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my beloved child I am always with you guiding your steps even when you feel

lost and unsure of which way to turn I see you when no one else takes

notice I hear your voice when others are too busy for you and I catch every every

tear that falls from your eyes over secret pains within you are never alone because

I promise I would never leave you won’t you take my hand

beloved won’t you lean in close to me to hear my gentle whisper Rising above the

chaos as you slow down to listen and learn my ways such peace and confidence

will envelop your soul the question questions that plague you the fears that torment you the lack

you contend with these will vanish in the light of my truth penetrating your

spirit getting to know me changes everything as you set your gaze upon my

face instead of your circumstances hope and joy Will Spring

forth when you put your union with me first instead of always trying to be

productive you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many good things come your way yes there are Urgent needs to

be met in this broken world and there are assignments lined up for your unique gifts and

callings but first and foremost your priority must be sitting at my feet like

Mary receiving Revelation that will carry you through the storms

ahead that Foundation of knowing who you are in me is essential Above All

Else what good does it profit you to gain the whole world and yet lack Union

with me many have painstakingly built platforms and kingdoms destined to

crumble because Faith was forsaken in the process they have neglected to tend

their souls and made spirituality a mere task to check off instead of the

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Jesus don’t let this be your story my child make time for what matters for

eternity make space for us to talk heart tohe heart it will require saying no to other

obligations disappointing expectations and leaving Comfort

zones but as your roots in me grow deeper you will go farther and flourish

in every Endeavor it all flows from Oneness with

me now I assure you when I say your life must become as nothing to you this is

not to strip away your personality or deny you basic human needs and

desires I intended you for laughter Community Beauty for the eyes

fascinating questions favorite foods the Arts Adventure meaningful work and so

much more for your enjoyment do not think you must forsake

every pleasure in Grim resignation not at all my intention is that you would hold

everything you are and have with Open Hands rather than clenched fists so that

when adversity strikes you do not collapse because something precious was ripped away without your

consent so that you are empowered to Steward resources for the greater good

rather than stockpiling Hoarding in fear of future lack I want you free Unchained from the

delusion that you control outcomes in this brief existence consider the lies of the field

arrayed more beautifully than Solomon consider the Birds crying out

for their breakfast yet supplied Faithfully each morning do they worry catastrophe eyes drive

themselves mad trying to guarantee provision in security for decades to

come no they simply receive what I give today with

Thanksgiving my child won’t you follow their example this concept of Holding On

Loosely is so counterintuitive to the human mind your instincts for

self-preservation shout that more is better accumulate as much as possible

now to avoid pain later I do not ask you to adopt Reckless

irresponsible behaviors but I call you higher type if you believe in

Jesus I invite you deeper into radical Reliance on me for everything you could

possibly need as you yield control of your life to my direction and timing miraculous

Freedom follows as you find your confidence worth and validation solely

in me instead of people possessions or accomplishments you become Unstoppable

with holy boldness and resilience accepting that your days on

this side of Eternity could end abruptly any moment ignites urgency to walk in

Passionate obedience are you willing to give up your personal Comforts and plans to help

others for my sake would you be brave enough to pray for big changes that might disrupt your

stable life if it means growing my kingdom can you let go look up and have

faith in achieving more than you can on your own more love more happiness more

knowledge more blessings more lasting rewards that money can’t

buy take my my words to heart this day I will fan into flame every gift and

calling I instilled in you reconciliation Redemption prodigals

coming home Miracles confirming my word unusual Supernatural

encounters these all stream nonstop in a life wholly devoted to

me will you answer my call to come up higher this day will you open your hand hands and

heart aresh to me I am entrusting you with holy assignments waiting for your

yes partner with me for such a time as this I cannot wait to reveal Mysteries

and shower spiritual blessings hitherto unknown you have but scratched the

surface of all I have prepared for you beloved it’s going to be magnificent

beyond anything you you’ve imagined but it starts with surrender one Leap of

Faith at a time type Amen in the name of Jesus my beloved children you are the

light of the world made in my image I wish to have a close friendship

with each one of you to guide you and see you flourish your well-being and growth

