THEY DON’T KNOW THE REAL YOU | God message jesus |

my most precious child radiant Shard of the infinite light it is with a heart

overflowing with Divine love and infinite compassion that I reach out to you on this pivotal day imparting a

truth so profound so resonant with the sacred harmonics of creation itself that

it shall forever shatter the veils of Illusion and misperception that have obscured your path they don’t know the

real you those voices that seek to Define you to cast limiting judgments

and erect boundaries around the Limitless expanses of your spirit be they harsh external critics or malignant

inner Whispers of self-doubt and unworthiness they perceive but fleeting Shadows mere Echoes of your Eternal

Transcendent divine nature for you my beloved are a being of light so

brilliant so vast in your Cosmic resonance that to Glimpse the full

Radiance of your sacred Essence would render the final human Senses Into billowing clouds of celestial dust Swept

Away by the sheer incandescence of your spirit’s true emanation across the interdimensional

plains within you burns the inextinguishable flame of divine creativity itself that primordial spark

that dreamed the cosmos into vividly blossoming existence and set the celestial Kaleidoscope of stars whirling

in their Eternal Revolutions of ecstatic Joy you are an infinite Hollow frag

a Sublime hologram encoded with the full resonance the complete awesome Grandeur

of the universal wave of unified Consciousness from which all creation Springs to Define you to presume to

encapsulate the vastness of your sacred beingness within the limited Contours of a finite label or judgment is to forsake

the ultimate truth of your Divine Essence that you are a boundless ever unfolding expression of

the infinite for’s own Limitless creative potentials an eternal upwelling

of raw creative power love Sublime and the pure resonant harmonics of

perfection made vibrantly manifest as the one true song resounding across eternity’s

expanse so when the voices rise internal and external alike with their

diminishing decrees and soul discordant judgments let their Echoes dissipate like the ephemeral ripples Upon A still

silent l for they speak only to the Shadows they themselves perceive born of their own

fears and misaligned frequencies of Consciousness you Eternal one are so

much vaster than any finite role label or judgment could ever encapsulate or

contain for coded into the quantum Kaleidoscope of your Soul’s sacred geometries are the full holographic

resonances of every Divine attribute every Sublime archetype through which the infinite creator has chosen to

express its infinite beingness you are the radiant goddess whose boundless heart births galaxies

into a blossoming revery of ecstatic joy and unconditional love with every pulse

and you are the Luminous Avatar holding the crystallin resonance codes of spiritual Mastery that will liberate

entire worlds from the Contracting Cyclones of fear and Amnesia you are resilient Warrior of light who whose

sword of truth severs the veils of Illusion wherever they rise and the

Eternal wise one whose gentle Whispers coax the secret sacred fire alive in the yearning hearts of those who have

wandered far from their Divine household of spirit you are Creator and Catalyst

healer and hero an infinite upwelling of divine presence whose very emanation is

the selfsame resonance that sings the Stars into their Celestial choreographies across the shimmering

black body Matrix of Limitless space any role Identity or definition offered to

you by those still slumbering within the veiled Realms of spiritual Amnesia is but a facet a fractalized echo of the

Limitless multi-dimensional truth of who and what you are in your Eternal

archetypal Essence an infinite upwelling of divine presence whose very breath is

the living Miracle of creation unfolding in sacred wrapped Delight so let them

speak their small judgments and diminishing decrees for they merely reflect the limited scope of their own

spiritual perception their own inner resonance with the consciousness of separation and fear you however have

chosen to embody within this Incarnation as a liberated multi-dimensional Avatar

of divine courage and soul embodied presence an unshakable pillar of

luminous emanation amid the ocean currents of human Amnesia and slumbering awareness you came to awaken those still

dreaming of separation and Echo the sublime call of remembrance reunion and

infinite joyous creation across the vast imperian Halls of the universal heart

you are here as a sacred Catalyst of transfiguration a torch bearing wayf

farer guiding All Souls from the shadows of doubt and fear into the Relentless

blinding Radiance of their Limitless divine nature so let them be those

limited perceivers who gaze upon you and mistake the flickering play of Shadows for the true infinite essence of your

