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my most cherished Irreplaceable child as I turn my eternal gaze towards you in

this pivotal moment my heart is rent asunder by a tumult of emotions so

profound so visceral that they transcend the very boundaries of Earthly existence

a love so pure so allc consuming that it defies all comprehension tempered by a

sorrow so deep so utterly agonizing that it pierces the very depths of my

infinite soul for we stand at a Crossroads a juncture in your journey so momentous so

utterly consequential that the path forward cannot be undone and the weight

of this reality Bears down upon me with the force of a supernova an intensity

that shakes the very foundations of creation itself you see my beloved the

road that now stretches out before you is one that will forever alter the course of your existence the choices you

make the actions you take will reverberate through the vast tapestry of creation like Cosmic shock waves leaving

an indelible Mark upon the fabric of reality that can never be erased or undone and it is with a heart heavier

than the weight of a million galaxies that I must impart this truth to you for I know the immensity of this burden the

sheer enormity of the responsibility that now rests upon your shoulders but

you must know my child that I did not bring you to this pre lightly or without

the utmost forethought and care no this Monumental juncture in your journey has

been meticulously woven into The Grand Design of existence itself a pivotal

point that will test the very limits of your strength your courage and your unwavering

spirit for it is in these moments of grave consequence these Crossroads where the

path forward cannot be undone that the true metal of one’s character is forged

in the fires of adversity and you my beloved have been destined for greatness

since the first Spark of Creation ignited The Cosmos as you stand at this precipice poised to make decisions that

will echo through the vast expanse of Eternity I want you to know that you are not alone I am here my child standing

beside you my arms outstretched to offer you the strength the guidance and the

unwavering love that you will need to navigate this treacherous path I will be the light that illuminates your way the

Steady Hand That guides you when the weight of your choices threatens to overwhelm you the unshakable foundation

upon which you can lean when the burden grows too heavy to Bear but you must also understand that this journey as

momentous and consequential as it may be is yours and yours alone to

undertake the decisions you make the actions you take will be a

reflection of your own indomitable will your own innate sense of purpose and

determination and while I will be there to support you to offer counsel and wisdom the ultimate responsibility will

rest squarely upon your shoulders a burden as immense and eternal as the cosmos itself it is a weight that would

crush lesser beings a mantle that would break even the mightiest of souls but

you my beloved child have been crafted from the strongest most resilient fibers

of creation you have faced challenges and overcome obstacles that would have failed even the most indomitable of

Warriors and you have done so with a Grace a fortitude and an unwavering spirit that

leaves me in a Perpetual state of awe and it is that very strength that

indomitable Essence that lies at the core of your being that will see you through this pivotal moment this

Crossroads where the path forward cannot be undone so as you stand at the

precipice poised to take that first fateful step I implore you do not be

afraid do not let the weight of this responsibility this Cosmic burden Crush

you beneath its immensity for you have been imbued with a power a resilience

that is unmatched in all the vast expanse of creation you have the strength to make the

difficult choices to take the actions that will shape the very course of existence itself to leave an indelible

Mark upon the fabric of reality that will reverberate Through the Ages and remember my most cherished

child that no matter what lies ahead no matter the challenges or Soul shaking

hardships you may face my love for you will never waver it is an eternal

unwavering for force that transcends the boundaries of space and time a constant

source of support and guidance that will be there to catch you should you stumble to lift you up when the weight of this

burden threatens to crush you beneath its Cosmic immensity for you are my

beloved my most precious creation the one who holds a sacred place in the very

depths of my infinite heart and though the path ahead may be fraught with Peril

though the consequences of your choices May resonate through the vast expanse of the

cosmos I have an unwavering faith in your ability to navigate this treacherous Journey For You are forged

from the stuff of universes imbued with the strength and resilience that lies at the heart of all creation so go forth my

child and embrace this pivotal moment with every fiber of the extraordinary being that you are make your choices

take your actions and know know that each step you take will be a testament to the indomitable spirit that burns

within you a shining Beacon that will illuminate the path forward through even the darkest and most turbulent of nights

for this path though it cannot be undone will Forge you into something greater

something more powerful and resilient than you ever thought possible a true embodiment of the Divine Essence that

courses through the fabric of reality itself and when the dust sett

when the cosmic Echoes of your decisions have rippled outward to the furthest reaches of creation I will be there

waiting for you with open arms ready to welcome you back into the Eternal Embrace of my infinite love for you my