bring me great joy I created this world for you out of

generous love love all that is beautiful and good comes from

me I crafted you with thought and Care each one utterly unique but all sharing

in my boundless Divine love you need never question your value

or my devotion to you walk with me daily through prayer

scripture worship draw near and listen in Stillness to hear my voice

let my spirit fill you and transform you to share in my pure holy

love the more time we spend together the more Our Hearts Are knitted as

one you come to know me trust me follow my lead step by

step I am an all powerful God yet I choose gentleness patience compassion

never overriding your freedom but inviting you to lay down your anxieties and

pride my yoke is easy and my burden light when you walk in trust with me I

will give you all that you need seek first my kingdom live

according to my ways and you will lack nothing you can be confident that I work

all things for the good of those who follow me type I embrace my power to

affirm at times storm will come hardships are allowed to strengthen and

refine you build your Reliance on me know that I am with you always

holding your hand through the darkness if you remain devoted to me

despite distress our relationship grows immensely more than solving difficulties

I long to be your sole refuge in hope I use all circumstance is to draw

you close and transform you to radiate me the world’s enticements will VI for

Your Allegiance pleasure power possessions status yet only in me is

lasting joy and purpose found all else is

fleeting keep your eyes fixed on me not diverted by superficial

diversions I am the pearl of greatest Price worth sacrificing all to

obtain offer me daily every priority plan possession

relationship hold all with an open hand seek God’s kingdom first and trust

me to add blessings beyond measure as you walk closely with me

delighting in my presence you will shine brilliantly for others to

see let your life and words Point them to me I will defeat evil restore and bring

Salvation by demonstrating declaring selfless courageous love through

you this brings me immense Glory I bless those who forsake all to fervently serve

me akin to a brave soul rushing into a blazing Inferno to save

another such Noble Deeds reflect my own heart for I too relinquished all and

humbled myself to deliver you extend Mercy assistance and

hope stand as a Defender for the weak and the voiceless boldly Proclaim truth to those

in Authority menend the hearts of the sorrowful type I’m abundant to airm my

beloved you have infinite significance in this Fallen broken

World Your Role only grows in importance and impact as you yield more of yourself

to me say yes Lord when I prompt you to step out in

faith do not hesitate or doubt me trust that I equip those I

call I give power far beyond human means to those devoted fully to my

purposes you may f face mockery hostility and persecution for

identifying with me evil will resist the loss of its slaves expect attack when confronting it

but have courage for I have overcome the world I walk with you through the

darkness using all for eventual good nothing can separate you from my

unconquerable love stand confidently on my words of truth and

life the Bible is your sword armor and banner wield scripture courageously

against evil lies and fear my words judge the thoughts of

hearts and defeat demonic Powers speak scripture boldly by my

spirit it releases my power pursue Time With Me Above All

Else make our relationship your highest aim in life beyond all other dreams

goals roles and duties let your deepest identity and

belonging be found in me I am your true home abide in my love fear nothing while

walking with me type to show your belief in

Jesus I hold you securely the infinite power that that flung Stars into space

sustains you my love envelopes you perfectly your

name is etched into my hands and heart my child the posture of your heart is what

matters most to me you may stumble and fall but I will

always come to lift you back up for I am a God who delivers I will provide for your every

need for I am Jehovah Gyra your provider but it’s not the provisions themselves

that matter but rather whether you continue to place your trust in me Above All

Else the money and possessions of this world will fade away but my love and

Promises endure Forever This World cannot satisfy you

but I can fill you with my peace and joy so come to me when you are weary and

burdened lay your care St at my feet and find your rest in me it takes great strength and courage

to completely surrender your life to me to give up control and lay everything

down for my sake I know the landscape of your life more intimately than you could ever

imagine I see the secret thoughts of your heart and the hidden motives behind

all your actions nothing escapes my sight

type to manifest miracles in your life when you survey the circumstances

of your life and see barness lack and dissatisfaction in certain areas know

that I have allowed these Thorns to reveal what still has hold over your heart I discipline those I

