncertainty fear not I am the Good Shepherd and in the

valley I am just as present as on the mountain top tops in the darkness my light shines

brightest leading you through comforting you with my rod and my

staff remember too that I Rejoice with you in your moments of Celebration I am

the father who Delights in the joy of his children dance and I dance with you

laugh and my heart sings every good gift comes from me so let your gratitude rise

as incense pleasing and sweet finally my child know that your

journey is not a solitary one I have given you fellow Travelers brothers and

sisters to walk with you share your burdens share your Joys live in

community for it is in loving one another that you experience the fullness of my love for

you so as you continue to walk the path I have laid before you look for me talk

to me Lean On Me me I am here always ready always willing to show you the

depth of my love the power of my might and the tenderness of my care for you are mine and my heart is

for you my beloved child in everything you

will succeed I’ve already promised this and I will make it happen why worry when

my powerful hand Shields Comforts and protects you do not fear do not be troubled do

not faint do not be disheartened the love I have for you is so immense and wonderful that if you

could see it with your own eyes you would jump with joy a thousand times and

Cry tears of happiness please listen to me let me speak first then you can share

your heart but before we continue I have great news tomorrow when you wake up

start your day with gratitude for your life and let me put a radiant smile on your

face I want you to begin your day with my words on your lips singing spiritual

songs praying with the Psalms and at night close your eyes feeling thankful

for all the blessings and even the challenges you face that

day rest your head on that pillow that has seen your tears but

now let Joy emerge from your heart the joy I am instilling within you turning

it into a song of Praise I love you believe and understand

that my love goes beyond your past experiences I know many have let you

down and left you feeling alone you expected love from them but instead you

faced deceit and saw your hopes trampled yet I reached out lifting you with

tenderness you confessed your mistakes and sins and I forgave you my forgiveness is forever I will not change

my mind even if you falter again I will not bring up your past mistakes for by

the power of my blood and my resurrection the chains that once held you are broken no addiction no bad habit

no negative emotion nor anyone or anything in this world can bind you again they do not have the strength to

undo what I have accomplished I forgave you set you free

took away your pain healed your soul and covered you with my

loyalty I lifted you with my love and now your heart is pure and innocent

again you have the soul of a child I looked at you with kindness even before

the world was made I knew your name and your destiny was written in my

book since then I’ve waited for your birth to gently guide you on every PA

path you take I saw with great sadness how some mistreated you neglecting their

Duty failing me when they ridiculed and pushed you aside yet here I am constant and

steadfast I will never leave you nor forsake you so I urge you come to me

with all your faith in those moments when you seek me ask with confidence for

I know you won’t ask for trivial things I know your heart let me tell you I am

aware of your thoughts even before you think them so I ask you when you come

into my presence come with respect and passion bring that simple Faith Like A

Tiny Seed the faith you bring will be planted in the soil of the Supernatural and nourished by your

tears your dreams will come true your wishes fulfilled and with your own eyes

you will see the Miracles you thought were impossible therefore I tell you again do not be

afraid do not worry your problems are serious but I have the power to solve

them I’m not suggesting you forget everything and lower your guard I’m not telling you to neglect your

responsibilities or forget that I’ve entrusted you with important tasks I’m simply urging you to stop

letting irrational fears control your thoughts and spirit no problem or conflict in this world can

permanently shake or defeat you it’s normal to face difficulties but

expect that in every situation you encounter I will perform even greater miracles in your life I know your

weaknesses and sometimes you feel Unworthy of receiving my

blessings make a promise today tell me that you will believe accept my

forgiveness hold tight to this wonderful love and from now on wake up every day

sure of who you are a child of the almighty protected under my wings your protector your God

your friend tell me you will and also ask me now for everything you need with this

beautiful and Supernatural faith I love you focus only on my voice be calm as

tears of Serenity fill your eyes with these clear and powerful words that

resonate within your heart listen to me ignore the many noises that confuse your

mind and cause anxiety I understand your feelings I know loneliness and sadness I

know the pain of being abandoned by those you love left forgotten and never

return to I know you’re experiencing the worst kind of rejection all because you gave

your love freely I felt this too we both give our

love to those around us with dedication and passion yet they see us differently

and often fail to lend a hand when we are struggling you and I we both enjoy giving everything we have pouring Our

