The Secret to Unlocking God’s Blessings in Your Life🙏Don’t Settle for Less

do you love Jesus if you do then you

must not miss this video this is a

Divine message for you if you watch this

video till the end God will bless you

with a miraculous gift today you see we

have an enemy who doesn’t want us to

live in the fullness of God’s blessings

he wants us to settle for less than what

God has for us he wants us to pray small

prayers and only believe for little

things he wants us to limit our vision

and our

expectations he wants us to think that

God is too busy or too distant or too

stingy to answer our big prayers but I’m

here to tell you today don’t believe

those lies our God is an all powerful

God he is not offended when you ask for

something big in fact he loves it when

you show your faith faith and trust in

him by asking for great things he is a

good father who Delights in giving good

gifts to his children he is able to do

exceedingly abundantly above all that we

ask or think according to the power that

works in us so I want to encourage you

today don’t let the enemy rob you of

your dreams and your destiny don’t let

him shrink your vision and your faith

don’t let him convince you that you’re

not worthy or not able to receive God’s

best for your life instead rise up in

faith and courage and pray big prayers

believe for big things expect big

Miracles declare big promises God is on

your side and he is ready to do amazing

things in your life and through your

life remember nothing is impossible with

God nothing is to hard for him nothing

is to Big for him he can do anything and

everything that you can imagine and more

so don’t limit him by your small

thinking and small praying enlarge your

vision and enlarge your faith pray big

prayers and believe for big things and

watch what God will do in your life if

you want to receive God’s blessings

follow me with this prayer

Heavenly Father we thank you for your

goodness and your grace we thank you for

your love and your mercy we thank you

for your power and your presence we

thank you for hearing our big prayers

and for doing big things in our lives

Lord we ask you to bless us and to keep

us we ask you to make your face shine

upon us and to be gracious to us we ask

you to lift up your countenance upon us

and to give us peace we ask you to fill

us with your joy and your strength we

ask you to guide us and to protect us we

ask you to heal us and to restore us we

ask you to prosper us and to favor us

Lord we believe that you have great

plans for our lives plans to prosper us

and not to harm us plans to give us hope

and a future we believe that you are

able to do measurably more than all we

ask or imagine according to your power

that is at work within us we believe

that you are working all things together

for our good because we love you and we

are called according to your purpose

Lord we thank you in advance for all the

big things that you are going to do in

our lives we we thank you for the

Miracles the breakthroughs of favor the

abundance of Victory The Joy the peace

the love the grace the glory we thank

you for being our God and our father Our

Savior and our friend our Helper and our

healer our provider and our protector

our King and our Lord in jesus’ name we

pray amen before you go surrender your

worries and Desires in the comment below

God has a perfect plan for you

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  1. I surrender all my worries to you. Lord god all glory be to you ! I desire my business to grow and help others and myself I love you god thank you amen


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