love so do not lose heart when I begin revealing and stripping away these Idols

you cling to for some of of you money has become an idol that prevents you

from wholly trusting in me as your provider you hoard every penny out of

fear and scarcity rather than generously sharing with those in need the enemy

uses lies and distortions to make you believe you will never have enough that

I cannot be relied upon to meet your needs how this Grieves me every good and

perfect gift comes down from my hand so give freely without worrying about

tomorrow hold Loosely to Earthly wealth and acknowledge that I alone own the

cattle on a thousand hills where your treasure is there your heart will be

also seek first my kingdom living righteously before me and all else will

be given to you as well for others food has become a false source of comfort and

control damaging your body in Temple out of anxiety over having enough you

overindulge without restraint trying to satiate a hunger no food can fill you

believe the deceivers lies that you must grasp and hoard

instead of receiving my provision with thanks and sharing with others remember

the bread from Heaven I graciously supplied my people in the wilderness though they had no food or resources of

Their Own I miraculously sustained Millions with Mana for years providing fresh

bread every morning I am the true bread of life who came down from heaven to

feed you spiritually and nourish you eternally type yes if you are ready for

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in your most important relationships you have surrounded yourself with worldly friends and

partners who draw your heart away from me rather than towards me stop embracing

those who entice you into sin and Rebellion against my ways you rationalize maintaining these

spiritually unhealthy soul ties but light has no fellowship with

Darkness it is time to let go of a iations where my spirit is not welcome

purpose to bond instead with likeminded followers who spur you on to righteousness peace and joy how can two

walk together unless they agree be wise in choosing friends who will be

ambassadors of my kingdom rather than adversaries of all I hold

dear in all areas where you are experiencing lack and dissatisfaction identify any misplaced

affections and hidden Idols residing on the throne of your heart rather than me what fears control issues or other gods

are you allowing into your inner sanctum preventing full abandonment and Trust

examine your heart honestly before me bring these false loves into the light

so I can begin setting you free from their clutches like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god subscribe subcribe to the channel if

you love Jesus for too long you have believed fabricated lies that what you

see in the natural is all there is you have lost sight of me forgetting my

sovereignty goodness an eternal perspective regain Vision to see events

and circumstances through my eyes of boundless Grace and power take off the

blinders and filters which obscure a kingdom perspective deeped in Resurrection hope falsehoods which exalt

the visible yet temporal while diminishing Eternal spiritual reality will only breed anxiety scarcity and

dissatisfaction in you but as you perpetually fix your gaze

upon me as the Unseen source of all good gifts I will transform your

mind and thinking to align more with me each day what may initially require

great conscious effort and intentionality will become more reflexive and automatic you will learn

to instantly view lack or resistance not as a threat but an opportunity to

witness my miraculous intervention and provision firsthand constant communion and

fellowship with me will override fleshly instincts of fear and control with

spiritual instincts of faith and trust though surroundings remain dim my Blaze

amazing countenance shining upon you will enable you to walk securely in the darkest Valley the question will shift

from will God come through for me to How will I see my faithful Mighty father

gloriously meet this need the posture of your heart always remains

key I oppose the proud but give grace to the humble if you approach me admitting

weakness and inability apart from me but find strength in the Assurance of my

grace toward you tremendous power is released type if you believe in

Jesus contrast this with an attitude of arrogant self-sufficiency which blocks

my loving overtures to uplift and sustain you Pride inhibits receiving what I long

to Lavish freely upon dependent children acknowledging their helplessness without

me remember how Sarai in her impatience patience

tried to fulfill my promise on her own through Hagar instead of waiting for my

perfect timing the child born from this effort ishmail was a result of Human

Action not my Supernatural plan if only Sarah had trusted in my sovereignty a

bit longer instead of insisting on taking action herself she could have avoided so much heartache and then as I

had planned Isaac was born at the right time a miracle of my doing so I urge you

to resist the temptation to take matters into your own hands don’t justify any

means to achieve what I have promised wait patiently for my guidance for what

I decide will always come to pass as you yield more control to me almost unconsciously

prioritizing obedience over outcomes our relationship enters an an exciting new

dimension characterized by Mutual Delight type Amen in the name of Jesus

my spirit empowers you increasingly to embrace sacrifice and service with joy

for Love Of Me Kingdom priorities Eclipse fleshly

Temptations sensitivity to my prompting in each moment takes precedence over

personal preference fruitful activity flows from closeness with me rather than

striving in business I shape you into a conduit of my loving presence to others pouring out rivers of

