True Story Of Israel and Palestine According to the Bible (Christian Motivation)

today we’re diving into a topic that’s

nothing short of a captivating mystery

the final battle on Earth the Battle of

armagedon and its profound connection to

Israel it’s fascinating how the entire

world’s attention seems to be drawn to

this nation and the intensity of this

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embark on this journey we find Israel

entrenched in an unending struggle and

turbulence with the Palestinian people

to truly grasp the roots of this

conflict and its current state we must

rewind to the times of the Old Testament

one pivotal aspect to remember is that

God made a promise to the Israelites his

chosen people he assured them that even

during his judgment in the final days of

the Old Testament he would forever be

their God and would return them to their

Homeland before Jesus established his

Thousand-Year Kingdom astonishingly

despite their expulsion from Israel in

AD God miraculously preserved their

Homeland preventing it from becoming

another state or falling under the rule

of different populations over the

centuries it’s quite remarkable that it

wasn’t until

that the Jews officially declared

the state of Israel and garnered

recognition from from other nations this

serves as a testament to God fulfilling

his Covenant promise which he made in

the Old Testament to bring them back to

their Homeland in the last days Israel

shares borders with Lebanon to the north

Syria to the Northeast and Egypt to the

Southwest in a region historically known

as Palestine the Holy Land of the Bible

our journey commences with Moses a

figure of profound significance who led

his people out of slavery in Egypt

after Years of wandering in the

desert Moses and those over years old

were unable to enter the promised land

the responsibility then fell to Joshua

and Caleb who led the Next Generation

into this land this territory

corresponds to the area of Palestine

originally inhabited by the Canaanites

Joshua guided his people through this

land displacing the Nations that

occupied the lands God intended to grant

them once they were s

the Jews established a tribal

Confederation and formed the biblical

kingdoms of Israel and Judah notably

these were the only independent and

sovereign states in Israel palestine’s

history after the Jews expulsion in

AD the region became a Roman province

passing through various hands including

the Byzantine Empire Christian Crusaders

and ottoman Turks without ever achieving

official statehood following World War I

the British temporarily governed

Palestine under the League of Nations

yet it remained an unclaimed entity in

the s a remarkable turn of events

unfolded as Jews began returning to

Palestine even though the land was

desolate and seemingly unattractive they

chose to cultivate it breathing new life

into its soil this marked a crucial

chapter in the Region’s history as the

land had long been neglected by others

who failed to lay claim to it

when Jews returned other Arabs from

neighboring Middle Eastern Nations also

started migrating there creating a rich

Mosaic of cultures in time both Jews and

Arabs became the main inhabitants of

this evolving land during World War II

more Jews sought refuge in Palestine and

after the Holocaust Jewish immigration

surge by the s when Israel was

officially declared on May

the Arabs living there came to be known

as Palestinians asserting their

ownership of the land this intensified

tensions with Arab Nations rallying

behind the Palestinian cause and

opposing the newly formed state of

Israel the conflict between Israelis and

Palestinians continues to this day

marking one of the most enduring and

contentious conflicts in modern history

it’s crucial to remember that from a

prophetic perspective God had always

intended for the Jews to return to their

Homeland before the return of Jesus

Christ signifying the end times he

prophecied that when they returned

Israel would become the focal point of

global attention and contention please

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of Israel and its potential implications

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