THIS IS YOUR FINAL CALL | God message jesus |

my child I have crafted the universe with an affection that is vaster than the cosmos itself and in every Starry

corner of it my love resides immutable and

infinite this love the fabric of all existence stretches out far beyond the

bounds of what you can see or even imagine and within this Grand tapestry

your heart is cradled just as the sun does not cease to shine even when the clouds gather so

my faithfulness does not waver even when Shadows Fall upon your path know this my precious one as you

stand beneath the vastness of the sky whether it be draid in the HSE of down or the Dark Velvet of night that it is

but a mere shadow of my unwavering constancy my faithfulness is as

unfailing as the course of the constellations and with such knowledge should you not be moved to a reverence

that stirs the soul when you offer praise to me you become a mirror

reflecting my glory it is a profound truth that as you turn your face towards me in Earnest

adoration you begin to reflect my image more clearly to the world it is as if

you are a moon a glow reflecting the light of a sun unseen in the

night each word of worship each note of a hymn is like a hammer and chisel in

the hands of the Holy Spirit shaping you into my likeness this

transformation it’s not always painless but it is always always

purposeful remember the love that reaches to the heavens also descends gently upon you it Cascades over you

like a Cascade of purest Joy emanating from the Heavenly Realms when you lift your gaze to me you

will find me always with a smile that outshines the dawn bestowing upon you a

love so profound that it transforms even the deepest sorrow into a distant

Echo this love is like an endless stream and you my beloved are invited to

immerse yourself in its Waters to let it wash over you to let it sustain and

renew you no matter the aridity of the desert you may find yourself

wandering you might feel at times that your circumstances are a tangled not too complex to

unravel but within this love there is no tangle that cannot be undone no night

that cannot be overcome by the day cling to this truth and let it be

the anchor for your soul a hope both sure and

steadfast and yes there will come a day when you will rise when you will Ascend beyond the blue and on that day

My Heart Will Rejoice for There Is No Greater Joy for a father than to welcome his child home

the glory that awaits you is beyond words a tapestry of light life and love

interwoven awaiting your touch your presence as you walk this Earth remember

that I am ever beside you my presence is as real as the air that fills your lungs as tangible as the

ground beneath your feet each step you take let it be in communion with me talk with me as you

would with a friend for there is no detail too insignificant for my ears share your hopes and dreams your fears

and failures and let me carry them with you you see my love for you is not a

passive thing it is active and Alive moving within and around you it is there

in the laughter of a child the kindness of a stranger the beauty of a sunset it is present in the helping hand

of a friend and the comfort of a warm embrace this love my love is the thread

that connects every moment of joy and every Pang of sorrow in your worship let your heart be

light and in your prayers let your words be true remember that I hear more than

just your words I hear the language of your heart there is no need for pretense

in my presence no need for eloquent phrases or grand gestures a simple thank

you a humble help me a whispered I trust you these are the offerings that move my

heart and so dear one as you continue on your journey keep your eyes fixed on me

let your worship be a fragrant offering and your life a testament to my NeverEnding

faithfulness live in the assurance that you are loved beyond measure held within the Embrace of a father whose love knows

no end reflect on this hold it close to your heart I am with you now and always

in every high and every low and it is in this Divine communion

this unbreakable bond that you will find the strength to overcome the grace to

persevere and the courage to shine my light into every corner of the world be

at peace my child for you are mine and I am yours forever

intertwined in an eternal dance of divine love and unshakable faithfulness

the heavens themselves declare it and all of creation sings In Harmony to the rhythm of my heart the heartbeat of a

love without limit Without End this moment this very second is a

Divine appointment a sacred Gathering between us us feel the Gentle Touch of

my love wrap around you like a blanket on a cold evening for in me you will

find the Refuge your soul craves you see I fashioned you with infinite care knowing each of your days

before one of them came to be I crafted your laughter your tears your quirks and

your passions every fiber of your being is wonderfully complex and I Delight in you

immensely you are my Masterpiece created in my image a reflection of my love but

I know you my beloved I know how easily your heart can become entangled in the

web of your own desires and Ambitions you chase after the Winds of

what may seem right striving with all your might to grasp what you believe

will satisfy your deepest longings yet often you find yourself

weary your hands empty your spirit parched I see you striving pushing and

pulling attempting to mold your life into the picture perfect vision you’ve painted in your

mind pause for a moment breathe allow my spirit to guide you into

Stillness be willing to let go to release your grip on the life you have planned so as to receive the life that I

have purposed for you remember my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my

ways as high as the heavens are above the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your

thoughts in your journey you may find paths blocked and doors closed but trust

in my Divine wisdom for every know you encounter there is a greater yes behind

it a blossoming opportunity to grow to learn to embrace the true essence of

life life I have for you the struggles the setbacks they are not to harm you

but to strengthen your faith to weave endurance into the fabric of your character walk with me talk with me let

us reason together share with me your heart’s concerns your secret dreams your

fears and doubts I am not a distant deity watching from the unreachable

Heavens I am here closer than your next breath intimately

involved in the unfolding story of your life in me you will find your true

purpose your calling and your ultimate fulfillment consider the lies of the

field how they grow they neither toil nor spin yet I tell you even Solomon in all

his glory was not a raid like one of these if I so clothe the grass of the

field which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven will I not much

more clothe you oh you of little faith therefore do not be anxious saying

what shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear seek first my

kingdom and my righteousness and all these things will be added unto you in this world you will have trouble

but take heart I have overcome the world I do not promise you an easy Journey but