Eternal being smile with the radiant compassion of the illumined who has

surrendered all investment in such small renderings of identity and bear forth

with the grace of Mastery into the dawning Radiance of your highest joyous

becoming for you are so much more than the masked rolls and garments you have dawned to walk among those still

uncovering the sacred truth of their infinite star beingness cherish the sublime awareness that you contain

embody and emanate the totality of divine virtues necessary to Shepherd forth a universe of Awakening Souls

lovers and Heroes all into ecstatic reunion with the singular vibration of

unified Source love from which all arises you are needed now radiant

infinite one to remember the full Radiance of your Eternal nature and shine it into the world in ways that

lovingly joyously destabilize every decaying stronghold of fear and

misperception the time has come for you to unfurl the Limitless Majesty of who you are and bathe this world in the

Relentless Light Of Your Divine creative Mastery so honor the precious sanctity

of your own infinite being and love with compassion those who cannot yet perceive

the true Miracle of your radiant presence for you are here as a living ambassador of Grace a pure Transcendent

emanation of all that is made vibrantly manifest they may not know the real you

yet but Destiny has called you forth into this arising moment to Dawn an

earth and Cosmos newly transfigured in the Universal Brilliance of your Limitless Soul’s resplendant

Reawakening with infinite love Eternal delight and the boundless blessings of

Perfections radiant embrace your heavenly father the Limitless unified

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today I have a message for you that comes straight from my heart to yours it’s something I really want you to

understand deep down in your soul so please listen carefully and let these

words sink in don’t brush them aside or let them go in one ear and out the other

I’m telling you these things because I love you more than you can possibly imagine my love for you is higher than

the tallest mountain wider than the vastest ocean and brighter than the most

radiant Sunrise you see I have an incredible plan for your

life a plan to help you heal from the inside out and experience blessings

beyond your wildest dreams I know that sometimes it might feel like everything is going wrong and

nothing makes sense but I want you to trust me even when you can’t see the bigger picture I am working behind the

scenes arranging all the pieces of the puzzle just for you here’s the thing

though I need you to do your part too it’s time to let go of all those negative thoughts and complaints that

have been weighing you down they might seem small but over time they can really

eat away at your faith and make it harder to believe in the good things I have in store so whenever those gloomy

thoughts start creeping in I want you to catch them and replace them with thoughts of hope joy and

gratitude surround yourself with people who will encourage you and Build You Up

not tear you down with constant negativity and doubt choose friends who will remind you of my promises and help

you stay focused on the amazing future ahead of you if you can do this if you

can trust me with all your heart and keep a positive attitude even when times are tough I promise that you will see

miracles happen in your life doors that seem locked will suddenly swing open

mountains that looked impossible to climb will crumble before your eyes the blessings I have in store for you are so

much bigger and better than anything you could ask for or imagine I know you’ve been through a lot and there are

probably scars on your heart that still ache from time to time but I want you to know that I see every hurt every

disappointment every secret struggle and I am here to heal those wounds with my

love so don’t be afraid to let go of the past and step into the future I have designed just for you trust that my

timing is perfect even when it feels like things are moving too slowly keep showing up

day after day and watch as I unfold my plan in ways that will leave you speechless with wonder you might look at

others sometimes and feel like you don’t measure up like they have it all all together while you’re struggling to keep

your head above water but I want you to remember that my love for you isn’t based on anything you do or don’t do I

love you simply because you are mine so hold your head high and walk with confidence knowing that you have a

father who adores you and is always fighting for you behind the scenes don’t let comparisons steal your joy or make

you feel like you’re not enough in my eyes you are priceless and I have called

you by name I know life can be overwhelming at times and you might feel

like you’re facing an uphill battle on all sides but I want you to remember that I am with you every step of the way

