my beloved child you hear my voice it is me and I will be with

you spend time with me each day and watch your problems diminish see how you

and your family change for the better tension will leave my spirit will enter

and give you unbridled Joy do you see now then you know how much I love you

bring your cares to me openly speak them with complete confidence and pure faith

bring all your needs and lift them up to me I love you very much shall I prove it

to you each day you face new challenges and your heart wonders how long you must

endure but I say I am removing these burdens from you and you will

Thrive now dear friend I only ask that you pause for a moment pick up your Bible and reread

those words that once filled your soul remember the days when your face

Shone with smiles when you were full of dreams and plans you say those were glorious times

but I have another miracle to share even brighter and More Beautiful days are

coming the Sorrows you suffer will vanish you will be freed from illness

and pain family conflict will end true friends will return while false friends

fade away I do this for you to protect you from hurt hurtful

words you will be surrounded by good loyal and loving people you will have

renewed desire to live to dream and to accomplish my will for you my dream is

also for you to be happy and forever free from Pain and sorrow that is why it is best not to

return to the people places and situations that made you cry if you are tired of the old it’s

time to forget the past and prepare for the future I have released you from what held you

back now look ahead never backwards I have removed your sins far from you I

have broken the chains that bound you I was your help when you were oppressed and

abused you will never be alone if you commit to this I will

sustain you I want to see you looking forward in faith because that is how I will bless you you have suffered much

this year but I never abandoned you rumors of wars and conflict May persist

but to you my child I lovingly say I love you and you and your family are

protected know this listen to these three powerful words and hold them in

your mind and heart any discouragement or sadness you feel will be

overcome take my word for it your faith only needs to be the size of a mustard

seed when you wake up to the par perils and naysayers of the world don’t lose

heart the world may not be improving but your Redemption is at hand my angels

fill the Earth preparing for my return I’m still on my Throne listening for

your prayers watching over you sending my angels to defend you keep watch with

your lamps lit those who are alert will awaken at the trumpet’s call and you will immediately be clothed a new and

Freed at last from all weariness await the day of utter joy and radiant blessed times to come abundant Miracles

will flow believe me my child the day of Glory will soon be yours I am your

Shepherd your healer and your Defender no evil will come near you or your home

trust in me today a miracle awaits you a transformation in your finances a

restoration of love in your heart I see your pain I watch you

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