“They Are Looking At You Right Now” | God Message Today |

today my beloved child on this glorious

day know that you are blessed highly

favored for I see you as my precious

ones though troubles assail you do not

lose heart for I Am With You Always

There are some who come to me yet still

feel lacking as though my salvation and

blessings are

insufficient they Envision lives of

suffering and poverty as par for the

course of following me but I say to you

my child this could not be further from

the truth in my Covenant with faithful

Abraham I swore that through his line

all families of the Earth would gain

Blessing by faith in me you become

Abraham’s spiritual sons and daughter

daughters therefore you also inherit

this sworn Covenant Blessing by right I

will prosper those who align with my

will and word who walk in loving

blessing towards my Covenant children

this is my eternal promise to you from

Before Time began I foresaw you my

beloved and destined blessing upon

blessing to flow into your life even

amidst trying Seasons look closer and

you will receive my hand moving for your


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enemy attempts to restrict my blessings

flow with dams of Lies fear and

accusations but my tidal wave of loving

power and Grace breaks through mightily

on your behalf what is a single Dart of

Lies against the tsunami of of my truth


light mere smoke and mirrors do not be

afraid or let doubts take

root I have already overcome some of you

have already perceived my spirit’s flow

into your life even as you experienced

my blessings recently the enemy

attempted counterattacks to restrict and

Vex you but just as surely those

blockades failed my River of Life cannot

be stopped forever

to those currently inundated by

accusatory attacks against your mind and

identity stand assured on my promises

take hold of my power for you are my

ambassadors of Kingdom Authority upon

the Earth though the enemy bombards with

lies you have dominion to capture those

thoughts and tear down his strongholds

in my name you will rise higher Darkness

cannot overcome the light and Truth I

have placed within you not by your might

but by my spirit type if you believe

in Jesus

walk forward in the power of my love

which conquers all doing good to those

who persecute you this alignment with my

heart of reconciliation testifies to my

kingdom and disarms the evil ones

accusations his condemnation becomes

praise for love and righteous

silence lies as you forgive and release

past hurts into my care walking the

higher Road I bring Justice and work


Redemption ultimately every enemy knee

shall bow before me some of you feel

battered by raging Winds of adversity

contrary to my promises and Direction

but you have been given Authority now to

speak to the howling gales of trial and

troubles command them into alignment

with my desires for you and it will be

so for nothing in heaven or Earth

surpasses my power working through you

the enemy fell from on high down to the

lowest places but you have retained

position above him when you

stand assured in your rightful place of

authority fear finds no foothold within

you walk then with lions of courage and

Eagles of vision seeing from my

perspective of Triumph and victory

already accomplished for you my beloved

bought at the highest price remember

this Priceless pearl of great worth

clothe yourselves in praise and

thanksgiving for this eternal

inheritance of life and Power in my name

speak forth decree and declare these

spiritual realities until they manifest

tangibly around you for nothing I desire

to give you

will be withheld type Amen in the name


Jesus no good thing will I keep back

from my Covenant children walking in

faith and unity with my heart of

selfless love all this I spoke over you

this morning while you

slept even amidst the business of your

day I wanted to remind you who you are

who I am and the great purpose I have

for your life I tore Open Seas for you

guided you as a pillar of cloud and fire

vanquished terrifying Giants on your

behalf and brought you finally into a

land of promise and plenty I have proved

myself faithful and true toward you

countless times before why would I cease

to act on your behalf

now the one who watches over you neither

Slumbers nor sleeps never

doubt my desire or power to say

save heal provide and guide into