Lives into our actions even sacrificing our own needs to care for those we love

showering them with affection you have shown your family love yet it seems they

don’t recognize or appreciate your sacrifices your pain I see your suffering and for

your distress I offer a reward today you will rise again today

you will start to love life a new today you will be reborn today you will

realize the extent of my eternal love my genuine affection you will know how

deeply you are loved and that no enemy can ever pull you away from my side let go of the past I want your hands free to

receive the blessings that are about to come your way they will lift you from sorrow and

lead you to places where you can grow and prosper you are blessed because your

soul is cried out and for you I have prepared a crown a spiritual blessing

for you to enjoy cherish share and increase now is the time for you to act

on my word and leaving the past behind focus on the future on on your ultimate

goal don’t seek Happiness by dwelling in the chains of bitter memories or depend on people who aim to destroy the plans I

have set for you if you trust me fully believe in the powerful purpose I have

for you I am giving you mighty gifts great talents ideas and dreams new

skills and even those you have yet to uncover all this is true I have equipped you with the power

to succeed wisely stand up knock on doors and they will open for

you no one can close the doors that I open for you I do not want to see you

sitting lost in thoughts of a life filled with dreams that were never achieved such aspirations do not align

with my plan I want you to walk confidently toward a guaranteed success certainly the Journey won’t be

easy you will need to fight but do not be afraid for Heavenly angels will

surround you in battle my word will be your sword your faith your Shield my

spirit your standard your passion for life and action the force that keeps you going do

not hesitate or be afraid for despite your mistakes and Imperfections nothing

and no one can separate you from my love if you just believe stand up and if you

stand then walk and if you walk don’t delay or look back because I’m waiting

for you at the end of your journey with your blessings in my hands my strong arm is always ready to

help you even when you feel distant or discouraged because I understand and continue to love protect and cherish you

ignore negative voices remember my instruction to stay strong and don’t let your emotions

control your thoughts Behavior or actions don’t let the disappointments of Life

weaken your faith because I have always been by your side even in your weakest

and most distant moments I encourage you to keep your faith no matter how small it may

seem my spirit and my word affirm this today never stop believing do not fear

the opinions of others for I am your helper you are not someone who gives in

to fear you are courageous even in the toughest times you will walk through

fire unburned cross Rough Waters unharmed don’t be disheartened for I am

with you wherever you go I will never forsake react or abundant you I am

always ready to listen understand forgive and bless you beyond what you can imagine this is my eternal promise my

love for you is Everlasting entrust today into my my hands have faith and doors will open

storms will pass Victory will come and your blessings will

arrive don’t give up now stand firm I give you the strength and wisdom

you need to overcome this challenging time I will shelter you under my wings

where no enemy can reach you I will lift you up and comfort you with my love when

you feel tired I’m filling you with hope and excitement which will energize and invigorate

you I want to and can change your life and that’s exactly what I’m going to do

pay close attention to what I tell you my child even if you don’t understand

how or why you are in this world because there is a valuable powerful and

extremely important reason you’re here to fulfill the dreams I’ve given you to do marvelous things

you are not here by luck or chance I chose to create you and put you in this world to be a blessing to yourself and

others strengthen your faith hold your head high and smile for you have already

overcome past challenges and have become wiser and stronger I have chosen you despite your

mistakes and the times you forget about my everpresent help because I see you as a person of

success respect and blessings fulfilled and blessing

others I have blessed you with the gift of love forgiveness and support encouraging you to show my love through

your actions touching many lives and hearts I’m boosting your faith to new

heights now and if needed I’ll remind you every day to keep your eyes on me do

not fear for I am your helper do not be discouraged for I love you

trust in me and move forward for I Am with You from today onward Expect Miracles

and blessings I am your Shepherd and you will not be in want you overflow with love my help is

just a prayer away seek me every morning and I will lead you to Lush pastures

where you can rest and drink from Peaceful Waters I’m inspiring within you a

fervent wish to live to persevere to succeed and never to give up on your

dreams today you will believe in my word your soul will understand that victory

over all challenges and hardships is within your reach you will achieve Victory even in