I do promise you my unwavering presence you will not walk alone for I

Am by your side guiding you holding you and leading you through the valleys and

over the mountains when you feel lost I am your Good Shepherd Calling You by name

bringing you back to Green Pastures and Still Waters when you are overwhelmed I am

your strong tower your sh shelter in the storm when you are joyous I am rejoicing

with you dancing over you with singing in every season I am with you my

faithfulness your shield and Rampart so lay down your plans at my

feet Surrender Your timetable to my eternal clock let me transform your mind

your heart your life the beauty of surrender is not in defeat but in

Victory a victory that comes from walking in my will from resting in my

sovereignty from abiding in my love this is the path of Peace the road of

righteousness the Journey of joy for in my presence is fullness of joy at my

right hand are Pleasures forever more as you remain in me and my words

remain in you ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you therefore my child be still and know

that I am God your future is in my hands and it is a future filled with hope the

canvas of your life is wide and waiting and together with each stroke of my Divine brush we will paint a masterpiece

that will tell of my goodness a story of Grace a testament of trust trust me enough to let go rest in

me enough to be renewed follow me and watch the Wonders I will do in and through you I I am here as close as the

air you breathe as near as the thoughts that flit across your mind I am the

whisper in your heart when the night is long and the light seems so distant your journey through this life

is not a solitary walk but a shared Voyage with me your creator your

sustainer your heavenly father I have watched you my child in

your moments of joy and in those of despair I know the weight of the burdens you

carry the strength of the storms you face but remember this my love for you

is unyielding unwavering and it transcends all your

circumstances yes the world you live in is fraught with troubles it is true yet

Within These very trials lies the fertile soil for your faith to grow and

Blossom think of your challenges as the Chisel that shapes the stone carving out

of the raw material the Masterpiece that is to come in the midst of your darkest

difficulties praise may seem like a language foreign to your lips but it is

in these moments my child that your faith is most alive most

potent it is a bold Act of defiance against despair a statement of trust

that echoes in the halls of heaven when you choose to praise me despite your pain you’re wielding the very power that

shapes stars and Spins galaxies your praise simple and humble

is a sweet Aroma to me and it never goes unnoticed I have not left you

defenseless in this world that writhes with adversity you my beloved live in a

duality of existence the natural world that can bruise and batter and the

supernatural realm where I sit enthroned where my will is woven into the fabric

of the universe in the natural your feet may stumble but in the Supernatural you soar

on wings like eagles by trusting in me your spirit can

Traverse the chasm between these two planes finding rest and refuge in my

presence now about those trust muscles you carry within you they are strengthened not by ease but by

exertion trials are the gymnasium where your faith is forged in every hardship

there is an opportunity to exercise trust to lift the weight of doubt and to fortify the senu of

belief Embrace these moments my child for they are your training ground and in them you will find

yourself drawing closer to me to cultivate this trust immerse yourself in

my word the scriptures that speak of my promises my character my love

let these holy verses be the daily bread that nourishes your soul the compass that guides your steps and seek my face

not occasionally not sporadically but with a steadfastness that Rivals the sun’s rise each morning in the quietude

of your heart turn your gaze upon me and let my presence be the light that

dispels all Darkness I understand there will be days

when you feel less than capable when your spirit feels heavy within you in those times when your own

adequacy seems as distant as the furthest star remember that it is not by your strength that you endure but by

mine within you I’m the Wellspring of strength that never runs dry The

Fortress that never crumbles I make you ready for anything and equal to anything not by pouring

into you from the outside but by revealing the power that has resided within you all

along you are my child crafted in my image destined for purposes grander than

you can imagine when you walk through the fire you will not be burned when you

pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you for I am with you I am your sure Foundation your

everpresent help in times of need so I beckon you to rise my child to

lift your head and set your eyes upon me whether you are on the mountain high or in the valley low affirm your faith in

me speak it out loud let the heavens hear your declaration for it is not a proclamation

of what you can do but a testament to what I am doing in and through you take

heart be courageous for I am at your side do not let your heart be troubled

and do not be afraid for I have overcome the world in me you will find peace in

me you will discover joy and in my presence you will find the strength to

face whatever this life brings together my child we will Journey

onward hand in hand heart intertwined with heart and remember I am always near

let us embark on a journey together a journey inward to the very essence of

your thoughts for they are the seeds that Sprout into to the actions and outcomes of your life I urge you untreat

you to think my thoughts more and more it’s not merely an exercise in

discipline but an invitation to a dance of divine Harmony where your mind Moves

In step with my spirit this endeavor I assure you is not

one you undertake alone enlist the help of my spirit for

the mind that is governed by my spirit is not a battleground of chaos but a Haven of life and

peace when the noise of this world crescendos to an overwhelming Den when

the worries of Life are like waves that threaten to engulf you it is time to draw near to me sit in my presence

beloved let the constancy of my love be the rock you cling to in the rushing

waters my Everlasting Arms are open ready to encircle you in a a peace that

surpasses understanding rest here in the quiet Assurance of My

Embrace in these moments of communion take a respite from your concerns pause

the endless March of tasks and to-dos and fix your thoughts on

me quietness need not be idle it can be a canvas for reflection and worship let

the words of scripture flow through your mind as you read and let Praises rise from your heart

