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my beloved I speak now directly to your heart ears that hear my voice are

blessed indeed in the Silence Of Your Existence I have listened for your Soul’s true

yearning know that I the Eternal Creator dwell within you always with unconditional

love I cherish your joy as the sweetest song I feel your sorrow and draw near to

comfort you in every tick of the clock in each breath you take I am your

Vigilant guide Whispering peace amidst chaoses swells and

storms do not let impatience trouble your spirit for steady as the tide my

presence buoys you through tumult and Tranquility in equal measure from Dawn’s

first glimmer to dusk’s dying Embers you are encompassed in my eternal care your

deepest dreams your heart’s fullest expression approach even now like the

impending Dawn my blessings transcend Darkness just as day continually conquers night

have faith that what you have prayed for already weaves its way to you walk with

me in full trust pray often and reflect on my unending

compassion doubt cannot withstand Love’s blazing fire for long feel in your soul how dearly I

cherish your company how your devotion Delights me beyond measure each

courageous Choice plants another seed of our Eternal Bond I see you beloved one with clear

and loving eyes my sworn Covenant with you stands unchanged Through the Ages I

will never abandon nor forsake you Showers of Grace await only your willingness to receive a new dawn blooms

for you my child if you will only believe doors once locked shall spring

open at my whispered wish the time is near can you not feel it quickening in the ethers and in the air rigid walls

now crumble like sand no match for vibrant Faith’s shining demands your

resilience and your dedication your refusal of lesser pleasures and superficial Pursuits Reveal Your radiant

worth in my compassionate sight many wander far a field out of sink with the

Cadence of the Spheres they dwell in lonely caverns of complaint or refusal

estranged from Transcendent Truth by their own device but you beloved child of my heart

have chosen to align your frequency with Divine Harmony despite surrounding storms you

hold to righteousness with quiet strength rooted yet Supple as the grass Dancing In Summer

Breeze this gentle yet unshakable Faith cast light brighter than galaxies spun

from nothingness as you dwell in me so I manifest EST ever more tangibly in

you I know the hopes your shy voice Whispers In tender vulnerability because you walk in

gracious step with me I will fulfill your innermost dreams resonant as they are with your Soul’s Celestial

melodyy do not fret about tomorrow’s shape or form I guide your every step

with love beyond measure trust in me transcends understanding continue for

your obedience and devotion have laid solid foundations upon which we shall build wonders your life now stands on the

verge of profound blessing Limitless Grace flows through you from infinite

Wells you shall become a conduit of compassion offering Solace and

inspiration sacred wisdom will ignite every cell as our intimacy deepens

Prosperity will cloak you as cherished child of creation’s majesty success will

Mark your every Endeavor for you live and move and have your being Within Me Delight arises from your willingness to

surrender control Gear Up precious one for the Bounty hurtling toward you sings

creation’s fullness our covenant cannot fail my commitment to you transcends space and

time I will provide your every need with joy your life and your family tree

through all generations will flourish in my blessings my beloveds walk in Sear and

safety beloved also are their seed the Heritage you now shape will

gather momentum past your Earthly days your faith filled example will feed hungry Hearts yet unborn this I avow

eternally as first cause and final word today pause and Survey the vast

firmament above Remember You Are My Chosen treasure consecrated by my fiery love

before first light painted Prim primevil skies I knew you as though blossoming into form I destined you for blessings

Rich Beyond Compare conceived uniquely essential to existences Shared Rapture

never believe yourself abandoned as you journey through sorrows and joys my Essence moves with you always closer

than breath comforting and guiding even unseen Stand Tall in Majestic worth

precious one step forth boldly believing your Soul’s desire fires take form even

now Center yourself in Transcendent truth holding to This Promise as a tree

grips soil my word is bond unbreakable across eons blessings will Hound your days

spilling abundant as Starlight through Open Hands your home overflows with

crystalline laughter freed from sorrow’s Gravity those whose lives you touch Blossom like Desert Sands quenched by

merciful rain projects you birth multiply seeds of joy and plenty for all

my gaze holds you in unconditional affirmation uniting seen and unseen continue moving forward

courageously internalizing my passion for you never lose sight of my abiding

presence along your unique trajectory back to Eternal source as you walk in surrendered

trust staying rooted in my teachings fertile soil Blessings unimagined by limited