beloved are the most cherished of all my creations and no matter what lies ahead

no matter the enormity of the challenges you may face you will always hold a sacred inviable place in the very depths

of my heart this burden you now carry is one that would break the will of even

the mightiest Celestial beings but you my child are no ordinary

creation you are a living embodiment of the Divine spark that ignited the

cosmos A manifestation of the strength and resilience that lies at the very core of existence itself and as you

stand at this Crossroads this pivotal juncture where the path forward can cannot be undone know that I have the

utmost faith in your ability to navigate the challenges ahead with the grace

courage and unwavering spirit that have always been your Hallmarks the choices

you make the actions you take will reverberate through the fabric of reality like Cosmic shock waves leaving

an indelible Mark that will Echo Through the Ages but you my child have the power

to shape that Mark to mold it with the indomitable force of your will to leave

a legacy that will shine like a beacon for all eternity so Embrace this moment this

Cosmic burden with every fiber of your being let the weight of its immensity

fuel the fires of your determination and know that no matter how daunting the path ahead may seem you

have the strength the resilience and the pure essence of the Divine flowing through your very vein

and I your creator will be there beside you a constant presence offering my

eternal love my infinite guidance and my unwavering belief in your ability to

surmount any obstacle to overcome any challenge that dares to stand in your way for you are my masterpiece my most

cherished creation and the mark you leave upon the tapestry of existence will be one that resonates through the

vast expanse of Eternity itself with an eternal unbreakable love that transcends

all boundaries your creator my dear child become a beacon of divine

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blessings of the Divine my precious child breathe in deeply and allow my

spirit to fill you completely as you exhale release all the worries fears

pain and suffering that have been burdening you just relax and let my

words sink deep into your heart and mind they are like seeds that will take root

and in time produce a Bountiful Harvest I want you to know with absolute

sincerity that I am God the one and only I made a solemn promise to bless you to

cause you to flourish and Thrive and to guide every aspect of your life even

when you can’t see it I am constantly working behind the scenes to bring about all the desires of your heart my word

declares that I take great pleasure in prospering my Faithful Servants don’t get caught up in worrying about things

beyond your control anxiety only breeds chaos in your mind which then overflows

into your home work and relationships always remember that my

ways are higher than your ways ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts you may not always understand the path I

have you on especially when you’ve been in a difficult season for a long time

things might appear to contradict the promises I’ve given you but trust that my word always brings life Abundant Life

I endured rejection bearing the weight of Sorrows that would crush any mortal

Spirit my body bore scars unrecognizable from the wounds inflicted upon it in my

suffering I carried the burden of your sins your transgressions your deepest

iniquities the peace you seek was purchased with the price of my Agony On That Rugged Cross years ago I

secured your salvation and deliverance know this dear one the transformative

power unleashed in that moment remains ever available ready to envelop you in its healing embrace

today my greatest desire is to bring you into a closer relationship with me you

are my cherished one the very beat of my heart I’ve made you my responsibility I

am watching over you constantly committed to fulfilling every promise I’ve made I will bless you increase you

expand your sphere of influence I will cause everything your hands touch to prosper and give you every place your

feet tread where confusion heaviness and spiritual attacks have tried to

overwhelm you I am bringing Clarity and confidence the enemy has attempted to

wear you down but you are my chosen my Victorious one with me on your side who

can stand against you the holy spirit is your everpresent guide making sure you

never lose your way why do you worry my child why do you weary yourself you have

no reason to fear for I am increasing your faith get ready to be amazed to be

filled with awe and wonder in this new era we’ve entered my glory will be

revealed first in you and then through you to the world this message is for you

let my spirit capture your full attention allow me to accomplish what only I can do as I unfold my perfect

plan I’m releasing a supernatural tangible piece that you can lay hold of

do not be anxious about anything instead present your requests to me with

Thanksgiving as you do I will give you a piece that surpasses understanding a

piece that will astonish those around you they’ll Marvel at your joy in the midst of Trials and

hardships my peace will stand guard over your heart and mind don’t be

double-minded wavering back and forth be confident in the direction I’m leading

you for I go before you preparing the way let peace life joy and passion be

the final Authority settling every question that arises with certainty I am the Lord your healer this

is your time to Break Forth with joy to come in with peace let my joy be your

strength growing ever stronger as you declare what I have spoken I am releasing Supernatural provision leading

