The Truth About Your Design?A Prayer of Thanksgiving

drift along with the flow of life and

miss out on God’s plan and purpose for

their lives but God did just create you

and leave you alone he did just give you

a dream and expect you to figure it out

on your own he did just send you into

this world and hope for the best no God

designed you with a specific intention

he equipped you with everything you need

to overcome every situation Ian d you

with gifts and talents that are unique

to you he empowered you with his grace

and favor that are sufficient for you

when God designed you he took into

account everything you would face every

struggle every unfair situation every

setback and he put in you the strength

the Courage the determination to

withstand it he put in you the faith the

hope the love to overcome it he put in

you the joy the peace the confidence to

enjoy it he put in you the power The

Authority the victory to conquer it you

are not an accident you are not a

mistake you are not a failure you are

not a victim you are not a loser you are

not a quitter you are not a statistic

you are not a number you are not a

nobody you are a child of God you are

Masterpiece of God you are a champion of

God don’t let the enemy lie to you and

tell you otherwise don’t let the

circumstances discourage you and make

you give up don’t let the people around

you influence you and drag you down

don’t let the world defying you and

limit you don’t let yourself doubt

yourself and settle for less remember

who you are and whose you are remember

what God has done for you

and what he can do through you remember

how far he has brought you and how far

he can take you you have greatness in

you because God put it in there when he

designed you you have potential in you

because God released it in there when he

created you you have Destiny in you

because God declared it over there when

he called you so today I want to

encourage you to embrace your Divine

Design to celebr celebrate your unique

identity to activate your god-given

ability don’t let anything stop you from

fulfilling your purpose don’t let

anything keep you from living your dream

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

you are more than a conqueror you are

the head and not the tail you are above

and not beneath you are blessed and

highly favored you are designed by God

for greatness follow me with this prayer

if you want to attract more Grace from

God dear heavenly father we thank you

for this day and for this opportunity to

talk to you we thank you for your love

your grace and your mercy we thank you

for your presence your power and your

peace we come to you with Humble Hearts

and open minds we ask you to forgive us

of our sins and cleanse us from all

unrighteousness we ask you to fill us

with your Holy Spirit and guide us in

your truth we pray for your will to be

done in our lives and in the world we

pray for your protection your provision

and your purpose we pray for your

healing your restoration and your

transformation we pray for our families

our friends and our enemies we pray for

our leaders our Nations and our world we

pray for the sick the poor the oppressed

and the lost we pray that you would

bless us and make us a blessing to

others we pray that you would use us and

make us a light to the world we pray

that you would help us and make us a

witness to your glory we declare that

you are our God and we are your people

we declare that you are our father and

we are your children we declare that you

are our savior and we are your redeemed

we praise you for who you are and what

you have done we praise you for your

goodness your faithfulness and your

greatness We Praise You for Your Majesty

your beauty and your Holiness we worship

you in spirit and in truth we worship

you with all our heart so soul mind and

strength we worship you with joy

gratitude and reverence we love you

because you first loved us we love you

with all that we are and all that we

have we love you more than anything else

we ask all these things in the name of

Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior amen

before you go praise the Lord with an

amen in the comment below oh

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