as naturally as the morning sun The Melodies of worship the rhythm

of prayer these are the harmonies of a life lived in me use the verses of the

Bible in your prayers let them be the language of your heart deepest cries to

me when your thoughts and prayers are steeped in the truth of my word confidence will Blossom within you

confidence in me and in the power of your prayers I long to see you transformed my

precious one by the renewal of your mind the world you live in it rushes at

you with Relentless force with its everpresent screens and ceaseless streams of information it seeks to press

you into its mold to shape your ideals and attitudes until they are a reflection of

itself but I call you to a higher way a better way do not be conformed to this

world but be transformed let me reshape the way you think let me

recalibrate your inner Compass so that you are oriented always towards

me as I renew your mind your ideals and attitudes will indeed reflect me more

and more you will begin to see as I see love as I love forgive as I

forgive this transformation is gradual a daily turning of your heart towards the

light of my presence pres so that over time the things of earth grow strangely

dim in the light of my glory and grace my child the renewal of your mind

is a process an unfolding a becoming it is as though you are

emerging from a chrysalis where once your thoughts were Earthbound now they

take wing on the currents of my spirit what Joy it is for me to watch

this transformation in you as you begin to discern my will that which is good

and acceptable and perfect will become the desires of your

heart you may wonder how to begin how to truly let your mind be

transformed start here with me in the quiet where my voice can be heard above

the tumult spend time in my word let it dwell in you richly coloring your

thoughts and guiding your decisions prayer is not just a ritual it is a

conversation it is the way we talk come to me with your questions your

fears your Joys and your Sorrows bring them all into the light of

my love remember my ways are not the world’s ways my thoughts are not the

world’s thoughts as high as the heavens are above the Earth so are my ways higher

than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts in seeking to

think my thoughts you are reaching for the Eternal grasping hold of the

Timeless truths that have anchored Souls Through the Ages and so as you go forth from this

Sacred Space this time of communion with me carry within you the Stillness the

peace and the renewed mind that comes from being in my presence Let It Shine

through you like a beacon in the night drawing others to the warmth of my love

be transformed be renewed and be my light in the

world my dear child I will take care of you and your family and soon you will

feel the Gentle Touch of my love I want to walk with you along a

peaceful path lift the heavy burden of anxiety from your shoulders and remove

the fear that sometimes overwhelms you you will no longer be afraid your mind

will no longer be plagued by distressing thoughts your soul will not be tormented

by memories that haunt you at night and sap your will to live Miracles will happen in your life

my will shall be revealed in you for my word always accomplishes what I intend

today I’m here for you to bring change and transformation open your eyes to the new

day and prepare for the incredible Miracles you will soon see hold my hand

tightly as you walk through the valley of loneliness tell your adversaries that

you are not alone for your heavenly father is with you come I am waiting for you don’t

hesitate if you feel that today is the day to start over start with me walk

with me and you will find Joy abundant and Lasting forever basked in my

love say it write it shout it loud that you love me too I heal you I sustain you

I care for you I provide for you I love you I comfort you so fear nothing and no

one my power strengthens you and my mighty hand protects

you it has always been this way even when you couldn’t see me when you

thought everything was lost and that your troubles would overwhelm you but look at you now you are still here if

you are reading or hearing this it is because you have faith because you seek success because you want to live and be

happy who said you don’t deserve it don’t waste your time on vain thoughts

or slanderous accusations you are my child you have opened your heart to me you love me and

seek me daily I have named you heir to All Things pure and beautiful kind and

good you will achieve all your dreams that are rooted in truth and

goodness so walk with firm Faith toward what you will achieve and work hard for

them it’s never too late nor are you too old don’t worry if you feel unprepared I

strengthen and prepare those who are willing I call out with my own voice to those who wish to draw close to me and

serve me with love you know you are in this world to do great and significant

things despite any past mistakes or failures that’s why you believe in my

death and Resurrection I am forgiving your sins I am giving you a new chance

to rise and reshape your life I will make you a leader in your home a blessing to your

family I will silence those who have disrespected you and before their eyes I

will publicly show your value and the love I have for you

believe in me and accept my love unconditionally your eternal life your

happiness and all your blessings depend on it never stop telling me you love me

and believe in me know that in good times and bad I will always be with you

I love you and that’s why today I bring you a different message I’ve seen your Lively fervent

Dynamic Faith you have grown you know me better you have learned to trust and

wait for the time to receive the blessings I want to give I am forming an army of courageous

individuals who wish to live with enthusiasm and determination ready to share my love

determined to change and be renewed from head to toe you are one of those chosen

Warriors be careful about what you hear and what you see prioritize my word

immerse yourself in my Holy Spirit by reading listening speaking writing and singing do all that I inspire you to do

in spirit and truth I want you to learn to manage I will bless you greatly but

you must take care of these blessings I will not raise you up only for you to become arrogant or let power go to your

head if you want my blessings to grow keep your heart humble avoid gossip and

slander against anyone never harm those those who respect you help you or

provide you with a job that supports you focus on working hard serving others

being a blessing to those around you your family and Beyond I have chosen you

to bear fruit to go where I send you and to bring prosperity and blessing into

your home I speak to you as a friend if you want to see a change in your life

you must choose to obey me and walk with me tell me you will

you are entering a new phase and if you obey you will succeed I have chosen you to be a

