The Shocking Truth About Who Gets Into Heaven (And Who Doesn’t)

listen up my friends this video is very

important if you don’t care about going

to heaven you can skip it but if you

want to be with God forever you need to

watch this video Until the End my child

you can’t just say Lord Lord then expect

to go to heaven you have to do what God

wants you to do when the day of judgment

comes many people will say to me Lord

Lord we did amazing things in your name

we drove away evil spirits and did

Miracles but I will say to them I don’t

know who you are go away from me you who

disobey God these people thought they

were close to me but they were wrong

they were shocked when I turned them

away we are not saved by what we do for

God but by what God does for us he lives

in our heart heart and changes us from

the inside if you want to go to heaven

you have to let him in but maybe you are

wondering how can I let Jesus into my

heart how can I be sure that he will

save me well my friends it’s not hard

you just have to do three things first

you have to admit that you are a sinner

you have to say to God I’m sorry for all

the bad things I’ve done

I know I can’t make it to heaven on my

own I need your help second you have to

believe that Jesus died for you you have

to say to God I believe that you sent

your son Jesus to die on the cross for

me I believe that he paid the price for

my sins I believe that he rose from the

dead and is alive today sir you have to

ask Jesus to come into your heart you

have to say to God I want you to be my

Lord and my savior I want you to forgive

me and change me I want you to fill me

with your love and your spirit that’s it

my friends that’s how you can be saved

that’s how you can go to heaven it’s not

complicated it’s not difficult it’s a

gift that God offers you freely all you

have to do is accept it but don’t wait

too long don’t put it off until tomorrow

you don’t know what will happen tomorrow

you don’t know if you will have another

chance today is the day of salvation now

is the time to make your decision so

what will it be my friends will you

choose Heaven or Hell will you choose

life or death will you choose Jesus or

the world the choice is yours but

remember the conse quences are Eternal

so please Choose Wisely choose Jesus

before you go give me your answer in the

comment below

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