This person and you are linked by a supernatural force

ttention my child of the unknown are you ready to delve into the depths of

mystery and unearth the secrets that lie Beyond the Veil of our reality today I

have a tale to share that will send shivers down your spine and make your heart race with anticipation it’s a

story about connection about Destiny about a bond that transcends time and

space but beware for within this tale lies a truth so profound it may just

change the way you see the world forever so buckle up for the Journey of a

lifetime is about to begin but before moving forward the father has a unique

message prepared for you the father says today the supernatural despite what it

claims is essentially unnatural because it seeks to separate us from our inherent connection to the Natural World

humans have an inherent desire to experience the extraordinary but the Lord goes be beyond the natural realm

residing in the Supernatural the father says today turn away from the distractions surrounding you and focus

on the new blessings I bring each morning my mercy and grace are like fresh bread ready to nourish and

strengthen you just as the angel provided sustenance for Elijah when he was exhausted this food empowered him

for days giving him Supernatural strength to outrun Ahab as my beloved

child child purchased with my blood and empowered by my spirit you have the

right to this same strength you are equipped to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of your place in My

Kingdom remember you are filled with my spirit and this truth holds immense

power don’t let temporary troubles overshadow this eternal reality my Holy

Spirit within you is greater than any challenge you encounter trust that my

spirit will guide you you with wisdom and discernment in every decision you make as you move through your day with

me maintain a stance of prayer and worship this posture will attune you to my voice guidance and direction for

every encounter and decision you face I will guide your steps and light your way

seek me and I will provide the wisdom and insight needed to navigate life’s

challenges strive to be a blessing to those around you and remember I am with

with you at every moment no matter what today brings my strength is enough for

you you can handle anything because I am with you no force can oppose my will

today honor me through your words actions and attitudes let my love light

and Truth radiate through you indeed The Narrative of Ruth and Naomi stands as a

testament to the enduring virtues of loyalty faith and The Guiding hand of divine Providence in the lives of those

who believe just as Ruth and Naomi exemplify unwavering commitment and

Trust in God’s plan so too are you destined for leadership and Triumph in

every Endeavor the power of the Divine Works within you equipping you to conquer any challenge that may arise

rest assured that no weapon formed against you shall prosper for you walk boldly in the strength of the Lord


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