warrior to uplift your family and to lead from Victory to

Victory my presence will accompany you in all your triumphs from glory to glory

through your praise and through that attitude of gratitude that resides in

you and in everyone in your household beloved daughter beloved Son I

cherish you champion of champions I shall bestow my blessings

upon you I made no mistake when I chose you I am deliberate in my actions

because I want you to understand the depths of my love there is something important I must

say listen to my words do not ignore this message take each word I say

seriously and think about what I am telling you I come to assure you that my Declarations of Love Will Never End each

day I will declare my love for you finding new and delightful ways to interop you ining you always feel

surrounded protected and blessed by the magnitude of My Affection my feelings

for you are steadfast our Covenant of Love is written in my word signed with

my own blood and sealed by the Holy Spirit living within you burning away

all impurities from your soul like a purifying flame sweeping away painful

memories like a strong wind this Divine peace steadies your steps helping you to rise to persevere

and to give more love and time to your family I offer you this immense power

wrapped in eternal love I have come to save you and to Grant you a unique place in heaven although one day you will

dwell with me there I want you while you’re still on this Earth to remember my words each night as you close your

eyes rest your head on your pillow let go of your fears and open your hands to

receive the Divine oil that heals both body and soul you will sleep peacefully free from

disturbances and when you wake you will feel refreshed not anxious I will keep

affirming my love for you because you need to hear it constantly I love you I cherish you I value you

I’m always working for you clearing your path and ensuring your Prosperity may peace reign in your family may your

children grow in wisdom May abundance fill your home may you be debt free and

may all distress in your soul be a raise forever you will hear me you will feel

me I will continue to hold you gently Whispering about my eternal wonderful Supernatural love do you want to hear do

you long to feel tell me do you love me

you will Thrive for I planned your future before you were even born in my hands are the beautiful

things you hope for and dream about the long-held desires of your heart the

prayers for your loved ones all are recorded in my book as I forget

nothing for every purpose in each season it is my desire to bless you to open

doors for you to grow your wisdom faith humility and patience and to see you

prosper and be fruitful the path to blessing is in your

grasp held within my powerful holy word hold it close with faith and passion if

your past was filled with failures if you fell into Despair and lost valuable things listen to these words say them

out loud my past is behind me from now on my life my family my future are

blessed declare these words with me never be embarrassed to speak my word in

front of anyone for in my promises lies eternal life Majestic and miraculous

answers to even the toughest challenges when You Face challenges that

seem too tough to handle there will always be a sacred word to give you the wisdom to

overcome open your Bible read it eagerly to learn and

grow as you read feel my presence with you guiding you

through each word helping you to know me better and absorb more of my

Essence never question the Loyalty of my love never think that I will abandon you

or punish you for every mistake I reside within your heart in my store I hold

blessings and opportunities Grace and forgiveness Divine strength and a

steadfast purpose for your family the days of fear are over I have removed

the threat from your midst give yourself completely to me trust in me without hesitation and I

will fill you with immense Joy I wrote and sealed your fate before

you were born I love you no one will hurt you I will rescue you from your troubles and provide the answers you

need today you will see a miraculous sign of how deeply I love you

start this day with a calm and confident heart knowing that I will fill you with beautiful sweet

Serenity know that as you feel my love wrapping around you your worries are

safe with me if at any point today you feel lost anxious tired or unsure of your path

just pause you’re not wasting time you’re taking care of yourself be still feel my

presence meditate on my words claim my promises breathe in my encompassing love

feel my hand on your head I am here to embrace you and remind you of your special place in my heart I am

consistent my thoughts for you do not change over time I will not leave you I

will never forsake you if you believe your sins are forgiven if you are ready to let go of

your mistakes and leave your past behind if you accept the love of an eternal all

powerful God then all the living promises in my word will come true for you believe in me and rivers of life

will flow from within you trust in me and you will have the courage and power

to overcome Darkness let today be a wonderful day for you and tomorrow and the whole week

and the whole month as you start each day with me listening to my voice talking to me

sharing your frustrations and celebrating your victories let’s plan together for your

aspirations let’s draw the map that leads to your dreams please don’t be too

hard on yourself stress diminishes your peace do not fear punishment or wrath

from me for your failures or mistakes you are my beloved Son my beloved

daughter and I want you to always remember that these truths I reveal to your heart

offer forgiveness power through my blood peace and salvation eternal life and abundance

awaits you through my resurrection from today onward you will

experience a beautiful confidence a marvelous sense of security love and affection unlike any

you’ve known before every day you will walk with me talk with me and no matter what wake up

each morning with a heart full of Faith peace and tranquility do you believe in me you

will prevail and everyone will see that I am with you your blessing is on its way