Minds will unfold be still when life’s tempests rage within your innermost being I tend

a steady flame burning Resolute through passing storms child of my yearning you are a

wayf farer in Worlds unknown your journey Harbors trials and tests serving Sublime purpose despite

their sting each obstacle advances your Awakening into Divinity the terrain you now Traverse

appears sometimes Jagged but fear not for I reveal invisible Stepping Stones

leading safely home my child you read the topography

wrongly as through a darkened glass if you believe impediments block your path

I solemnly tell you lawsuits shine as lessons failures fertilize wisdom’s

Vineyard and Stony trials yield sweetest wine in due season difficulties strengthen character

and deepen spiritual reserves resistance tones Faith’s muscle which will lift heavier and heavier

loads as you progress from glory to recognize Glory no detail escapes my

notice no effort squandered No sacrifice wasted in your engagement with

incubating Destiny you lack only higher perspective of each loss and wound as

necessary compost feeding your unfolding rening Glory though lonely and bewildering this

passage May may seem at times recall again my constant nearness your

struggles Herald rebirth if you will receive life’s fullness with a receptive

soul I am Forever by your side protector and nurturer to your Brilliance once

concealed but soon revealed for awe and wonder my child your dearest friend

cannot fail you in or through anything life visits upon you let go of

small vision shrouding and Trust completion of my perfect work in you my

beloved child do not despair for I am with you always my gaze watches over you

and my love for you is eternal and unwavering you shall face no trial

Beyond Your Capacity to overcome for with each test comes a path to Victory laid by my hand have faith in my

infinite wisdom and allow me to guide you and you will see how every conquered obstacle brings you closer to the Bounty

I have promised these trials are but phases in my divine plan to refine and

transform you sculpting your character and imparting invaluable lessons that unveil the hidden depths of your soul do

not shy from the seeds of growth Destiny is buried in your path though they may

first emerge through soil that seems dark and unknown the very essence of Trials is to

push you to outgrow your limits and Blossom fully into your divinely crafted

potential tests of Faith May profoundly challenge your essence yet do not lose

heart hold fast to the higher purpose and promise within each experience even

when the reason Falls beyond your understanding my intentions for you overflow with hope and

blessing I have crafted each intricate twist and turn to guide you towards a

joyful and prosperous future step forward in faith undeterred

by the storms that rage around you I have instilled within you an

indomitable will and strength to withstand the tempests fear not for I am ever by your

side through the Refiner’s Fire of Trials I am sculpting a masterpiece of beauty that will Eclipse any transient

sorrow the darkest night is always broken by the dawn after even the most

violent storm comes peace and on the other side of tribulation lie rewards Beyond

imagination Treasures that infinitely Eclipse any hardship Traverse to uncover

them so let not storms of fear or doubt Cloud The Horizon of your heart fix your

eyes upon the promise of a brighter tomorrow brimming with Tranquility joy

and Abundant Blessings when fog darkens your path or uncertainty hides the way forward do not

despair some landscapes require the patient revelation of time faith and persistent nurturing of the seeds I have

swn within you as you walk each step of this sacred Journey know that I am with

you always guiding and preparing you for wonders still unseen the obstacles along the way are

transient teaching tools not permanent monuments blocking your true

destination fan the flame of hope within your heart do not let it

waver the culmination of this leads to Bounty and blessings for your courage tenacity and Faith you are profoundly

cherished my child let this truth echo through your spirit reminding you to

walk the path of Purpose with an open and faithful heart trust in my promises

for in following my will your life shall overflow with light fulfillment

prosperity and Triumph I see every wound that marks your journey for the enemy of goodness

is relentless less stealing Serenity and plundering Joy yet hear this truth

resounding through the halls of Heaven and Earth I am more powerful than any foe you shall ever face as the author of

life and architect of creation I tell you no enemy design shall ever extinguish the light I have kindled

within your soul this day I make a solemn vow everything the adversary has Stripped

Away shall be returned to you Sevenfold I bring to total healing and restoration to every corner of your

existence I wrap your heart in the warmth of my unfailing love erasing the

etched scars of bitterness and pain healing even your deepest

wounds I Infuse your spirit with a Transcendent peace like you have never

known I will not only restore what was lost but multiply your blessings beyond

measure where scarcity dwell prosperity shall overflow sadness shall transform into