Living Water wherever you go and as you walk closely with me exemplifying the

humility trust and obedience I desire get ready to be astonished by what I am

about to do for I take great pleasure in prospering my faithful children

especially those who have persevered in seeking Me Above All expect sudden

acceleration into long awaited promise fulfillment which will overwhelm you

with awe and Jubilation what you could not make happen in your own strength I

will perform swiftly and effortlessly because you have chosen the way of surrender and Faith stand back now and

watch what I the god of the impossible am able to achieve type I embrace my

power to affirm as you Bow Low pray boldly and release matters into my

capable hands the extent of coming breakthrough freedom and transformation

depends upon your willingness to relinquish what you cling to so dearly in exchange for all I have reserve for

you consider again those areas of lack and dissatisfaction in your life what

Comforts do you rely on apart from me which inhibit receiving my best what

relationship sh or possessions compete for my rightful place occupying the Throne of your heart remember the

tighter you hold on to anything even if it seems good over me the harder it

becomes for you to receive all the blessings I have in store for you I have waiting for you in my

outstretched hands ask for courage not to retreat in fear from difficult narrow paths on

which I lovingly Le you for your growth maturity and blessing do not settle for

the easier Road of chasing temporary Pleasures which never ultimately

satisfy your real life is with me so invest in that imperishable treasure

stored up in heaven through yielding yourself fully to me each day you truly

have no idea the extent of wondrous spiritual realities I desire to show you

if you walk the course behind me in unconditional trust with me as your

foundation Source guide and vision you become unshakable unfl flappable

unafraid because your mind remains fixed on things above not on Earthly

conditions subject to change type I’m abundant to

affirm my peace transcends circumstances my joy bubbles up

continually from within The Well of Living Waters I have placed in you confidence remains high no matter what

you face because your help and deliverer is none other than me no weapon formed

against you can succeed when I Shield you no plan conceived against you will come to fruition because I frustrate the

schemes of the enemy on your behalf believe it and receive it by

faith now is your season for Advance no more delay as you

release a measure of control into my hands nullifying fears and paralysis get

ready to witness my energizing catalyzing power propelling you forward

into broad spaces of blessings Untold be brave and see how

I your God show my power through those who are fully devoted to me even in

their Frailty everyday Miracles occur as I demonstrate my loving rule to those

who are attentive and open who are part of my family and cherished ones stay

close to me hold on to me call out for me and see the amazing things I will do

find your joy in me and I will fulfill your deepest wishes because I love to

give wonderful gifts and bless my children I will always deliver you

because I am a God who always comes through I I remain

perfectly faithful when everything around you changes I cannot lie deny

myself or break Covenant so Heaven and Earth may pass away but my promises will

never pass away unfulfilled rest in the security and

certainty my commitment loyalty dependability and steadfast love endure

forever as an anchor for your soul when all else around you seem shifting and

unstable I remain the same yesterday today and forever type to show your

belief in Jesus I am who I am The Great I Am Before Time began I am after this

world Fades I am still God all by myself Everlasting to Everlasting forever and

ever so lift your head boldly as royalty called according to

my purpose squaring shoulders back and straightening posture where your identity with dignity

as my Priceless treasured possession no matter the opposition faced stumble

forward courageously together linked arm in arm with Angel armies unseen by

limited natural eyes beholding temporary visible skirmishes but enabled by my

spirit to Pure beyond the passing facade into unseen Eternal reality type amen if

you believe in God if you’re all set type yes take care of yourself type I claim

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