Today’s Message from God: Jesus Had Great Plans for Your Life

my child I see the numerous things

occupying your mind right now your

family your health your bills your

relationships I understand how it may

feel like the weight of the world is on

your shoulders but let me reassure you

you are never alone on this journey

trust in me and surrender all your

worries Into My Loving Hands I will take

care of you with all my love and

compassion I will send help in your

times of difficulty bring healing to

your pains and provide for your need

believe in yourself for I believe in you

with my guidance you will find a way to

overcome the challenges that come your

way do not worry for I will not fail you

I am always here guiding and supporting

you every step of the way in your

moments of doubt and despair remember

the words of Jesus who said come to me

all you who are weary and burdened and I

will give you rest I offers you Solace

and respite from your troubles when you

feel overwhelmed seek refuge in I loving

Embrace in times of Darkness Jesus said

I am the light of the world whoever

follows me will never walk in darkness

but will have the light of life when you

face uncertainty let my light guide your

path and lead you to a place of peace

and Clarity remember that you are loved

beyond words and hope is within your

reach trust in me for I am your refuge


strength with faith and perseverance you

will attain the peace you seek believe

my child The Best Is Yet To Come type

amen and subscribe if you believe in


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