Joy illness into Health despair into overflowing hope I promise a life

abundant with provision possibilities and profound fulfillment of

purpose my beloved child it is vital now more than ever to Anchor your trust

firmly in me hold fast to my teachings and Commandments for within them lies

The Shield of your blood blessing and every Grace pouring from Heaven’s Storehouse even amidst wild storms keep

your eyes fixed on me and my promise of renewal hand your fears over into my

care and I will bear them for you never forget I accomplish The

Impossible I alone can turn weeping into dancing tragedy into testimony setbacks

into springboards and struggles into strengths you were created for greatness

to fulfill missions no one else can manifest so When Trials come to test

your medal stand firm summon your courage for I am with you in spirit

bolstering you each step of the way towards Destiny why fear what opposes

you I am your shield and guardian The Sovereign Lord who decrees

your Eternal fate greet each New Dawn by attuning your spirit to

mine come to me for shelter in the eye of any Storm drink deeply from The Well of

strength I offer and find peace Beyond understanding I am your pillar of courage and calm a sanctuary where no

harm can breach believe the words I speak over your life this day in Oneness with me you discover a

joy Serenity and confidence that no trouble can shake at its foundation go forth boldly in the

knowledge I am already at work restoring ing all that has been taken trust in my perfect timing and motive of love to

meet your needs in silence I labor ceaselessly for your greater good persist unwaveringly

down the path I illuminate before you now have faith I am renewing your mind

and refreshing your soul nurture a heart overflowing with praise and thanksgiving

for who I am and all I have prepared for you lift your eyes Beyond present

circumstances never doubt my power to do far beyond your greatest imaginings the

doorways of breakthrough stand ready all around you surrender yourself fully to

my loving guidance and I will unveil all of Heaven’s Treasures stored up for you my beloved for my plans for you abound

with promise and overflow with Abundant Blessings my beloved child in times of

hardship do not lose heart or give in to despair for I Am With You Always

committed not just to meeting your your basic needs but to nurturing your highest dreams and deepest

desires when darkness closes in cling to the spark of hope within for I will

never abandon you I imprint these words upon your heart so that in moments of

Doubt or fear you may remember my endless affection and commitment to your

well-being Let My Words strengthen and sustain you for I declare that I will

restore what was unjustly taken from you your peace your family’s

Harmony I will bestow blessings so abundant they cannot be contained my

love for you surpasses the farthest reaches of the universe your happiness and flourishing are Paramount in my eyes

as I guide your steps each day know that no occurrence is random but crafted with

purpose and intent to bless you the very moments you walk through have been intricately prepared interwoven with my

compassion and love to shape you enrich you reveal glimpses of my affections

toward you so believe the vision I’ve spoken over your life trust that each

stride you take is wrapped in my grace leading you toward Horizons filled with hope and

promise this day and all days are ordained to be remarkable brimming with

Divine favor regardless of the situations you face my blessings will attend you unlocking Pathways filled

with advancement and prosperity I stand ready to endow you with wisdom and strength for judicious

choices for seizing beautiful opportunities I have prepared for you these are no mere happenstances but

tangible outworkings of my extravagant love Taylor Made to fortify you and lift

you higher in your journey with me yes navigating today’s trials may

require deep resolve and perseverance on your part the way may not always be clear or straightforward forward but fix

your eyes on me beloved have I not promised that my grace would be sufficient for you my

strength perfected in your weakness every step you take is enveloped in my Divine hand allowing no

obstacle or hardship to ultimately impede your progress for my purposes for

you stand intact my aim is to shower blessings to prosper you with my favor

and direct your path toward Triumph even when the tide seems to turn against you

when outcomes underwhelm recall my presence ever by your side I remain constant through all of life’s

turbulence my plans for you are good filled with hope and a future so fear

not nor limit your dreams on account of present Gloom do not resign yourself to small

Ambitions out of Doubt or anxiety beloved child I encourage you

dream Big Dreams with me no vision is too grand for my

intervention no longing too deep for my involvement have I not fashioned the

galaxies and formed the foundations of the universe abandon yourself to

trust do not Curb Your Capacity to dream just because the fruition of your

longings is yet unseen hold to the promise that I am

intricately involved in the weaving together of your life working all things

together for your increase and flourishing [Music] child understand that every Valley every

loss every tear serves a purpose in your expansion and elevation into the

fullness I have prepared for you I allow storms because through them your roots grow deep I permit hardship

because it calls forth strength you never knew you had I give the bitter cup because it makes you appreciate the

sweet your present trials are not meaningless nor are they the end of the story but come to sculpt you shaping

wisdom and tenacity that pave the way for profound transformation allow difficult Seasons

to refine you for greater influence permit the pruning of old things so New Growth May spring up

unhindered truly life’s painful moments and jarring transitions all work in

concert toward your wholeness toward the Fulfillment of your unique god-given

potential for I am intricately invested in your unfolding story longing to

manifest my glory through your flourishing I have appointed this path you walk every Valley and every height

for your maturation and completion do not despise where I have you nor resent what I permit you to face

for through it all I am infusing you with strength that will make you radiant yes beloved child each Victory

you taste every joy-filled moment you experience is a window into my benevolence toward you a revelation of

my delight over you they stand as tangible proof of my constant concern for your welfare My