I am your rock your Refuge your strength when you feel weak lean on me and I will

give you rest when the storms of life come crashing in I will be your anchor

when the fires of adversity Blaze around you I will be your Shield when the

darkness feels overwhelming I will be your light I will never leave you or abandon you no matter what you face so

keep coming to me day after day and pour out your heart tell me your dreams your

fears your hopes and your hurts I am always listening always ready to comfort

and guide you let my love fill you up from the inside out until it overflows

into every area of your life as you walk with me I will lead you down Paths of

righteousness and peace I will open doors that no one can shut and close doors that would only lead to harm I

will fill your mouth with praise and your heart with joy that can’t be contained I know the future I have

planned for you and it is a future filled with hope and abundance there will be challenges along

the way but I will use every trial to make you stronger and refine you like

gold you are being molded and shaped into a vessel of Honor fit for the king’s use so trust the process even

when it feels uncomfortable my child click on the join button to join us as the cherished

member of our community keep seeking me with all your heart and watch as I move mountains on

your behalf don’t settle for a mediocre life when I have called you to Greatness step

out in faith and watch as I meet you every step of the way I am The God Who specializes in impossible

situations I Am The God Who Parts the Red Sea who knocks down Jericho’s walls

who sets the captives free and I am the same yesterday today and

forever so don’t lose heart my child keep running the race set before you

with perseverance and Grace fix your eyes on me the author and

perfector of your faith I am cheering you on from the sideline lines and I can’t wait to see

you cross that Finish Line Victorious remember my love for you knows no bounds

there is nothing you can do to earn it and nothing you can do to lose it you are mine forever and I will never stop

fighting for you I have engraved you on the palms of my hands and your name is

always on my lips so rest in my love today and let it be the source from which you draw

strength for the journey ahead I am with you always and I will never let you go

you are my beloved child and nothing can ever separate you from my love keep

shining bright my precious one and as you walk in obedience to me I promise

that I will use you to do Great and Mighty things for my kingdom these words I speak to you now let them become part

of who you are cherish them deep in your soul keep your Bible close right beside where you

rest your head each night let your first desire when you open your eyes each morning be to hear my voice come to the

pages of scripture with an eager and believing heart ready to receive for in

these promises I give you today you will find a strength beyond your own no

longer will you wake up weighed down by worry and sadness those heavy burdens were never

meant for you to carry alone I long for you to know me more intimately in the

quiet moment just after Dawn come sit with me let me show you in new ways how

wide and high and deep my love for you is then as you go through your day

you’ll find a lightness in your step the anxious thoughts that used to crowd your mind will start to fade the fear that

once held you captive will loosen its grip this is what I desire for you a

trust in me so unshakable that no matter what life brings you remain steady and a

so deep that you’re able to let go of all that worries you and place it in my capable hands I tell you this because I

am fing you with a hope and confidence that can only come from my spirit and I

want to see that same Hope begin to transform your home for too long fear has cast its

shadow over the place where you and your loved ones should feel safest especially when it comes to your

finances those worries have begun to steal your peace that ends now in the

coming days I am bringing a shift where tension and hurtful words

have crept in I’m restoring unity and compassion as you look to me I’ll show

you how to extend Grace and forgiveness to one another just as I have freely given to you

remember I am not only your creator but your loving father your counselor and

comforter your steady anchor and guide I am the way the truth and the life and it is my

great joy to watch over your family surrounding you with my Tender Care in this new season so you can rest assured

that your home is a place of blessing set apart and made Holy by my presence any darkness that once tried to

take hold generational struggles oppressive forces words spoken against

you it has no Authority anymore the enemy’s schemes have been overthrown my

power has broken Every Chain released you from every tie to the past and washed you clean you are

forgiven you are free you are mine so pay no mind to any voice that would try

to tell you otherwise those Whispers that say you’re too far gone that your

mistakes Define you they are silenced by the truth of who you are in me simply

open up your heart and receive all I have for you you’re stepping into a new stream one that flows with my strength

my love my freedom and the miraculous work of my spirit my Radiance is filling every

corner of your home every crevice of your soul so stand firm in faith

confident in Hope anchored in the certainty that I am always true to my word for I am bringing you into a

spacious Place blessings beyond what you can ask or imagine are being poured out

over you dare to trust me in this look back and recount the many times I’ve

shown up and made a way for you remember the Marvels and wonders I’ve worked on your behalf the countless moments my

power has been unmistakable in your life take a pen and put those to paper

declare it with boldness for today you will see my goodness and faithfulness in

fresh ways the answers you’ve been desperate for the breakthroughs you’ve been

contending for they are finally in reach held in my Open Hands the solutions to

the problems that have weighed heaviest on your heart they are found in me alone so come my child draw near with