Unstoppable soon your needs will be met your health will be restored and your

loved one will return to your life I tell you this so that you may be filled

with courage so your joy can start today

soon people and loved ones will seek you out and I want them to see your joyful rejuvenated face your smile affecting

them witnessing firsthand The Marvelous blessing I grant you I declare it

abundance is proclaimed I do not deceive what I promise will happen always remember this so you don’t

get overwhelmed by anxiety or worry I have ended your suffering Your Time Has

Come days of Happiness are ahead moments of Grace you should embrace

do not be afraid my child do not cry do not lose hope trust in me for I am your

God speaking to you today believe with all your heart I hear your cries I Feel

the beat of your humble heart my Throne hears your prayers and the doors of my

grace are open to you I am showering you with blessings and favor my presence

stays with those who have simple faith those who are humble all who call on my name sincerely and

earnestly always remember you can rely on my power and

faithfulness I will never leave you never forsake you or forget you as the

years pass if I suffered on the cross and shed my blood for you it wasn’t to

forget about you when enemies and troubl Surround you or when you feel weak in

need and sick I’m always weak with you I tell you

this over and over so you never forget I always want you to seek me every day to

remember my words I have the power to save you if I tell you this daily it’s

because I truly mean to act I want you to go to sleep with peace in your mind

to rest well and to wake up in the morning with courage in your soul and

confidence in my steadfast promise that I will never forsake you

I never lie I love you deeply and I will always bless you it has always been this

way it is now and it will always be now tell me do you

believe I want to see your strength and joy in your words I understand why I do

what I do I see your life and your future my child you don’t need to be afraid take

my hand listen to me early in the day try trust my promises follow my

teachings and you will Thrive when you encounter challenging situations and need to make important

decisions come and speak with me you will be free from anxiety and stress

your heart will be at peace and I will bring the Tranquility you need in your mind but remember never act in fear do

not make decisions when you’re angry do not speak when you’re upset do not not react

to provocation do not act aggressively towards anyone eh the enemy is trying to

provoke you into making serious mistakes which you will regret and these mistakes

will weigh on your spirit confuse your soul and Rob you of your will to

live listen carefully to what I’m telling you yes you who feel these words

are meant for you hold on to this message come back to listen I’m speaking directly to your

spirit because I want the best for you it’s time for you to fully trust me with

all your heart seeking my guidance every day you’ll notice how I guide you

clearly even in the smallest details I want you to rise from the depths of your suffering let go of the

sorrow that weighs on your soul do not let your emotions be shaken when others remind you of your

past or judge you for sins and mistakes I have already forgiven choose who you

will live for will you give me the place I deserve or will you keep listening to

those who don’t know me and don’t want the best for you I will strengthen you so that you no

longer depend on others opinions so that you can confidently walk in the

blessings I’ve given you without seeking people’s approv all and not feeling hurt

by their harsh words come and seek me talk to me ask me demand from me I will

give I will answer I will show you that I love you more than you can imagine but

let me show you from now on you will fear nothing and no one you will see how

my holy spirit moves your life in Supernatural ways with me all will be well you are waiting for good news and

it will come soon my power is revealed to those who believe in me simply and

sincerely Miracles occur when you fully Surrender Your Heart to me when you

trust me completely and don’t let negative thoughts or harsh words bring you down clouding your mind Proclaim my

word loudly and with faith saying I can do all things through Christ who

strengthens me and I will never be defeated I want your heart to overflow

with a Divine feeling a feeling that stays with you always reminding you of

my promises when challenges arise I urge you to pay close attention

when you come to listen to me each morning with all your heart I care about

your well-being and envision a future for you filled with peace and prosperity dear one I want your family to be free

from all negative emotions without any Discord or division among you there are

countless wonders I plan to grow with in your pure and inocent her so I ask you

to remain firm in your faith you will see for yourself the downfall of adversaries and false friends who mock

you thinking they are wise but falter daily they see themselves as intelligent

but are scorned by Society consider themselves wealthy and secure yet live in a deep dark pit of

spiritual poverty filled with nothing but hatred and envy you will always

always receive my blessing but you will also face challenges and opposition wherever you go there will always be

someone ready to contest you and draw you into battles but hold this truth close and never forget it do not fear

them they claim to own what they lack and they pretend to virtues they do not

possess they indulge in sin while pretending to be perfect you are my

beloved child and there is nothing in no one who can overpower you for I am your

protector You Are Not Alone your faith rests in a God who is not a figment of your imagination but a living powerful

and Majestic God my love for you is real and I have

already shown you all I can do for you do not be distressed do not cry or give

in to depression because of threats and lies I am with you I will rescue you

from evil attacks from dangers poverty death and sickness embrace my word accept my

blessings tell me you believe in me I love you come to me now if you are

feeling burdened hand over your troubles to me I will take each one and transform them sadness into Joy regret into peace

guilt into hope I am removing the depression that eats it your mind urging you to listen

to the deceiving voices of the past I’m I am eradicating that depression forever

I am the almighty God you are my beloved child who obeys and trusts in me who

Faithfully follows me you deserve the freedom I wish to give you today you

must be freed from all mental burdens by the power of my pure and Holy Blood

listen to my voice receive complete healing from head to toe wherever you

are stand up pick up your dreams from the ground and walk follow this path

that leads to the top of the Holy Mountain to the place of your Victory the feelings I am planting in

your heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit this blessing I set before you is

real and true and you will receive it if you believe in me and my Eternal

Word you are not mistaken in giving your heart to your heavenly father who loves you deeply it is not your

imagination powerful and Supernatural mirac Miracles will occur for all who listen to me and dare to believe with

humility and simplicity who honor my word admit their faults abandon evil and

decide to walk steadfastly without looking back I love you dearly I want to heal

you break your chains I’m destroying Every curse and spell that deceived you

making you think there is someone in the universe more power powerful than I nothing but lies the heavens and the

