“This Is Your Final Notice” | God message jesus |

God is saying to you today trust me dear

child today hear this I your creator

shaped you with a unique purpose in mind

I long for our

conversations please draw near once more

I’m eager to listen to your thoughts

always remember your true self and hold

fast to what is

virtuous look to the Future kindness and

goodness fill the world my faith in you

is unwavering I’m confident in your

strength to overcome any obstacle for

you’re not alone I am by your side share

with six individuals and watch these


multiply venturing into to New

Beginnings might seem daunting but stay

bold and brave your company on this

journey I your protector am am with you

every step of the way as my beloved I

promise you’re never forsaken the path I

guide you on May diverge from others yet

there’s no need for fear trust in my

leadership and in your prayers seek my

direction pray not only for yourself but

for all as every soul merits compassion

cre created in my

likeness return to me with all your

heart my arms remain wide open to

welcome you Embrace forgiveness knowing

your trust in me reflects through your

commitment to this message if your trust

lies with me let it show write alen if

you receive today’s words

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