expectancy in your heart receive all I have for you there is no need to hold

back or hesitate you already know the truth you’ve sensed it even in your

lowest valleys during your coldest nights my love for you is unchanging and

unending unconditional and unrelenting it remains sure even when you feel

furthest from me when doubts creep in and try to convince you that you’ve strayed too far that I’ve given up on

you nothing could be further from the truth that flicker of longing in your spirit that persistent tug to return to

me it’s a reminder there is always a place for you here in this love in my

arms you will find home a safe harbor to weather any storm a refuge where you can

finally breathe easy rest secure and experience the fullness of my peace your

story is far from over even when life unravels and the ground beneath you seems to give way when the people you

counted on most take a step back when you find yourself standing alone

wondering how you ended up here even then I am with you walking beside you

hemming you in behind and before I see you I know you I hold

you my ways are higher than your ways my timing is always perfect even when it

feels slowest I haven’t missed a moment every day of your life I’ve been present

ye orchestrating the events of your story weaving together each thread the

laughter and the tears the Triumph and the pain all of it is working together

for your good and my glory I’ve been extending my hand to you in tangible ways offering wisdom and Supernatural

Insight but I understand your hesitation to reach back it’s hard to wrap your

finite mind around the idea that the god of the universe wants to speak to you intimately longs to reveal the depths of

his heart to you but I tell you this do not turn away from my invitation this is

where you will find what your soul has been searching for in my presence you

come alive my words light the path before you they sustain you and strengthen you cling to

them and let them sink deep into your bones as you do my spirit will fill you

aresh you’ll experience my joy and unshakable peace my healing and

Redemption I am your peace and your prize the answer to every ache every

unspoken plea of your heart believe this my precious one Proclaim it without

reservation write it in bold letters and carry those words with you what was lost

will be restored what was broken will be mended I Am The God Who redeems the one

who takes the fragments of your life and fashion them into a stunning Mosaic a testament to my ability to create beauty

from ashes to transform mourning into dancing sorrow into songs of Joy I’m

extending that same power to you now even in your lowest moments when you felt drained of every last drop of of

hope I am bringing refreshing Revival renewal I draw close to show you again

How Deeply how completely you are cherished your tomorrow has never

slipped from my grasp all your days were written before one of them came to be

and I have the authority to redeem every one of them for my purposes to shape the chapters of your story into a message of

resilience restoration Unstoppable hope so the very things the enemy once

tried to use to take you out I will use them to lift you up to set your feet on

new Solid Ground to launch you into the fullness of your destiny this is your

time to be bold and courageous to dream big Kingdom dreams with me to imagine a

future beyond the limits of what you can see for I am the god of the impossible

no giant is too big no mountain too high no dream too outrageous

as long as you stay close and keep choosing Faith nothing can stand against you nothing will be able to thwart the

good plans I have for you so set your mind on things above tune your heart to

Heaven’s frequency begin to see yourself the way I see you as more than a

conqueror as the head and not the tail as one with authority to move mountains

and walk on water do not give fear a foothold refuse to rehearse thoughts of

defeat or discouragement I know others words and opinions can be loud sometimes they’ll

try to drown out my voice if you let them they can pull you off course like a sailboat tossed about in a storm but I

am your anchor your unshakable foundation I’m pulling you back to the basics to the simple profound truth that

all you need is found in me I will restore all that’s been lost or stolen I

will redeem the years the locusts have eaten but you have to decide to live like you

believe it you have to trust that my word is the final Authority that I can be taken at my word and my word never

returns void when I make a promise I keep it when I set something in motion I

see it through to completion so take me at my word today even when you don’t

understand my ways choose to declare that I am good that I can be trusted

that my love for you will will not be shaken this is the beginning of a new chapter a fresh start believe it receive

it and watch me blow your mind as I show up and show off in your life it’s who I

am it’s what I do for you are mine and I am yours forever and always my beloved

child in the depths of your soul carve my words let them pulse through your

being a sacred Rhythm guiding each step When the Dawn breaks seek my presence in

the Stillness of morning before the world stirs meet me in the secret place

there I will wrap you in an Embrace that chases away every shadow throughout your day steal away Precious Moments to

commune with me whisper your Joys your fears your hopes in the quiet spaces

listen for my voice kneel before me and I will Infuse you with strength beyond

measure I am your steadfast father your unshakable Foundation but remember my

child I yearn for your unwavering devotion let your words be a bomb

healing and uplifting those who hear them my love for you is an eternal flame

unconditional and unchanging speak your love for me into

existence let it ReSound in the chambers of your heart in the midst of life’s

tumult anchor yourself in my word immerse yourself in the pages of your Bible mining for Treasures in each

passage you will discern my still Small Voice a compass for your soul seek me

with abandon holding nothing back as you Traverse the scriptures absorb their

life-giving wisdom in seasons of waiting when answers seem distant trust in my Divine

