Today I Will Shape Your Destiny

beloved child this moment is your Beacon

of Hope the challenges that cloud your

path are dispersing the assistance

you’ve longed for is Drawing Near and

the provisions you seek are already

yours know in your heart that I cherish

you deeply today marks a turning point I

am lifting you from the depths of your

trials you called out to me and I have

heard your voice now I extend these

promises to you embrace them with

unwavering faith my word not only

assures this but guarantees it my

Triumph is mirrored in your life from

the sovereignty of my Throne from the

generosity of my hands await the

forthcoming rewards for your endurance

the accolades for your bravery the

honors for your perseverance and the

crown of eternal life among countless

blessings confess with your lips and

affirm with your heart your belief and

all will be granted to you even if today

finds you weary hold not any

fear I am here to provide you with

strength to make firm your steps to

Quicken your pace and to uplift your

spirit I am here to rekindle the flame

of Faith within you feel that burning

passion in your heart as my words

resonate within you stirring a Divine

desire to rise and claim more victories

my beloved child this is my essence

I am the ever caring father it Grieves

me to see my children burdened by

sadness oppressed by dark thoughts of

defeat or health worn thin by the weight

of their

worries it is not my desire for you to

endure such hardships thus each night as

you close your eyes and entrust your

rest to me I will visit your

dreams with a voice as gentle as a

whisper I will remind you of my infinite


no more will your nights be restless

instead you will sleep with the Peace of


innocent and come morning as you open

your eyes you will find me once more by

your side gently preparing you to rise

with a renewed spirit and a Resolute

heart set on

happiness beloved before you stretch

paths adorned with precious and joyous

blessings the sweet harmony of family

reconciliation and the Delight of for

ing bonds with new Souls of sincere

intentions your journey does not end

with the shadows of yesterday you shall

not dwell in the Sorrows of the past I

am here to liberate you from the

shackles of fear and bondage to bestow

upon you the gift of

Freedom treasure this blessing and

pledge to cherish it

deeply as my words reach your ears know

that I am fortifying your courage you

have never been one to shy away from

challeng Alles and it fills me with joy

to witness your good heart your

steadfast faith and the diligent efforts

you invest to ensure a prosperous

outcome when you find yourself enveloped

by Triumph and success when my blessings

descend like rain upon your life

bringing you immense Joy remember to

return to me

daily despite your strength and Valor

you remain my child and I yearn for you

to dwell well in my presence to feel my


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