your toughest situations and you will find peace in the midst of

troubles you can do this because I’m giving you the strength resilience and steadfast Faith to overcome any

adversity that tries to bring you down you have opened your heart to me making

me your God and Lord this is your most important decision the adversary may try

to thwart your plans but come to me in prayer before you start your tasks entrust your life to me completely and I

won’t leave you a drift I will protect and prosper you in all your worthwhile

Endeavors many things have remained undone out of fear many dreams unfulfilled because of doubt

but today I give you the wisdom to organize your life and priorities the strength to achieve great

goals that will Amaze even those closest to you I am filling your mind with my

word transforming your spirit and heart feel free to approach me whenever

you feel burdened doubtful or engulfed in the darkness my holy spirit is always ready

to respond if you call on me in faith and line with my

will on the journey towards true abundance peace and prosperity I will lead you always I will

guide you tell me with all your heart and soul that you believe this those who

try to undermine you will be embarrassed those who try to drag you down will fall into the pit they dug for

themselves those who oppose you those who turn away from you those who criticize and judge judge you bringing

only trouble and affliction are playing with fire they are making a serious

mistake it is Dreadful to fall into the hands of the Living God I tell you this

plainly so you can be at peace and not be upset or change your plans or hide at

home because of those who offend you I made you Brave now you just need

to trust me I made you strong put my words into practice

I made you wise and intelligent don’t be intimidated by those who threaten your job or insult your

children I won’t let any neighbor enemy coworker or fake friend destroy your

life or take what’s yours you are not a coward I’ve told you

this a thousand times but if you decide to conform to what others think then you’re ruining

your own happiness provision and the Abundant Joy I’ve placed in your

heart if you’re afraid of rejection if you’re trying to please everyone if it

hurts when someone scowls at you or raises their voice I’m telling you now

don’t be afraid anymore trust in me I will give you Victory just take my hand

your enemies are already defeated and Powerless they may shout like frogs by the river but their strength is nothing

more than noise they can’t hurt you unless you choose not to believe me and mock what I say if

you think this voice talking to you is just your imagination and you don’t trust in the

written word that once strengthened you then what will you do I want to keep things simple for you

if you really believe in me you are already Victorious and

strong but if you don’t believe and give up then you’re handing over your Victory and blessings to your

enemies I truly want to protect you I hold you in my hands and won’t let you

go but you need to put in effort keep your faith alive each

day open your Bible learn a little more every day even if it’s just for a few

minutes because I want to speak to your heart I want to make you different and

genuine so you don’t have to degrade yourself before the wicked or get caught

up in lies and sins to please others I want you to have your own

strong character resistant to manipulation to learn to say no to sin

and mistakes so that no one can force you to do things that don’t bring peace to your

heart you are the salt of the earth you give flavor to life

situations while everyone else runs from their problems and lives in in spiritual Misery burdened by vices and bad habits

neglecting their mental health you are different my Holy Spirit fills your

heart and my angels March before you you don’t run backwards you don’t dwell on the past crying over the trash that once

bound you are you still listening do you need me to be even

clearer the power of your Victory grows when you stand up against the things and people who crush your spirit it’s a

daily battle you live surrounded by people who truly believe they have no

future that nobody loves them as I say I do and who also believe the terrible lie

that eternity does not exist tell them to look around they think they are so

wise yet they are surrounded by eternity and still can’t see it I love you so much that I gave my

life for you through My Sacrifice on a painful cross but I rose with power by the glory of

the Holy Spirit who protects you day and night that same power now Burns in your

heart confirming to your soul that it is I who speak to you the same yesterday

today and forever my powerful voice brings healing to your life and cannot be imitated you

know me and when you hear me you find peace celebrate with me for your Victory

is a assured rise above your enemies and accept the challenge I give you for I am

always with you you must fulfill my purpose your dreams will come true I am

your almighty God the one speaking to you now my glory surrounds you nothing

and no one will ever defeat you but be brave and tell me you believe

it you are strong wise and brave and you will be victorious in all that you face

you will will conquer all the challenges that come your way so don’t give up now even if it feels like the world is

