my beloved child know that no Miracle is Out Of Reach for me the hurts in your heart I’ll heal them be patient beloved

your blessing will come at the right time it will be the fruit of my love for you voices and Dark Shadows may come to

your ears telling you that you are not worthy to be healed they’re wrong I am

yours to love in the day when you wander I walk with you my eye keeps vigil over

you when you are silent say nothing my still and Silent voice is

near and when your body fell ill I was your healer now I’m asking you despise

the people that gossip turn your eyes from the Liars they want you to fall but

I only want to see myself reflected in you people may come your way speaking

damnation trying to take your faith from you turn deaf ears to their falsehoods and keep praying I here listening as you

are listening to me now I am coming to you with spiritual and material Blessings Now the choice is yours will

you believe these words from me or disregard them will you choose a life filled with my influence or the LIE of

the evil one arise do not step in Old ruts walk forward walk forward holding

my hand trust my word and believe my promises tell your neighbors speak to to

them of a god prepared to welcome them share my nature with the world forgiving

and miraculous the answer to their prayers there are those living lives of

empty plenty with everything yet without me there go to them tell them about your

father in Heaven The God Who delivered you from evil and protected you from the

Destroyer I am the shepherd who searches for my lost sheep the ones who long for

me to gather and embrace them for you are indeed my channel to bring down blessings with my word in love and power

you will go ridding your world of evils with my hand and my word you shall

counter dark Forces I shall work miracles in you and fear not for I will

convene blessing with you do not be afraid just believe in my

mighty power at your side if you are without work believe that despite what

seems impossible I will provide for you trust that my table will be well filled

you will not need to beg for the bread that is yours by right for I am ever more your father tending the home of my

children when you lack you need only bow the knee and ask of your father I will

show you the way and give you wisdom to fill your stomach I am your god of Miracles and I will draw my people in

mysterious ways only believe in me and my visions and you will remain in my mind and heart forever let your heart be

simple and your faith firm for the gifts I hold are from sources you cannot imagine do not speak evil of your

brothers keep speech that does not criticize or condemn for I love one who

is pure in thought ready in mind and has a heart to serve love and believe in

what I reveal I see these things in you today open yourself fully to me let your

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