unimaginable therefore I say again to

you this day remember all I have already

done for you and doing even now behind

the scenes and will continue doing as

you walk in faith with me fix your eyes

on my kingdom and righteousness allowing

the work of my spirit within to overflow

effortlessly tangibly into the world

around you step by step I will transform

the Earth with Heaven’s light and love

and very soon you will exclaim joyfully


more God Did It

Again Hallelujah for streams in the Wast

land flowers and parched deserts life

from Death beauty from ashes this is my

specialty my dear ones type I embrace my

power to

affirm never forget my beloved I see you

I see where you have been years ago

years ago do you remember the bondage

that entangled your soul the desperation

that clung like a cloak until you cried

for Freedom how you pleaded with tears

for a breakthrough financially and

spiritually you begged for open doors

where there seemed to be only closed

ones opportunities when all had passed


by and then suddenly at the Midnight

Hour rays of my glorious light broke

through provision when lack threatened

to swallow you whole favor that open

doors once tightly shut blessings you

needed yet had not thought to request

yes my child I have done it for you I

have come through over and over in

faithfulness and might do not question

if I will continue to show myself strong

on your behalf the ways may vary new

challenges will arise as seasons change

but my Powerful Love

For You remains constant ever seeking to

Lavish you with good gifts my beloved

without faith it is impossible to please

me this you know to walk in intimacy

with me you must believe I eagerly

reward those who pursue

me some of you you need deeper trust a

faith that rises higher to receive all I

have prepared for you type I’m abundant

to affirm doubt holds you back entangles

your feet so you cannot run with

endurance Whispers suggest has God

really blessed

you what more can he do silencing praise

and choking hope I tell you come boldly

to my throne of grace and ask for

vibrant Faith admit the way wavering the

tendency to distrust When Storms rage on

every side allow my spirit to ignite

belief until doubts burn away like chaff

in Windswept Fields immerse yourself in

my word until promises saturate mind

will and emotions with confident

Assurance as you yield more fully to

me faith will rise higher on updrafts of

the spirit and as your trust expands you

will see impossibilities Bow Low before

the king of glory answers prayers that

move mountains yes beloved Abundant Life

consists in drawing close to me so I may

draw you closer still and I assure you

it is impossible to walk intimately with

me without witnessing miraculous

blessings poured upon blessing type yes

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you are about to receive

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$ gifts and talents will emerge and

multiply opportunities will seek you out

instead of you grasping after them in

vain signs wonders acceleration will

accompany each step as you yield to my

unfolding purposes day by day for you

see my precious one maturity in me leads

to increase in authority and anointing

as your character is

refined in the fires of adversity

capacity for more of my glory expands

accordingly the deeper the wells the

greater the flow I Delight in your soul

the higher you soar in the spirit the

younger you

become in this way younger Believers

often far Sur pass Elder ones who began

the race well but then plateaued in

complacency religion replaces

relationship and they settle for outward

routine rather than inward renewal but

for you my beloved stagnation will find

no foothold my love calls you ever

deeper as my spirit reveals more of my

goodness day unto day building faith

upon Faith you will go from glory to

glory strength to strength as you yield

wholeheartedly embracing the

fullness I have for you Kingdom impact

overflows effortlessly for the closer

your life aligns with my purposes the

swifter I bring Destiny to fruition like

Jacob of old wrestling the angel obtain

the blessing

tenaciously contending until you receive

the full manifestation of my promises I

have spoken I have decreed now boldly

Proclaim my word until you walk in its

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Jesus command breakthrough declare open