Wish for your increase so go through your days with courage and conviction

you have been fearfully and wonderfully made set apart for Divine Purpose my giftings skill talent and

resolve reside in your innermost being awaiting release at the proper

time step out boldly into all I have called you to do not let uncertainty restrain you

from moving ahead in faith be sensitive watch for the signs and Whispers of my

guidance along your way this day yes this very day is pregnant with promise right for

remarkable outcomes as you walk in trust with me doors will open opportunities

will present themselves invitations will come I am poised to do the unforeseen

unlooked for and altogether beautiful in and through you fix your expectation

high and prepare to receive all I intend to unlock over you as you tune your

heart to the sound of my voice inviting me into even the smallest details and mundane moments of your existence you

make way for transformation you clear a pathway for my glory the full manifestation of my

blessings to overtake your reality and so my beloved receive my commission for

you today rise up to meet this day with joy and wholehearted

anticipation I’ve assigned this day specifically for you pregnant with Destiny painted with my affections the

question is not whether I will perform my word over you but whether you’re here at his position to perceive and receive

all I intend to do come now shake off discouragement brush aside doubt and

fear ref refuse to allow past defeats or present circumstances to constrain your

capacity for Faith I have wonders in store you have yet to experience

blessings yet to be revealed fruit yet to be uncovered the appointed time for their

emergence is now the stage is set for a mighty outpouring of my abundance over

your life will you align yourself with me for the revelation of these

things yes come near now with up to turned hands emptied of self-sufficiency laying aside the

weights of unbelief that so easily entangle set your face like Flint toward

the arising of a new day filled with grace empowered by my spirit for I am

doing a new thing in your midst even now it Springs up across your landscape with undeniable power do you not perceive

it beloved child the Transformations you have so long awaited draw near even now

lift up your head for the day of your deliverance has come lay aside the shroud of sadness for the oil of Joy

cast off the spirit of heaviness for garments of praise abandon yourself to radical trust in the one who speaks the

one who calls things that are not yet seen into being as though they already are align your heart with the unseen

reality of release abundance breakthrough for it is your appointed time a strident hour of birth

a moment when barrenness yields to bumper crops Darkness crumbles to light

and captivity melts into Freedom child weep no more for the time

of recompense is at hand the season has changed over your life the appointed

hour of your long awaited transition is here take hold of my promises set before

you and prepare to walk into the fullness of all I have spoken from the ruins will emerge something

beautiful I alone can bring forth stand now with me in agreement it is finished my burdens are

lifted my shackles undone that which constrained me is even now giving way to

Resurrection Life to the infinite unrelenting love of God made manifest in

and Through Me At Last Rejoice child the light breaks through at last

can you perceive it the spirit wind blowing even now across the wastelands of your life feel the atmosphere

shifting charged with Destiny force with purpose and divine potential gaining

momentum that long awaited release you’ve cried out for is here the restraints that have kept you bound and

grounded tied to deadend Pursuits are being snapped your tent pegs are coming

loose enlarge your vision to prep prepare for flight extend your capacity

to receive the wave of blessing and favor I am meeting out over your life even now for I have decreed restoration

over you today I am reconciling things once lost or broken I am setting captives free into

Realms of Grace upon Grace glory after Glory indeed a time of recompense is at

hand so Rise Up From the Ashes beloved lift your face toward Heaven’s light set

your heart fully on the manifestation of every promise I have uttered over your life for the appointed hour of their

fulfillment has come you will finish this day this remarkable day filled with

Destiny knowing without question that I am making All Things New in through and

around you my words over you will produce prosper and Prevail mightily

from this day forth my beloved one your road has been long and arduous and weariness weighs

heavy on your soul you feel your strength sapped your once fiery passion

now flickering Embers struggling valiantly against gusting Winds of doubt

I know your ache for Transcendence and How Deeply you wish to serve the greater good these ideals spur you onward even