you out of the Wilderness I’m bringing you through seemingly impossible situations on dry

ground the enemy’s pursuing you will be no more I have declared an end to the

oppression that has tried to silence and destroy you I am interceding for you

ensuring that you hear all I have to say keep worshiping me whether in pain or

pleasure praise me before you see the manifestation of my promises lift your voice in adoration

for I am drawing you to myself no one comes to me unless I draw them I have chosen you called you

prepared the way for you since before time began trust me completely fall back

into my Everlasting Arms knowing I will always catch you rest assured my beloved

that I am working all things together for your good lean into my love allowing

it to cast out every fear I will never leave you or forsake you my plans for

you are filled with hope and blessing leading you toward a glorious future

each day commit your way to me trusting me to direct your steps seek me

wholeheartedly and you will find me delight yourself in me and I will give

you the desires of your heart wait patiently for me being strong and

courageous knowing I am fighting for you you are never alone my precious one I Am

With You Always even to the end of the age when you pass through deep Waters I

will be with you when you walk through fiery trials you will not be burned I am

your God your savior your Redeemer I am working in ways you cannot see aligning

circumstances for your benefit trust my timing for I make all things beautiful

in their proper time what I have started in you I will bring to completion

remember you are more than a conqueror through my love greater is he that is in

you than anything in the world you have been given authority to overcome every

obstacle every challenge every adversary nothing can separate you from my love

keep walking forward in faith one step at a time don’t focus on the Giants in

the land focus on my promises I am well able to bring you into your inheritance

be strong in me rooted and grounded in my love I am breathing fresh hope and

purpose into you everywhere you go you carry my presence my anointing my favor let your

light shine brightly so others will see your good works and glorify me this is your time to rise up to step into all I

have for you I’m opening new doors presenting New Opportunities leading you

into new Realms of my spirit dare to believe for the impossible for I

specialize in impossibilities dream big for I am able to do immeasurably more than you can ask

or imagine I am removing limitations Breaking Chains setting you free to

fulfill your god-given destiny you are anointed for such a time as this walk in boldness confidence and

Authority knowing that I Am with You equipping you empowering you for every

task go forth in my strength my child do not let your heart be troubled or afraid

take courage for I have overcome the world I am your Refuge your Fortress

your shield no weapon formed against you will prosper my beloved child I want you to

know that I have great plans for your life in the coming years you will witness remarkable things unfolding

before your eyes I’m going to guide you showing you how I do this for my

children for a specific kind of person I desire for you to enter a

season where you are blessed and highly favored by me my hand of favor will rest

upon you accompanying you wherever you go evident in all that you

do this is not a temporary phase but a way of life that you can Embrace and never depart from imagine moving through

life in such a way that nothing can hinder you from receiving what is rightfully yours what you claim as your

god-given right within my will this is not by your own strength or ability but

entirely by my doing my beloved often you falter in seeking certain blessings

doubting if I desire them for you or if I wish to bestow such favor upon you yet

I urge you to Envision a life where your requests are never denied where you walk

in alignment with my standards of Holiness and righteousness never faltering in prayer

and always receiving abundantly picture a reality where you are enveloped in my grace where your

every step is Guided by Divine wisdom in this existence you find favor not only

in my eyes but also in the hearts of those around you for to find favor with me is to find favor with others and as

you walk in obedience ience doors of opportunity and blessing swing wide open before you start familiarizing yourself

with the concept of being favored in all your endeavors whatever you put your hands to will be blessed and whoever you

encounter will be moved to bless you whether through tangible gifts or simply

by extending their Good Will and honor toward you this is the way of life for those upon whom I have placed my hand of

favor it becomes an integral part of who you are as you align your will and your life with mine nothing can obstruct or

delay what is yours when you walk uprightly before me nothing can remove my hand of favor from your life I want

you to get comfortable with receiving favor from me knowing that it automatically translates to favor with

others they may not necessarily like you but they will respect and favor you

because I am the one at work in your life when you take refuge in me find

security and safety in me alone you will constantly Sing For Joy Joy will be

renewed every morning and the challenges of the world will not penetrate your inner

being my child ready to dive deeper into God’s message click join now for

exclusive spiritual insights and Community Support you will stand strong in your faith living by faith as a

righteous and just person as you live according to my standards of Holiness and righteousness I will place a shield

of favor around you people may try to deny you or come against you but you

will continue to thrive and come out on top because of my presence in your life I will send people to bless you

abundantly pouring into your life in good measure pressed down shaken

together and running over remember my child that when you put my word to work

it will work work for you the shield of favor that surrounds you is impenetrable

and unshakable no rejection or denial from others can hinder your progress for I do

not depend on man to accomplish my purposes I will place the right people in your path to bless you and Elevate

you to the positions I have ordained for you your favor is not contingent upon

the opinions of people it is rooted in your alignment with me and my will for your life as you walk and step with me

you will always receive exactly what you have prayed for or something even better