doors Envision Destiny fulfilled so

faith and sight align at

last for nothing in heaven or on Earth

withstands my true power unleashed on

behalf of my beloved

ones should any oppose what I have

established for you I will shake the

cosmos itself until blessings reserved

for you break forth in Great and Mighty

waves I will overturn the enemy schemes

make wrongs right Usher forth

generational inheritance held in store

since before time began no power no

principality will hinder this I will

fill your life to overflowing with glory

and till you shine with my powerful

presence Beauty and strength yes

continue to seek first my face alone

beloved allow nothing to distract your

gaze from encountering ever deeper love

as you yield to My Embrace for time

spent with me guarantees Abundant Life

spiritually emotionally and tangibly

every need shall be

supplied every true desire of your heart

delighted in as you walk in tandem with

me type to manifest miracles in your

life new blessings New Revelations of my

goodness awaiting around each turn a

life in testimonies of my steadfast love

ever interwoven through your days more

than enough Joy made full the best of

the wine saved for last this cascading

waterfall of Grace and glory is but the

beginning precious one so come come away

with me to Mountain Heights of vision

bathed in light take my hand together we

will explore the vast unknown Eternal

adventures with your companion who spoke

existence into being by the power of

sheer love no need escapes my

notice no desire of yours disregarded I

answer the long in for more of me with

infinite increase in our Unity I have so

much more in store I am calling out to

you on this day to remind you that all

power and authority belong to me alone

do not be deceived or distracted by the

Illusions in this world the silver the

gold the money these transient things

are all mine gifted by my hand for a

Time those who do not know me believe

that such wealth is the Ultimate Prize


controlling riches means controlling

Destiny but my truth stands

Eternal everything you see originates

from my Limitless resources in heaven I

decide if when and how much provision

flows into your life the glory I plan

for you will overshadow anything you’ve

experienced so far as I have spoken

through my Prophets the radiance of your

future home and life with me will

Eclipse even your Fondest Memories

anything I accomplished with you or for

you before was merely a foretaste of my

abundance take heart for I am preparing

wonders Miracles answers

to your deepest cries gifts coming from

my throne room that will leave you in

awe my promise of peace to you also

remains sure not the Super official

absence of Trials but my very presence

filling your home and flowing through


days I give you peace and prosperity

together because I am God not man I

complete every gift never leaving you

empty-handed you will have a rich

Heritage in me including a place to live

amongst my creation filled with signs

and glimpses of my glory type to

show your belief in Jesus if your

current dwelling is uncertain wandering

or temporary lodging know that I am

securing a new place for

you whatever stable welcoming house I

next lead you to will shine brighter and

grander than any you have ever known for

the Earth and everything in it is mine I

conjured the skies sculpted the terrain

summoned Mighty oceans and rivers all

answer my bidding obey my

will tell me precious ones if whole

galaxies Swirl at my command what

Miracle could I not perform for you what

gift could I not release into your hands

through my Angel armies I arrange

opportunities open doors once locked

shut I Orient the compass of your life

toward me again and again my children

when I extend my scepter toward someone

blessings and favor rushan like the sea

but know too that my Grace ever

envelopes you enough for today tomorrow

all your years I do not

waver on my Throne nor shrink in power

like human

Lords Majesty cements my vision Splendor

garments my decisions because Heaven’s

King wields Earth’s Keys you may freely

inherit every promise

lift your heads you walk crowned with

Destiny for I have commanded Legions of

angels to ensure your safe arrival I

want you to grasp your Authority as my

hes speak words charged with lifegiving

power call forth miracles from my realm

into manifestation around

you declare my Kingdom’s expansion

wherever Shadows push against its light

there truth you voice echoes in Heaven’s

Halls your prayers reverberate through

Realms unseen compelling hosts of angels

into action type I’m abundant to affirm

child your words hold

substance Authority the capacity to

reform reality itself when wielded in my

name rise up and bless the world with

speech that sets captives free gladdens

Hearts ignites renewal as I sculpted

Adam from clay breathing my spirit into

his form so I now shape your character

too I smooth away flaws etching my

attributes into the canvas of your soul

I brighten that inner light revealing

tranquil paths through life’s Wilderness

stay near letting us walk together allow

me to guide your

steps through Destiny’s Gates into the

flowering field of promise I have

prepared my goodness and mercy will

attend you daily even in the valley of

Shadows you need not fear for I am

close my voice murmurs Comfort

strategies for survival rocks footholds

during climbs when we Crest the last

Ridge you will understand fully but for

now hold to me Good Shepherd loyal guide

I will not lose even one lamb I

purchased at such price my Healing Touch

rests gently upon your head as a

benediction I seal you with favor as

thick and rich as oil soon it will

illuminate your being from within soon

it will overflow seep into other Realms


Endeavors communities all who encounter

a child of mine experience some splash

of that

light all who touch you gain perspective

receive inspiration get blessed by