falling apart around you do not fear for I’m here to defend and fight

alongside you until the end I know some wish to destroy your happiness but they

will fail you are courageous and can face any adversity I strengthen your

arms and provide the wisdom you need each day before you start bow your knees

humble your soul when You Face a battle I go ahead of you clearing obstacles breaking down

barriers and removing enemies from your path everything will be all

right even when you feel weary I will give you time to rest I will replenish

you with Abundant Health and new Strength so you rise rejuvenated and energetic confident that you will

succeed my Mercy will always accompany you and my love will forever be yours

child Embrace this gift of love and renewed strength that I offer you today

be completely assured that you can overcome this battle and any other challenges that come your way I will

transform what you see as weaknesses into great reserves of resilience and

determination right now I’m removing all traces of depression and feelings of inadequacy that have stopped you from

getting up when you’ve fallen from trying again I am clearing away the

anxiety that fills your mind with doubt and fear stealing your sleep it’s time

for you to lead a life of quality your moment for happiness has come today I’m holding your hand and

helping you today I will show you how strong you really are you could not have imagined your own strength as I hold you

in my arms today I want to show you that you can conquer all those wonderful

dreams you’ve had I am giving you the power to become a warrior who wins every battle you can

do this because my spirit is within you my angels will accompany you stand up

with faith and courage for victory is ahead bringing marvelous

blessings tell me that you believe you have presented your heart before me you

have prayed with Simplicity and faith faith and I want you to know that I love you deeply I will not let you

fall today I will strengthen you I will give you a heart that is fearless in the

face of challenges I want you to stand and walk with confidence knowing that I am there

even if unseen or unfelt do not fear Proclaim Yourself Strong and

Victorious when you feel weak in the midst of your struggles my divine breath will breathe upon

you giving you patience wisdom Serenity and mental Clarity I will remind you of

those beautiful promises written in your soul so you may speak them out loud making your spiritual enemies flee and

never return I speak to you as my beloved child always feel deeply loved

and held In My Embrace yet I also speak to you as one speaks to a warrior you are not a

helpless victim or a coward filled with fear the words I speak to you raise a

shield around you strengthening your arms to wield your sword equipping you with the ability to

face the battle and come out Victorious the enemy might try to scare

you with shouts and threats just like before when you would freeze in fear

trapped by Terror but today everything changes you are listening to me I’m

telling you myself after hearing these words you will transform once and for all listen

to me and see yourself for who you really are you are deeply loved you are

incredibly Brave you do not shy away from challenges like others might you

are strong and distinct marching forward boldly because you know that with my

love and power you have everything you need to succeed you don’t have to wait years months or even days to stand up

with faith and fight for your happiness today is your day listen to my words for

they are true I am reaching out my hand to you for you to grasp it and walk firmly with

confidence knock on the doors today for I will open them walk in with

determination and Trust into the new life of joy peace abundance and

prosperity that I’m ready to give you this is how it will be no matter how

difficult your situation may seem never forget how Great and Mighty I am find

shelter under my protection if you feel distressed rest on my shoulder and share

your worries if you feel troubled give me all your fears and anxieties my grace and mercy are

plentiful I love you deeply and I am here to help you you are you are my child and there should be no doubt about

that you have opened your soul to me welcomed me into your heart and love me

with all your strength and this brings me joy therefore you have the right to

come before me and speak openly clearly and without fear think about what you’re doing as

you prepare to discipline yourself I placed you in this world chose you before you were born and I’m aware of

your struggles streng strengths dreams and weaknesses I’m not angry with you when

you make mistakes and fall do not run away from my presence when you feel guilty who else will you turn

to to someone who claims to care and love you but ends up betraying and

speaking ill of you the happiness you seek where will you find true friendship understanding

and love in abundance it is here in my presence I am

not looking for your faults because I already know them nor am I waiting for you to fail so I can turn away from you

on the contrary when you try to distance yourself my spirit reaches out to

you if you try to leave my love I will come to you and Lead You Back To The

River of Tranquility where you can drink from the living and refreshing water you long

for therefore I urge you again never forget even in your darkest moments that

I love you dearly my love and power are available to you ready to lift you from despair to