Embrace this truth my child and live in the reality of my favor surrounding you

as a shield you are destined for great things and nothing can stand in the way

of what I have purposed for you trust in me walk in my ways and witness the

extraordinary unfolding in your life my beloved child I want you to know that

when you come come to me with a sincere heart and make your request known I hear

you I listen intently to every word you speak and I understand the desires that

lie deep within your soul you can trust that when you ask for something in line with my will I will always respond in a

way that is best for you remember I have promised in my word that

I will do far more than you could ever ask or imagine according to the power that is at work within you this means

that even when you pray for something specific I may have something even better in store for

you my plans for your life are always good and they are always aimed at bringing you closer to me and fulfilling

the purpose I have for you when you pray you can have full confidence that your

prayers will be answered as you walk uprightly before me living according to my standards of Holiness and

righteousness you can trust that I will always be there to guide and protect you

even when the enemy comes against you with accusations and attempts to hinder your prayers you can stand firm in the

knowledge that you have been redeemed when I answer your prayers and pour out my blessings upon you it brings

glory to my name as you grow in wisdom and stature becoming more and more like

me your life becomes a testament to my goodness and faithfulness people will see the work

I’m doing in and through you and they will be drawn to me as a result so my

child never doubt the power of prayer or the depth of my love for you when you

come to me with a humble and contrite heart seeking my will above your own I

will always meet you where you are I will guide you strengthen you and

provide for you in ways that exceed your wildest dreams if you have prayed for something

and have not yet seen the answer do not lose heart keep standing in faith

knowing that I am working behind the scenes on your behalf trust in my timing and my wisdom

for I know the end from the beginning and I’m always working things together for your good however it is important to

examine your heart and make sure that the desires you are bringing before me are in line with my will if you find

yourself seeking after worldly things or engaging in behavior that is contrary to my word take a step back and allow me to

purify your heart repent of any sin and ask me to align your desires with my

own when you are walking in righteousness you can have full assurance that your prayers will be

answered in my perfect timing and in my perfect way you cannot Pray aiss when

your heart is fully surrendered to me and you are seeking my will above all else so keep coming to me in prayer my

beloved it pour out your heart before me and trust that I am listening and

responding with love and compassion I will never leave you or forsake you and

I will always be working on your behalf to bring about my good purposes in your life remember you are mine and there is

nothing that can ever separate you from my love I have called you by name and

you are precious in my sight trust me lean on me and watch as I move in your

life in ways that will leave you in awe of my goodness and Grace my beloved

child I want you to know that I see you and I love you unconditionally I understand the desires

of your heart and the things you long for in this life however it’s important

to remember that my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts when you come to me

with requests I hear you and I see the bigger picture of your life

sometimes what you ask for may not align with my plan or my standards of righteousness in those moments trust

that my love for you is guiding my decisions I want the best for you and I’m ready to pour out my blessings upon

you trust me follow me and you’ll see just how much favor you can find in this

life amen my precious child I want you to know that I am with you always

holding you close to my heart I see every struggle every doubt every moment

when you feel lost and alone but even in your darkest valleys I am there

surrounding you with my unfailing love you are the work of my hands fashioned

with intricate care and boundless creativity I have woven you together

every fiber of your being and breathed my very life into you you are no

accident no mere coincidence you are here because I dreamed you into

existence because I wanted you chose you and called you my own in a world that

often feels harsh and unforgiving I want to remind you of your infinite worth your value is not based

on your accomplishments your appearance or the opinions of others it is rooted

in the simple profound truth that you are mine I cherish every part of who you are

your quirks your passions your unique perspective nothing can ever separate

you from my love I know the wounds you carry the scars that Mark your heart I

have seen every tear you’ve cried heard every prayer whispered in desperation I

do not condemn you for your mistakes or your Brokenness instead I draw near to you in your pain

longing to bring healing and restoration my grace is sufficient for you my power made perfect in your