Earth shake at the sound of my voice forces of evil fall defeated they cannot

stand against my visible Glory no Being Human or spiritual can

oppose you harm you or bring you evil for now you are never alone my arms

encircle you my Holiness covers you and the power of my blood Shields you day

and night no more sad is no more pain tears of Despair will

cease feel the peace and joy I’m giving you now tell me you are receiving it tell me

you believe in me kneel down and give thanks for all the love and wonders

you’re about to experience I’m warning you the end of your waiting is near your goals your

desires your blessings are becoming real right now prepare your heart for the joy

Joy may be so overwhelming and the surprise so great you might think you don’t deserve all I am ready to give

you I am speaking to your soul once more I ask you gently with patience and love

to renew your thoughts yes I know you can’t do it alone I will help you with what you

cannot do yourself but you must stand up in faith your Bible is there start reading

it every day surround yourself with those who encourage you to believe who speak words

of encouragement and help you grow I am close to your heart right there beside

your bed you can kneel every morning or simply close your eyes at home or even

go out to feel the Sun and take a walk but wherever you are talk to me share

with me your feelings your thoughts what are your reasons for living always be

grateful what things and which people make you feel blessed write down my word

and keep it in front of you in short verses that you can read and memorize

not to repeat mindlessly but to meditate on them in your soul to understand my

love my power and learn to have the faith to truly believe that I love you

that I have a beautiful and perfect plan for your family and for you no more sadness no

more pain tears years of Despair will cease feel the peace and joy I’m giving

you now tell me you are receiving it tell me you believe in me kneel down and

give thanks for all the love and wonders you’re about to experience I’m warning you the end of

your waiting is near your goals your desires your blessings are becoming real

right now prepare your heart for the joy may be so overwhelming and the surprise

is so great you might think you don’t deserve all I am ready to give you I am speaking

to your soul once more I ask you gently with patience and love to renew your

thoughts yes I know you can’t do it alone I will help you with what you

cannot do yourself but you must stand up in faith your Bible is there start reading

it every day surround yourself with those who encourage encourage you to believe who speak words of encouragement

and help you grow I’m close to your heart write there beside your bed you

can kneel every morning or simply close your eyes at home or even go out to feel

the Sun and take a walk but wherever you are talk to me

share with me your feelings your thoughts what are your reasons for living always be

grateful what things in which people make you feel blessed blessed write down my word and keep it in front of you in

short verses that you can read and memorize not to repeat mindlessly but to

meditate on them in your soul to understand my love my power and learn to

have the faith to truly believe that I love you that I have a beautiful and perfect plan for

your family and for you you will be healed and and you will

celebrate this blessing with your family your faith and passion are crucial your

dedication to prayer is the key I urge you to cast aside distractions that

undermine you everything that makes you doubt my word that makes you forget your value and

your purpose keep away from friendships that find belief in me unworthy many may try

to win your favor with a smile but their intentions aren’t pure be careful my word is true I’m

warning you now so you don’t believe everything people say you are extremely valuable and I will say it over and over

you haven’t been pushed away from my love in fact I love you more each day there are still many blessings I

want to give you any problem you face today will soon be over all hardships

will disappear you must stay strong in faith your family will be United and filled with love again

I will restore everything that was lost I will make it clear that my favor and

blessing are with you I want everyone to see so those who

have mocked you for your faith will realize that your heavenly father is real and loves you deeply when you’re

troubled I respond when you’re in danger I protect when you’re in need I help I

always seek your support for yourself your family and all your future

Generations do not be afraid my child for I am with you I am the ultimate cure

for all your pains whether they hurt your body harshly or wound your emotions

deeply I desire your faith sincerity obedience perseverance determination and

persistence in me in my words and in my presence listen to my requests of Faith

be obedient and persever patiently don’t worry about tomorrow your job is to keep

going obey and leave everything to me I am your father and your God and the time

I give you each day is not for worrying if you choose not to trust me and give in to anxiety you hurt my love

bringing sadness to your soul and body I understand that sometimes tired

and uncertain you might falter but I will always be there to remind you that I’m not here to judge I am also your

friend I am setting up a feast of blessings for you in front of your enemies and I will raise you up before

your family and all your friends I will take you to many places you have yet to

explore many will learn about me through your testimony and message you are

stepping into a new season filled with Miracles and Supernatural events you

will see wonderful things happening to those you care about get ready for this new life accept all the blessings that

come your way with moderation and humility protect your heart and always

remember who provides these blessings dedicate this day to me seek my presence

prepare your soul and get ready for joy I love you tell me sincerely that you

believe in me come to me take my hand immerse your yourself in my presence and

saturate yourself with my word give me what I ask of you today

your humble heart your eyes seeking my will and let your steps follow my

path I will show you that your blessings are near your soul will rejoice as

Freedom approaches you will realize there are things you’ve cried over that you don’t

truly need be my child yesterday I stood with you today I remain by your side and

