The Ritual Between This Dog And A Garbage Truck Driver Will Warm Your Heart

Dogs often have an incredible gift for making friends wherever they go. Well, Jett is no exception. 

In fact, Jett is one of the friendliest and most recognizable dogs in his neighborhood. This 4-year-old German Shepherd dog has formed a meaningful bond with the garbage truck driver, and he patiently waits to see him every week. 

It’s the most precious thing you’ll ever see. 

Wednesdays Are Treat Days For Jett 

What seemed to be a random meeting between the two quickly turned into a weekly routine. 

It all started a couple of years ago… Derek Molter, Jett’s owner, was working on something in the yard with Jett by his side when the garbage truck suddenly stopped in front of the house. 

“The driver got out and walked over to where Jett was laying and asked me if it was OK to give him a treat,” Molter told The Dodo.

That’s when the friendship started and the adorable weekly routine began.

Every week, the driver, Curt Stickley, stops on his route in front of Molter’s house to give Jett a treat, and Jett, on the other hand, patiently waits for him in the yard. 

Every week, if I happen to be home, I let Jett out, and he runs and sits on the grass, patiently waiting for his friend, Curt, to stop and bring him a treat,” Molter said. 

It’s something that both of them look forward to the whole week. It simply brightens their day.

Curt always gets out of his truck and interacts with Jett. Of course, he always gives him a treat for being such a good boy. 

There Are No Missed Treats 

One time, Molter was away for two weeks, which also meant that Jett couldn’t see his best friend on garbage day. 

But, fear not, Jett still received his favorite treats. 

The driver still stopped in front of the house to leave a little surprise for his favorite dog in the world. 

After Molter came home, he discovered a note in his mailbox. The note simply said, “look inside”

When Derek looked inside the mailbox, he found a couple of dog treats that Curt left as a gift for the missed visits. 

The gift was very heartfelt, and everyone was deeply moved by it. The owner even called the city’s solid waste department to praise their work and his service for the community. 

It’s the little things in life that count. 

Jett Is One Smart Doggo

After that, Jett never missed a garbage collection day and seeing his best friend. The friendship between the two is so precious that everyone could learn something from it. 

However, Jett is not only good at making friends, but at a lot of other things. He knows a lot more than just a couple of simple tricks. 

This German Shepherd is a very smart doggo that knows quite a few tricks that dogs usually don’t know. 

According to Molter, Jett knows how to open and close doors, patiently wait outside the grocery store by himself, carry a grocery bag in his mouth on the walk home, and even carry his own ball launcher himself. 

He also knows how to pick up garbage, recycle, and even put the garbage in the correct trash can on command. 

He makes sure that everything is clean and ready for Wednesday and his friend, Curt: 

“People see the stuff he does, and if they’re having a bad day, it makes them smile,” Molter told Info News

There is no doubt that Jett is one special dog that deserves all the attention, love, and treats in the world. Keep up the good work!

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