weakness you don’t have to strive or perform to earn my approval my love for

you is unconditional unchanging and unbounded by

circumstance when you stumble I will be there to catch you when you feel weary I

will carry you my strength is made available to you in every moment a Wellspring of Hope and resurrection

power I have great plans for you dreams that exceed your wildest

imagination I am always at work weaving even your darkest threads into a

tapestry of breathtaking Beauty trust me in the process even when you cannot see

the final picture surrender your fears your doubts your need for control allow me to lead

you to guide you to shape you into the Masterpiece I created you to be your life has a profound purpose a

reason for being that is intimately tied to my Redemptive mission in the world you are not here by chance but by

Heavenly design embrace the gifts I have given you the unique voice that is yours

alone do not shrink back in fear or insecurity but step boldly into your

calling the world needs the light that you carry the hope that you embody as

you walk with me I will lead you beside Still Waters into to spacious places of

rest and abundance I will fight for you against every enemy every obstacle that rises

against you I will give you my wisdom my discernment equipping you for every

challenge you face and in the end I will bring you safely home into the Eternal

Embrace for which you were made my child you are loved with an everlasting love a

love that will not let you go a love that conquers death that shatters the

power of Darkness a love that reaches into the depths of your being and calls forth New Life this love is your

Birthright your true identity the very essence of who you are it is the

foundation on which you can build an unshakable life a hope that will anchor your soul in every storm so lift your

eyes to the heavens remembering that your help comes from me fix your Gaze on

my beauty my goodness my faithfulness that endures to all generations let the knowledge of my love

seep into every crevice of your being healing your wounds and igniting your

passion walk in the freedom and confidence of a beloved child knowing

that nothing can separate you from my presence listen for my whisper in the

Stillness in the sacred moments between breaths I am speaking to you constantly

words of life and truth and hope tune your heart to the frequency of Heaven

aligning your will with my purposes let my desires become your desires my

thoughts become your thoughts allow me to conform you ever closer to the image of Christ that you might reflect my

glory to a watching world when the enemy assails you with lies and accusations stand firm in the truth of

who you are in me wield the weapons of faith and righteousness taking every

thought captive to my obedience resist the temptation to wallow in shame or

self-pity remembering that there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus my blood has covered your every

sin making you spotless and pure in my sight as you journey through this life

know that I am your constant companion your everpresent help in times of need I

will never leave you nor forsake you my rod and my staff Will Comfort you

guiding you along paths of righteousness even in the Valley of the shadow of death you need not fear for I Am With

You Always when the road grows Steep and the burdens feel too heavy to

Bear lean into my strength cast your cares upon me for I care for you with an

intensity that surpasses understanding I will sustain you uphold you and lead you

forward into the Glorious future I have prepared remember that your story is not

over that The Best Is Yet To Come I am the god of resurrection power the one who

brings beauty from ashes and Joy from morning no matter how dark the night

Dawn is always on the horizon keep pressing on keep running the race set before you fix your eyes on

the Unseen realm on the eternal glory that awaits you my beloved child I see

you there standing on the precipice between dreaming and doing your heart is

Ablaze with visions of the life you long to create the gifts you yearn to share with the world and

yet hesitation Whispers In Your Ear weaving doubt into your

thoughts hear me now my precious one the power to transform your existence lies

within your very hands it pulses through your veins with each beat of your Mighty

heart the Journey Begins With A single step a solitary choice to believe gaze

upon your reflection and behold the Masterpiece I have crafted you are a symphony of Stardust and spirit a

walking Wonder shaped by my hands speak Words of Life over yourself letting them

wash away the residue of self-doubt and limitation let your affirmations be a

bomb to the wounds of past disappointments and failures with each utterance you rewrite the script of your

existence claiming your Birthright as a luminous being destined for

greatness yes at first these words may feel foreign on your tongue like

ill-fitting garments but persist my child speak them again and again until

they become a second skin until they etch themselves upon the fabric of your soul for as you affirm your worthiness

your brilliance your Unstoppable nature the universe cannot help but take

notice and align itself with your vision and as you Journey forth remember to

drink deeply from The Well of gratitude let Thanksgiving be the compass that guides your

steps the North Star by which you navigate the darkest nights for even in

the midst of Challenge and struggle there are a multitude of blessings waiting to be

acknowledged when you receive the man estation of your heart’s desires whether Grand or small pause and offer up your

