“This is Your Final Call Don’t Skip”

my dear child I am calling you to seek

my will for your life in every decision

look to me for I have a plan and purpose

designed specifically for you from the

moment you were conceived I have been

with you guiding your steps and watching

over you with love and care this message

is a reminder of my unending presence in

your life and my desire for you to walk

in the fullness of the destiny I have

prepared for you stay with me and you

will discover the the depths of my love

and the greatness of my plans for you

you might wonder what it means to seek

my will it is more than a simple request

it is a journey of Faith trust and

obedience it requires you to surrender

your own desires and align your heart

with mine this journey will bring you

closer to me and as you walk with me you

will experience my peace

joy and

guidance remember my

child I’m with you always even to the

end of the


now let’s delve deeper into what it

means to seek my will and how you can

live a life that glorifies

me understanding my will is the

foundation of your journey with me my

will is not hidden from you it is

revealed through my word my spirit and

the circumstances of your life to seek

my will is to desire my best for you to

choose my ways over your own it means

trusting that I know what is best for

you even when it doesn’t make sense to

you my will is perfect and it leads to

life peace and joy to understand my will

you must first know me spend time in my

presence worship me and seek to

understand my

character I’m a god of love Mercy

Justice and

Truth my plans for you are good plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future as you grow

in your knowledge of me you will begin

to understand my heart and my desires

for your life this understanding will

guide you in making decisions that align

with my will and bring glory to my name

prayer is your direct line of

communication with me it is through

prayer that you can pour out your heart

seek my guidance and listen for my voice

voice when you pray come to me with a

humble heart ready to listen and

obey ask me to reveal my will to you and

I will answer trust that I hear your

prayers and that I am working on your

behalf in your prayers seek not just my

answers but seek

me delight yourself in my

presence and I will give you the desires

of your heart as you spend time in

prayer you you will develop a deeper

intimacy with me and you will learn to

recognize my voice type Amen in the

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message with up to three people so that

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