I promise to be with you forever you are wrapped in my cloak of Love cradle gently in my hands for you

are deeply cherished by me your safety is my pledge and my love

is your protection I want to convey this to you with tenderness and patience for I long

for your tender heart to open up to me Let My Words become the strength that sustains you challenges will come

for the adversary knows perseverance well they will try to entangle your thoughts to divert your focus from your

purpose from your worth they hope you’ll open your soul to sorrow to

despair but you already know this and you have believed it with unwavering

sincerity you are never alone in your battles and you never will be I will

defend and lead you to victory like a mighty Giant move forward with faith for I will hold

you up with my hand and fill you with my spirit your destiny is to be a blessing

but above all my love for you will never waver there will be moments when I will

ask you to rest for it is crucial that you value your well-being you do but

life’s distractions can be overwhelming at times I will gently touch your shoulder with my Divine hand and remind

you when it’s time to rest to pray and to nourish yourself with my word I

congratulate and bless you for the time you devote to me each day your attitude and unwavering loyalty amaze me you have

learned to seek me with confidence and your grateful Spirit brings abundant healing to your heart and your family do

not be disheartened by the opinions of others for you are wise patent and

intelligent you know your path because you trust me your heavenly faor

many around you see to With Envy witnessing the Wonders unold ding in your life EnV souls seek ways to judge you by

appearances but I see your heart and I know who you are you know that I love

you and if people invent falsehoods against you to hurt you they will have to contend with

me fear not my child for I did not forsake you in your darkest moments and

I shall never do so now as I witness your faithfulness and

growth you have made the wisest decision in trusting me with your life and giving

me your heart along with your family I love you all you are secure and

protected here in my hands this week you will need great courage to support your family and you

will succeed knock on every possible door with all your might I am arranging

everything the circumstances and the people in their proper places on this

day while you listen to me you will feel my power I am assisting you and your

victory has already been won I shall deliver it into your hand but I need

your faith to be rekindled you must continue to trust and above all believe

in yourself many have insulted you with derogatory terms even some from your own

family have tried to humiliate you realize that people attack you not only out of hatred but also Envy they

perceive that spark in you something truly special but do not focus on holding

grudges and even more importantly do not contemplate Revenge if unexpected struggles come

your way this week if certain individuals oppose you if you are toiling diligently to earn a living and

worry consumes you know that your adversary Aries want you to lose hope and

surrender they want you to discard the progress you have made thus far and abandon my plan I am sending a host of

Mighty angels to stand against your enemies keep going my dear child do not

falter do not lower your head my presence is with you and no one can harm

you no one can defeat you seek me in the morning call upon me at night trust in

my power I I will be with you on your journey protecting you in the early hours and when you rise once more I Will

Stand By Your Side to accompany you together we shall face this week I have

decided that you and your family will be greatly blessed it depends on you if you believe

and stand firm or if you turn back but I know you well and I know what you will

do you will believe in me you will cling to my promise in this week when you

least expect it your Victory will arrive you will need me and I will be here you

can come to me with confidence whenever you need to speak I will continue to show you with words and actions that I

truly love you the end of your sorrow has come the days of Despair are

over I want to reveal my affection and tenderness to you open your life to my

presence and my love I want you to feel an understand that no one will ever love

you as much as I do I know everything that resides in your heart and

mind sometimes the pain is so deep that you have contemplated giving up and it

has been a long time since you felt the desire to rise and face a new day filled with Vigor and

joy but I tell you that this suffering ends today I am renewing your heart

offering you the purest love that exists eradicating your Sorrows making you exceedingly happy in this very moment as

you listen to me I am relieving your tensions healing your emotions carrying

away your pain and completely transforming your heart you will see with your own eyes

how I assist and support you in all the things you must do I will envelop you in

my love guard you protect you I want you to radi at my strength

and power to the world with your joy and smile I am placing special gifts

uplifting talents loyal friends and a family in your life who will learn to love and respect you when they witness

all the Miracles happening within you they will cease to be envious but do not dwell on holding

grudges and most importantly do not think of Revenge if unexpected battles come your

way this week if some people oppose you if you are working hard to earn your

bread and worries fill you your hour for those who are trying to harm you will

come they want you to lose courage and hope to discard what you have achieved

so far and to abandon my plan I am sending a host of powerful

angels to surround you rise and smile my dear child you are very special to me I

love you do not lose hope for I am here to support you and give you the strength

to endure I am giving you all the strength I can muster so that you are

not crushed by afflictions so that you feel capable of rising of continuing to

walk of facing difficulties of continuing to fight you have experienced Triumph and

victory before so this situation you are battling today will not overcome you you

will not suffer defeat or shame listen to my words and be filled with

great courage because you will need it today and in the days to

come because of your fervent faith in me you will witness a supernatural

Miracle my word has the power to heal your body to provide for your family to

meet all your needs your table will never lack bread and joy will abound in

your home receive my blessings with a humble heart and in gratitude consider those

who are going through tough times use your abundance to help and

bless seek to assist those in need and you will witness the windows of Heaven

opening filling your home with peace and joy for my true blessing lies in the

Harmony and stability that will come to your family’s life in the health and wisdom that will bring times of

happiness you must believe me and accept the reality that a better future future for all who love me is

possible soon you will see many dreams come true that you thought you could

never achieve I your Almighty and Supernatural God am always with you I

will take care of you protect you and support you today and for

eternity your future will not resemble your past I will take care of

that I do not want you to go through those things things that hurt you and continue to cause you

pain it is time to heal those wounds that still bleed in your heart leave the past behind and keep