fill your life with purpose and joy and to restore the courage and encouragement

you’ve lost believe in me feel deeply loved and protected for this was true is

true and will always be true in common peace I fill your heart

with Serenity so you no longer need to worry or fear or feel like giving up

when challenges come your way don’t let anxiety take over or be

overwhelmed by fear if your emotions start to Cloud your judgment I will turn every negative

situation into a positive one I will transform your troubles into great blessings answers are coming soon I will

speak to your soul revealing my will and providing solutions to your

problems in my presence as you cry out and pray it brings me joy listen to me

now I want you to seek me to pray to find comfort in my

words when your expenses pile up when you’re overwhelmed by many

responsibilities and solutions seem Out Of Reach my promise gives you the peace and

strength to endure you will will overcome every challenge for that is my

will I have the power and authority when I command your Miracle will

happen write it down yourself trusting in Me God is always

the best and only solution to any problem in your life declare it loudly I

believe and trust I shall not fear or falter I will strive and persevere with

all my strength even when I feel exhausted I will kneel before my God to be filled

with power now answer me with all your heart do you love me ahead of you lie

victories and blessings I have a plan for you and no matter the opposition it will be

realized now there’s no need to pick up crumbs thrown by others you have your

own blessings and a heavenly father who welcomes you into his Loving Arms he

heals you lifts you up brings you prosperity it and always looks after you

those who made you stumble will regret it those who look down on you will learn a lesson they’ll never forget for

opposing you I defend those I love and I will make all your enemies flee I am

clearing your path of obstacles and conflicts so seize this moment don’t

stay in your room lamenting the past shouting into the wind uselessly you will no longer long for the insincere

Embrace of those who scorned you and sought your ruin I hope you don’t love those who are

ungrateful more than you love me by my side you’ll find a life full of

joy a feeling so wonderful it’s beyond what you’ve ever imagined I have a powerful reason for

you to live I’m creating a path that leads to your dreams you don’t need to

look back no one in your past loves you as deeply and cares for your well-being as I do I want you to feel loved and

protected by a supernatural God I’m not interested in material

possessions Gold Silver and precious stones don’t impress me what touches me

is your faith and sincerity if you truly want change if you want to live life

fully appreciate every moment use your talents and resources to bless others starting with your

family and if you long to tell the world about love for forgiveness and

salvation about a way a truth and how they can find the strength to get up and

start over in my presence then decide this for yourself and if you need help

I’m here to extend my hand with joy I will forever remove anything that hinders you from your

path so don’t be sad when you stop receiving messages or greetings from

those who deceive on the cross I gave my life so you could be free you weren’t born to live in

emotional bondage you won’t have to yearn for the approval and attention of false lovers

anymore I’m giving you the spirit of Love self-control courage and

honesty if you must face people from your past or walk through situations that once hurt you do not be afraid for

I am with you I will quiet those who oppose you and defeat those who mock you

you will walk through adversity unscathed your clothes hair and feet

will not be harmed as before today in my Holy Name you will face these challenges

and through my Holy Spirit you will overcome them tell me with faith that you believe in me strengthen your faith

immerse yourself in my word and remember all my promises they are your shield and sword in the face of trouble who stands

with you the most high God Almighty King of Kings Lord of lords

Majestic in power and authority he gives you the strength to win respond to me I

want to hear you feel how these words revive your faltering faith and reignite

your desire to succeed listen take in these words and

believe them there’s no bad habit or vice you can’t overcome the enemy holds

no power over you you must believe this no sorcery enchantment or spell can harm

you forces of evil May surround you but they only offer empty threats seeking to

instill fear fear is the only thing that can hold you back stand strong Brave

heart I grant you my authority to rise above the conflicts that have tried to rob

you today your chains are broken the despair that weighed you down the

emotions that overwhelmed you and the painful memories all end

now give me your hand and let us move forward towards success and blessings come back tomorrow hear my

words again and I will provide you with more living water from the Eternal rock

my Holy Spirit continuously filling you with my encompassing love and Supernatural

presence which will never leave you I say it again because I know it

brings you joy and peace I love you amen


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