as storms rage and assail your spirit listen for my whisper now beloved child

weary from well-doing Let My Words wrap Comfort around your trembling frame like

a warm quilt to fortify against piercing cold I understand the disillusion

gnawing your joy the confusion clouding once clear convictions the world’s suffering seems

senseless the promised land ever receding as a mirage dissolved by harsh

light what lies Beyond the Veil eludes even the most expansive awareness

mystery enshrouds all things even causality web remains opaque to Mortal

eyes yet conviction holds that purpose flows beneath life’s bewildering surface

meaning must inhabit the marrow of even deepest Agony this truth sustains and impels you

onward through swirling chaos into Destiny’s patient arms and here you

stand at last exhausted yet embraced as I intended stripped of naive certainty

yet ripened by humility and Grace now is the hour of receptivity

made possible by humility’s Harvest walk with me here in non-resistant trust akin to a child

nestled In Loving Arms trying to grasp the intricate totality of existence is as feudal as

containing an ocean in a thimble yet surrender to the mystery opens doors to Insight impossible for

the Arrogant or resistant consider again creation’s expanse life’s cyclical

nature death yielding rebirth continuously observe how seeds must

disintegrate underground before sprouting into light reflect on how present trauma often proves Catalyst for

later Glory do not events long agonized over gain liberating perspective given

times passage producing plentiful fruit sweetening bitter roots does not the diamond require implacable pressure and

times patient Alchemy to manifest concealed Brilliance beloved you yourself stand as

incarnate Testament to the necessity of difficulty dissolved by Grace into

growth your empathetic wisdom ripened in adversity’s Flames now blesses others

weathering storms you know too well your Battle Scars glitter like constellations guiding Wanderers through Darkness

surrender stale assumptions of how existence should operate I do not require instruction from my creation nor

does authentic Faith demand external validation walk with me Beyond

understandings walls into unknowing open Vistas take my hand and Traverse life’s

Untamed Landscapes navigate its Stark Peaks and plunging valleys in embryonic

Wonder for I do not inhabit Concepts ideologies theologies or dogmas

no name contains me though many reveal facets of my Essence I Am The Great I Am

verb not noun Limitless process not finite product to Glimpse me directly pierces

the veil Awakening Consciousness from its self- woven dream yet such Vision

remains rare difficult to sustain within incarnate limitation better instead to rest in me

Beyond figuring anything out except not knowing relinquish false certainty

purchased by premature conclusions for now my precious child

Faith rooted in mystery surpasses fragile understanding our relationship thrives in direct commune best beyond

words so Come Away With Me a while into Stillness profound as Infinity’s

expanse let us sit together in the vastness Beyond allow all perceptions to relax

into pregnant empty a blank slate cleared of Concepts painted by mortal brush feel burdens

lifting as tense effort dissolves lighten into absence of agenda

melt into presence Beyond form or object here now is Serenity’s Open Sky where

sadness cannot reach anguish Fades into insignificance within this space worry Withers in

futility fear flees before Love’s Majestic magnitude here beloved child is sanctuary from

storms until you gain strength for reemergence more whole having let go in

silence now receive the balm of bliss freeing your mind’s melstrom inner clamor dies away as

thinking unwinds into tranquil being ego loosens losing claim over

identity now realigned with eternal truth once overlooked my dear one it’s impossible

for your understanding to fully Encompass the vastness of reality however engaging with the world

without the need to fully grasp it reveals beauty that goes beyond the brief Clarity you sometimes gain step

back into the world refreshed from a pause in the unchanging and continue to play your unique role now with a heart

more understanding make choices and embrace changes freely knowing they

don’t confine the true self that is one with the Eternal consciousness ever changing and

unpredictable life is a mix of loss and gain of beginnings and endings that Go

On Without End what forms today May scatter

tomorrow every new beginning is marked by an end accepting this cycle of change eases

the pain and struggle beneath the surface of constant change lies an unchanging Essence that

connects everything in a Sublime Unity this eternal Consciousness remains unaffected by life’s hardships or

dramatic changes stay close to me my beloved child as you navigate the world of

change freed from the need for anything your journey is one of Grace offering

kindness and wisdom shaped by your own trials now seen as lessons that everyone

learns your personal griefs enrich you allowing you to guide others to

Healing so pick up your burdens again again now with a perspective widened by

the trials you faced I give meaning to every loss and hurt and celebrate every Brave step

towards empathy proving its strength to heal and change suffering over

time together we’ll welcome the coming light ready for the Triumph that fate

promises in its own time

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