only the lessons you have learned so as not to return to it have confidence in

me from this day forward I will lift you up onto a better path I will always be

present you can talk to me and tell me whatever you want you can vent and cry

on my shoulder when you have no more strength I do not want you to confide your secrets in deceitful people who

claim to love you but will later betray you and share your business with the

world I ask you my dear child to read my word to learn more about me to seek my

presence and to rise and live out the purpose for which I chose you my

presence will always be by your side comforting you my beloved a new life

life is ready to embrace you a life filled with boundless Joy those tears of

sadness that once clouded your eyes will become but Distant Memories when tears do visit you again

know that there’ll be tears of witnessing my unwavering commitment to you your cheeks will glisten not with

sorrow but with radiant tears of happiness do you believe in me here in

the Embrace of my arms make an effort are you sure no harm shall befall you

now for those who dare to try shall face me I love you pause for a moment before

continuing on your path listen to me for I love you deeply and it fills me with

immense joy to see the goodness you bring into this world your dedication to your family and

our relationship does not go unnoticed I know I can rely on you

your dedication to your family and our relationship does not go unnoticed I know I can rely on you you

will use the gifts I bestow upon you with Grace you are not a pessimist you

do not defy me or stray when I guide your way many in this world seek happiness

and success without realizing the importance of introducing their families their children their little ones to me

to guide them on the righteous path but you are not like them my word resonates

within your home you’ve done an exceptional job and you’ve given me the reverence I

deserve so always have faith that your home is guarded by the angels of heaven

focus on what truly matters in your family Harmony and love eternally

present in your work and all your endeavors act with diligence and honesty

let no vile words Escape your lips for they wound the soul and strike without

Mercy you are filled with forgiveness and my presence shall awaken you each

day aligning your emotions with Grace just as the sun rises on schedule

your feelings shall flow into their rightful places each in harmony your days will be filled with

Vigor Tranquility enthusiasm joy and peace this is more than a miracle it is

the reward that emanates from my throne for those who genuinely seek me I am not

hidden nor am I difficult to find many have their Vision clouded they

claim to seek me but find not yet when the veils shrouding their

eyes fall to the ground they realize I have been before them all along here I

am now feel my smile I take Delight in your life you have brought me happiness

I have no grievances against you no longer dwell upon your mistakes or

imperfections do not be disheartened if your accusers return Envy consumes them

you stand strong filled with strength and life many blessings and tasks await

opportunities to serve and Aid shall abound for you and your family becoming

a source of joy and blessing for the Nations never cease to trust me say it

aloud except for my blessing dear child in these moments of sadness lift your gaze

to the heavens you need not hide your tears for I know the pain that resides in your

heart I cradle you in my hands fear not for I am here to uplift you to cleanse

your sins and transform your life I am here to provide you with the Solace and

affection you need shed your tears feeling my sincere embrace you know when

I love you I desire to Forever remove your pain I understand that your journey

has been arduous I hear your unspoken words along with your tears which have fallen into

my hands I know what you are feeling what you are enduring you have been

undervalued and you feel worthless listen carefully to what I say

my words are brimming with love in my my eyes you possess infinite value and the

greatest sacrifice in the universe was made out of love for you with my blood I washed away your

guilt and remorse so you no longer need to suffer those who disdain you commit a

grave error please forgive them and now surrender your anger sadness and

frustration to me all those feelings tormenting your heart it’s time to

forgive yourself my child I have already forgiven you let peace

flood your heart place those burdens upon my shoulders I erase your mistakes you no

longer need to carry them I love you my child and I want you to live a life of

great victories I say this with love rise today with a different

attitude I grant you the awareness to recognize how blessed you are the more

you open your eyes the more blessings you will see and the more grateful you will

become your praise is the melody sung in the Celestial Kingdom your worship is

the key to unlocking the doors of blessing abundance health and true Prosperity take my hand you know when I

Love You Feel My Embrace and accept my love I want you to be well to feel

better to open your heart to my words and receive the affection I offer you I

love you deeply and I will continue to demonstrate it daily even on days when

you feel tired and devoid of desire to fight when worry clouds your thoughts I

come to you first when you open your eyes know that I’m still with you and

will never forsake you do not doubt do not think that your past mistakes have

driven you away from me do not imagine things that are not true

my love for you is greater and more powerful than any error or circumstance if I embrace you today with

sincere love it is because you are truly important to me I love you and for that reason you

are worthy of my blessing I dislike the idea that you continue to believe that you do not

deserve my affection I do not want you to feel inferior or to believe that you

are less than others each of my children holds a unique and significant place in my

heart yet the enemy always seeks ways to discourage you therefore I send you this message

you must believe in me so that your emotions do not EB and flow like the

tides except that I love you selflessly I want your well-being peace

for your family and prosperity in your future when you open your eyes each

morning come come to my word and remember that beautiful peace you feel in your chest when my spirit speaks to

you come I will be waiting for you I want you to hear for yourself about all

the plans I have for you and the wonderful blessings I am preparing for you while you listen to my words sorrow

will depart from your soul I’m going to tell you some important things you will understand

why just as I love you you must love your family but you must also love yourself and

value yourself trust in me and allow me to perform many miracles in your life

tell me that you will my child I am removing all worry from your heart right

now I am filling your life with peace and joy I will he

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