The Ultimate Prayer That Will Give You Power and Peace

my child I have something very important

to tell you so please watch this video

until the end it will make you happy and

strong sometimes you may feel unsure or

confused about things that’s normal but

it can also be dangerous that’s because

there is a bad guy called the devil who

wants to make you doubt everything he

wants to make you think that my words

are not true or helpful but that’s a big

lie my words are the best thing for you

they can help you overcome any problem

and be brave all you have to do is trust

me and follow me when you do that you

make the devil very angry and scared he

can’t hurt you anymore he wants to hide

the truth from you he wants to make you

think that I am not real or that I don’t

care about you but that’s the biggest

lie ever I am the most real and loving

person you will ever know I have a

wonderful plan for your life he hates

you and wants to see you suffer forever

but I love you and I want you to be with

me forever in a beautiful place if you

are still watching this you are awesome

I am so happy that you trust me and love

me you know what I have a special gift

for you it’s something that will make

you even happier and stronger it’s

called the Holy Spirit the holy spirit

is like a friend who lives inside you he

helps you understand my words and do

what I want you to do he also gives you

power to do amazing things that you

can’t do by yourself he can heal you

when you are sick comfort you when you

are sad and protect you when you are in

danger he can also help you talk to me

anytime and anywhere he is the best

friend ever do you want to receive the

Holy Spirit friends if you do all you

have to do is ask me just say this

simple prayer with me dear Jesus I love

you and I want to follow you please

forgive me for all the bad things I have

done please come into my heart and give

me the holy spirit thank you for your

gift amen

congratulations friends you have just

received the Holy Spirit you are now

part of my family you are my children

and I am your father I will always be

with you and take care of you you will

never be alone or afraid again you have

a bright future ahead of you you have a

purpose and a destiny that only you can

fulfill I will guide you and teach you

how to live a good and happy life before

you go surrender your worries and

Desires in the comment below God will

see it and he has a perfect plan for you

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