The Secret to Living a Happy Life (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

imagine waking up every morning with a

smile on your face a song in your heart

and a gratitude in your soul imagine

living every day with joy peace and

purpose imagine being happy no matter

what happens around you sounds too good

to be true right well it’s not it’s

possible and it’s up to you every

morning you need to make up your mind am

going to live this day happily I’m going

to see the good am going to be grateful

am going to love my family I’m going to

enjoy this day if you don’t decide how

you’re going to live circumstances will

decide for you this is a powerful

statement that can change your life you

see happiness is not something that

happens to you it’s something that that

you choose happiness is not based on

your circumstances it’s based on your

attitude happiness is not a destination

it’s a journey you may be facing some

challenges today you may have some

problems that seem impossible to solve

you may have some people that are trying

to bring you down but you have to

remember that God is in control of your

life he has a plan and a purpose for you

he has already given you everything you

need to overcome any obstacle he has

already given you the victory but you

have to do your part you have to

activate your faith you have to speak

positive words over your life you have

to declare that this is the day that the

Lord has made and you will rejoice and

be glad in it you have to thank God for

what he has done what he is doing and

and what he is about to do you have to

love your family and friends with all

your heart you have to enjoy every

moment of this precious gift call life

when you do that you will experience a

joy that no one can take away from you

you will attract more blessings into

your life you will inspire others with

your example you will make a difference

in this world so don’t let the

circumstances decide how you’re going to

live decide for yourself decide to live

happy decide to see the good decide to

be grateful decide to love your family

decide to enjoy this day that’s how you

live a life of Victory that’s how you

live a life of purpose that’s how you

live a life of Happiness follow me with

this prayer to attract happiness dear

God thank you for this day and for all

the blessings you have given us thank

you for your grace and mercy that are

new every morning thank you for your

love that never fails thank you for your

presence that fills us with joy and

peace Lord we ask you to guide us in

your ways and help us to do your will we

ask you to protect us from the evil one

and Deliver Us from Temptation we ask

you to heal us from every sickness and

disease and restore us to holess we ask

you to provide for all our needs and

supply all our wants according to your

riches and glory Lord we also ask you to

forgive us for our sins and cleanse us

from all unrighteousness we ask you to

help us to forgive those who have hurt

us and reconcile with those who have

offended us we ask you to fill up us

with your spirit and Empower us to live

a holy and fruitful life in jesus’ name

we pray amen before you go Let Jesus

know what you are most thankful for in

your life in the comment below thank you

for listening and God bless you

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