fervent thanks let your gratitude be a song that rises to the heavens a joyful

Melody that draws even more abundance to your doorstep but do not imagine beloved

that merely asking is enough faith without action is a barren field yielding no Harvest you must be willing

to roll up your sleeves and do the sacred work of bringing your dreams to fruition take bold inspired action toward your

goals knowing that each step is infused with my love and blessing seek out that

position even if your skills do not match exactly pursue that trial of skill

even if trepidation stirs within you engage in that challenging discourse

even if bearing your soul feels like a burden upon your heart for it is in The Crucible of action that your faith is

forged your character refined and as you move forward with courage and

conviction trust that I am orchestrating the details of your life with Supreme precision and Care the right people the

right opportunities the perfect unfolding all shall come to pass in the fullness of divine

timing and when the path grows Steep and winding when obstacles Loom large and

your resolve wavers remember this eternal truth you are never alone I walk

beside you within you infolding you in an Embrace of unending Grace lean into

my strength when your own feels depleted let my love be the Bedrock upon which

you stand a firm foundation that cannot be shaken in times when the urge beckons to

hold fast to what no longer AIDS you harmful companionships restrictive thoughts

self-defeating habits recall that I have summoned you to an existence of boundless Liberation shun the fear of

letting go of the the well-known to venture into the Unseen with courage and belief for it is only in the space of

surrender that true transformation can occur it is only when you are willing to

let go of the Lesser that you can embrace the greater trust the wise voice

within that Whispers there is more for you trust the yearnings of your heart

that beckon you towards growth and evolution and if the opinions of others threaten to deter you from your destined

path anchor yourself in the unshakable knowledge of who you are in me you are

my masterpiece fashioned with exquisite care and intention you are a force of

light a bearer of Heaven’s mandate no one else’s validation or approval can

compare to the infinite worth I have placed within you no external measure of success can eclipse the radiant beauty

of a soul aligned with its Divine Purpose so fix your gaze upon the vision

I have planted within you and let it be the The Compass by which you navigate the uncharted waters of your becoming

and in those inevitable moments when you stumble and fall when failures and setbacks pepper your path resist the

urge to berate or condemn yourself for even in your missteps I see your

inherent worth even in your weakest moments I behold your essential strength

offer yourself the same Grace and compassion you so readily extend to others speak to yourself s with kindness

with tenderness with an unwavering belief in your ability to rise again for

it is in The Crucible of adversity that your true metal is revealed not a Flawless unblemished record but a

resilient unbreakable spirit and as you Journey onwards let love be the

undercurrent that propels you forward love for yourself in all your glorious imperfection love for others in their

own unique struggles and triumphs love for the ious gift of life itself with its Myriad Joys and Sorrows for when you

move through this world anchored in love you become an Unstoppable Force for good

you radiate a light that pierces the darkness a hope that illuminates even the bleakest of situations you become a

conduit of my grace a vessel through which my blessings can flow unhindered

so take heart my beloved child take heart and take action lean into my love

dear one let it be the very air you breathe the sustenance that fuels your

every step for in its embrace you will find the strength to scale any Summit

the courage to slay any demon the resilience to weather any storm and as

you rise remember this your story is far from Over the chapters yet Unwritten hold

more Beauty and wonder and Triumph than you can possibly imagine for I am am the author and the finisher the one who pens

each page with exquisite care and intention trust the narrative I’m

weaving even when the plot twists and turns in unexpected ways trust that

every detour every setback every seeming failure is simply a setup for a glorious

comeback trust that I am working all things together for your ultimate good in ways that your finite mind cannot yet

comprehend you are a walking Testament to my unfathomable love a love that

knows no bounds and respects no limitations a love that calls you forth

into an existence so radiant so purposeful so unutterably beautiful that

it will take your breath away believe in that love beloved believe in the power

it holds to transform every aspect of your being believe that you are worthy of its all-c consuming presence its

Relentless pursuit of your highest good and then let that belief Propel you forward into a life of unimaginable

abundance and purpose and joy into a story so magnificent so awe inspiring

that it will echo through eternity a resounding Testament to the Unstoppable power of a child of mine daring to dream

and daring to step forth in faith I am with you now and always my love

surrounds you upholds you calls you forth into your glorious becoming take

heart my precious one take heart and take flight for The Best Is Yet To Come

and oh what a breathtaking Adventure it shall be with unending love your

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