association for my sons and daughters

walk this terrain as living letters

missives dispatched from Heaven’s Court

to Proclaim redemption’s narrative you

Herald Freedom embody my compassion even

now realities shift because I announce

my kingdom through you chains crumble as

my power infuses your

words captives turn their faces to the

sunrise of new possibility the cynical

and tired gain courage to Hope

again type I embrace my power to affirm

tomorrow is Rewritten even as you

surrender your voice to my song your

life intersects with eternal purpose

each moment we commune do you begin to

see how cherished you

are how important the role I drafted you

to play your small EST Act of trust fans

my Flames higher across every Horizon my

children I have placed gifts inside you

to Rich deposits of creative genius

leadership skills artistic talent

scientific aptitudes wisdom poured

through lineage and experience now I ask

you to invest all these Treasures back

into my work spend your energies forging

Beauty speaking truth serving needs

tenderly like I demonstrate Channel

every gift toward

acts echoing my heart generosity

compassion healing of individuals and

Nations you have a participatory part in

the Redemption of all things this

ministry of reconciliation belongs to

you my

hands my feet my voice manifest on Earth

At This Hour oh how I yearn to display

my glory through your willingness answer

my deepest longing by pouring yourself

out as a life live for me each time you

answer this highest of callings you

worship me in spirit and in truth you

were designed for this beloved one I

have spoken these words over you my dear

child they outline your identity in me

as well as illuminate the paths I am

clearing before you you now my voice

sings long

awaited answers to your Soul’s deepest

cries yes I know the intricacies of your

journey where the road has narrowed

behind walls or split obscured by fog

but see now the Vista unfolding ahead

Broad and straight lined with

possibility somatic Wonder undeserved

provision groups of friends this is the

highway I prepare through deserts the

trail type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

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$ I secure through wildernesses you

will finish your Marathon well and

strong the most majestic leg still

awaits Crossing through Realms unseen

and seen

alike both here and in eternity my

beloved child you who have walked with

me through many seasons do you remember

when I first called your name when my

spirit awakened your heart like the kiss

of dawn awakens a sleeping Meadow you

were nestled comfortably in the Cradle

of complacency rocked by routine that

required little sacrifice or daring

Faith but though life surface shimmered

with peace I saw the Restless Tides

churning in your Soul’s depths I heard

the muffled cries

for adventure purpose piercing the walls

you had so carefully constructed and so

I beckoned you out under open Skies with

a compelling invitation will you not

explore Realms of Glory your wildest

dreams could scarcely

contain for I crafted you for more than

an endless tedium beloved I designed

your heart for Exquisite risk Awakening

becoming your story scribbled across the

stars and tally marked through time

before clocks began ticking yes I had us

in mind when I imagine those first

delicate anemones unfurling in ancient

Tides I saw you when Crimson Maples

inaugurated Autumn’s Carnival Millennia

ago long before you knew me I was

whispering your name name what

Revelations await in the sound of your

laughter what yet unexplored terrain you

Traverse when at last you yield every

Earthly security to fully embrace my

call unfurl those furled hopes beloved

all those secret dreams and desires held

tight lest life’s harsh edges shred

their silken threads here in our

Sheltering Oneness they will Bloom

unhindered nourished by my sustaining

presence walk with me Beyond The

Familiar into Love’s great

unknown discover who you become when

nothing mediates between us for our

communion is

pure our journey intertwined in the

fabric of Eternity thin you that child

of Wonder and possibility Untouched by

the world’s cynicism my beloved it is

time to release the grip on those

fleeting dreams the world offers bait


obedience they promise status security

empty consolation prizes leaving you

numb and longing for more for I hold you

destined for deeper waters higher

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Jesus do you not feel Destiny’s currents

nudging tugging you towards Horizons

that blazed across your inner Sky since

childhood what lingering spark inside

still Whispers its secrets to tonight’s

listening year when

businesses clamor Fades mine are the

dreams kindled in your heart from the

beginning Beloved the hope that took

root in virgin soil tender shoot

straining toward Daybreak and the sun’s


warmth long before critics voices

shriveled confidence before rejection

tattooed wounds of Shame you knew joy

and danced with careless Freedom

lingering still beneath piled

expectations fears and regrets dwells

that wondrous child Untouched by the

world’s cynicism my precious child why

cling still to those feudal dreams clear

the Clutter let go of vain distractions

and fix your eyes on me alone trans

information will surely

follow I long for you to perceive your

day fabric woven through with Golden

Threads of my presence meeting every

longing quieting every fear until my

reality eclipses all illusion only one

necessity merits your gaze fix your eyes

on me alone and everything else will

fall into place you were made to contain

and reveal my glory so let go of the

noise and distractions that clutter your

view and embrace the clarity of my

Timeless companionship and unwavering

kindness type amen if

you believe in God if you’re all set

type yes take care of yourself type I

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