The Secret Word that the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know!🙏Prayer to defeat Satan

if you are a servant of the devil then

you can ignore this message but if you

are a child of mine then you need to

watch this video until the very end the

devil is deceiving you my child he is

telling you that I don’t exist that I am

a myth that is the greatest lie ever

told by the father of Lies I am the only

reality and I have a purpose for you he

dis despises you and wants to drag you

to the Lake of Fire but I love you and I

want you to reign with me in glory if

you want to enter my kingdom listen to

my voice not the devil’s whisper he

doesn’t want you to know this one word

defeated because that’s exactly what he

is the Bible says that the devil is

under our feet and anything that’s under

your feet is a loser I have conquered

coner death and hell and we have victory

in me typ p man if you want victory over

the devil let us pray together my child

close your eyes and open your heart to

me repeat after me Lord Jesus you are

the king of kings and the Lord of lords

you have defeated the devil and his

schemes you have given us victory over

sin and death you have loved us with an

everlasting love you have prepared a

place for us in your heavenly Kingdom we

thank you for your grace and mercy we

thank you for your word and your spirit

we thank you for your presence and your

power we thank you for your gifts and

your calling we ask you to forgive us

for our sins and cleanse us from all

unrighteousness we ask you to fill us

with your peace and joy we ask you to

guide us in your truth and wisdom we ask

you to protect us from the evil one and

his Temptations we ask you to bless us

with your favor and provision we declare

that you are our savior and our Lord we

declare that you are our healer and our

provider we declare that you are our

strength and our Shield we declare that

you are our hope and and our future we

love you Lord Jesus we praise you Lord

Jesus we worship you Lord Jesus we serve

you Lord Jesus in your name we pray amen

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Let Jesus know what you are thinking

right now

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