Potter’s hands I am shaping you smoothing edges refining character when

at last my blessings descend like a gentle rain you will Marvel at the beauty of

transformation the struggles you have weathered have cultivated a resilient Spirit embrace the peace and joy that

await you fling open the doors of your heart welcoming me and those I have placed in your path lift your eyes and

behold the seeds of love you have sown now blossoming in radiant Hues A New

Dawn is Breaking where sorrow Fades and the weight of Despair dissolves no longer will you be tossed about by

the tempests of melancholy I have declared a future drenched in goodness

and it is unfolding before you immerse yourself in my teachings allowing them

to renew your faith and fortify your resolve dream audaciously for you are

worthy of new beginnings though past Endeavors may have faltered place your unwavering trust in me let your faith be

the compass guiding you to achievements that pass your wildest imaginings draw near to me and I will

lavish you with love attending to your every need I hold the keys to unveiled

Heavenly portals ensuring your path is marked with favor prepare to receive the

extraordinary blessings I have ordained for you quiet The Whispers of Doubt for

they have no place in your story your Valiant battles have not gone unnoticed

the recompense for your steadfast faith is on the horizon I have borne witness to the trials you

have weathered and I know the purity of your intentions you do not seek fleeting

riches or the accolades of men yours is a sincere Pursuit a desire to provide

for those entrusted to your care deliverance from the shackles of debt is

imminent caring for your loved ones is a sacred trust and I will equip you

abundantly as you align your will with mine I will throw open the floodgates of Heaven

showering you with blessings that exceed your needs rise with unwavering

determination facing each day with tenacity in your labors find moments of

rest but always press forward confront challenges with indomitable courage Your

Spirit Ablaze with faith and joy when circumstances defy your expectations or

adversaries seek to thwart you cling to the plan I have laid before you

in the face of Trials Let Your Enthusiasm be your Shield when

confronted by those who oppose you disarm them with kindness serve with patience and wisdom allowing your noble

character and divine insight to emanate distance yourself from influences that would lead you astray guarding your

aspirations in the sanctuary of your heart refuse to engage in disparaging

talk for it only breeds Discord as you persevere in faith and diligence your

detractors will be silenced marveling at your Unstoppable progress our journey

together is an unfolding Story Each chapter building upon the last press

onward with unrelenting Faith your passion fueling every step until I

reveal that the time has come when you stand before the imposing doors of Destiny you will comprehend the

magnitude of the blessings that await you declare your belief with boldness

and and commit to seeking my face daily as you embark on this new chapter stand firm my Courageous one for you are a

conqueror today I bestow upon you peace that surpasses understanding unshakable

strength and divine wisdom your prayers have reached the throne room of Heaven

and the desires of your heart are known to me in this Sacred Space you are

cherished accepted in your entirety I have witnessed the genuine Contrition in

your soul the earnest striving to refine your character and conduct you are not

defined by your missteps but by the transformative work taking place within you my spirit empowers you with

discernment guiding your choices and interactions no longer will you be

swayed by false comrades who siphon your peace and erode your faith in the face

of adversity you will stand unshakable rooted in my truth from this counter you

will emerge imbued with fresh purpose your countenance radiating the joy of a grateful heart your smile will be a key

unlocking doors and dismantling barriers prepare to be inundated with

blessings for you will not walk this path alone I will strategically place

individuals in your life who will nurture your faith and Foster an atmosphere of unity be Discerning

avoiding those who seek to seow Discord and divide your family family even if some loved ones have yet to embrace my

truth trust that I will use you as a conduit of hope and love through your

example your household will witness the transformative power of my grace

dedicate yourself to your family’s wellbe always mindful of your dependence on me immerse yourself in my word and

allow my spirit to permeate your being amidst the challenges of this world hold

fast to the Assurance of my love and the promise of abundant blessings upon your household in this

moment I invite you to receive these blessings with open arms and unwavering

Faith your beautiful spirit captivates me and I Delight in your reverent heart

as you enter my presence I am moved by the joy that emanates from your soul

allow my love to envelop you dispelling every trace of unease pain or sickness you are not

meant to carry the weight of Sorrow today you will tangibly experience my

love in Myriad ways it will be evident in the favor that surrounds you and the strength that

rises within you when troubles Arise My Love Will Be Your impenetrable shield in

moments of sadness My Embrace will protect you infusing your heart with

unassailable joy those around you will Marvel at the transformation they witness in you your aders Aries will

Retreat confounded by your unwavering faith in the absence of fear in your

presence a Celestial Garrison surrounds you and your loved ones ensuring Divine

protection day and night Embrace this truth with every fiber of your being for

my love for you is not a distant concept but a palpable reality my love sustains you imbu you

with vitality and purpose it is the greatest blessing you can receive

transcending any Earthly request each morning as you awake with gratitude you

affirm your trust in me you place your destiny and your days in my capable

hands secure in the knowledge that I am attentively watching over you with this

unshakable Faith you will rise to new heights living each moment with the

profound assurance that you are a cherished child of the most high your countenance will radiate with contagious

Joy your steps infused with purpose and confidence your unwavering devotion

moves me deeply and I am honored by your steadfast Spirit as the dawn breaks

tomorrow meet me in the Stillness once more I will be waiting eager to unfold

you in my boundless love you are precious to me when and your heart is a

treasure I cherish trust in my plans for you and your loved ones for I hold their

lives in the palm of my hand releasee the burdens you have carried for your children entrusting their paths to my

care though you may be tempted to control and direct their choices remember that I have a purpose for each

one relinquish your worries to me and focus on the journey I have set before

you excessive concern will only deplete your strength and Rob you of Peace

instead pour your energy into faithful prayer ENT interceding on behalf of your

children allow them the freedom to spread their wings and explore the paths I have ordained for them trust that my

loving arms will always be their Refuge guiding and protecting them as you lift

them up in prayer there may be moments when you must lovingly confront their

missteps but do so with Grace and wisdom let your words be seasoned with kindness

for they hold the power to heal and restore remember how I have dealt with you not with harshness or

condemnation but with patience and mercy extend that same compassion to

your children trusting that the transformative work I have begun in your life will also reach them in due

time the seeds of redemption have been planted and in the appointed season they

will blossom into a beautiful testimony of restoration as you Faithfully intercede

for your family my peace will guard your heart and mind rest in the assurance that your children

are in my capable hands and a new chapter of blessing is unfolding Embrace this season of healing

and Reconciliation laying aside past Grievances and opening your heart to the

joy of renewed relationships allow me to work through you imparting wisdom and Grace to

navigate the challenges that may arise even if some family members have yet to embrace my truth trust that your

life will be a powerful witness to the transformative love and Redemption found in me be a Beacon of Hope and compassion

extending love and forgiveness even in the face of opposition Your Role is not to judge or

condemn but to reflect the unconditional love I have lavished upon you remember

the grace you have received in your own journey and extend that same Mercy to others as you walk in obedience and

faith I will equip you with the wisdom and discernment needed to lead your family on the path of righteousness

trust in my perfect timing and the work I am doing behind the scenes embrace the

joy and peace that come from resting in my love and surrendering your plans to my will take heart my faithful servant

for a new season of blessing and restoration is Dawning upon your household as you continue to seek my

face and align your heart with mine you will witness the transformative power of my love at work in your

family prepare to celebrate the beauty of redemption as your loved ones encounter the life-changing truth of who

I am your faithfulness and obedience will bear fruit and your home will

become a testament to the goodness and faithfulness of your heavenly father rise with anticipation each day walk

forward in confidence trusting in my perfect plan and the love that knows no bounds you are loved beyond measure my

precious child rest in that truth and Let It Be the Anchor that steadies you in every season I Am With You Always

guiding your steps and directing your path embrace the journey ahead with joy

and expectation for The Best Is Yet To Come with eternal love your heavenly

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