The One Thing You Need To Hear From God Today (Don’t Ignore This)🙏

do scroll way I have something important

to tell you you only need to listen for

seconds my child You are not alone in

your struggles I am always with you and

I have a plan for you even if others

doubt you I will place you where you

belong my timing is perfect and your

patience will pay off I understand your

stress and worries life is not easy

and sometimes it can be too much to

handle but when you face troubles don’t

give up give it all to me and I will

take care of you if you believe in Jesus

and His blessings type am men repeat

after him I declare that I am a child of

God and nothing can separate me from his

love I declare that I am fearfully and

wonderfully made and God God has a good

plan for my life I declare that I am

more than a conqueror and I can do all

things through Christ who strengthens me

I declare that I have the mind of Christ

and I think thoughts that are true Noble

right pure lovely and admirable I

declare that I have the power of the

holy spirit in me and I can overcome any

challenge or Temptation that comes my

way I declare that I am blessed with

every spiritual blessing in Christ and

God supplies all my needs according to

his riches and Glory I declare that I am

a light of the world and I shine for

God’s glory wherever I go I declare that

I am a salt of the earth and I influence

others for good and for God I declare

that I am a citizen of heaven and I

belong to God’s Kingdom I declare that I

am a coair with Christ and I have an

inheritance that is imperishable

undefiled and unfading heavenly father

thank you for your grace and mercy in my

life thank you for your promises and

your presence with me always thank you

for your son Jesus Christ who died for

my sins and rose again and gave me

eternal life thank you for your Holy

Spirit who guide me into all truth and

empowers me to live for you Lord I ask

you to help me to walk in faith and

obedience to your will help me to trust

you in every situation and to surrender

all my worries and cares to you help me

to love you with all my heart soul mind

and strength and to love others as

myself help me to grow in the knowledge

of your word to him and to apply it to

my life help me to serve you with joy

and gratitude and to use the gifts and

talents you have given me for your glory

Lord I pray for your protection and

provision over my life protect me from

the evil one and from any harm or danger

provide for all my needs according to

your riches and Glory bless me with

health peace prosperity and and favor

bless my family Friends Church community

nation and the world with your grace and

mercy Lord I praise you for who you are

and what you have done for me you are

the alpha and omega the beginning and

the end the king of kings and Lord of

lords you are the creator of all things

the sustainer of all things the Redeemer

of All Things You Are Holy righteous

faithful loving gracious merciful

powerful Sovereign good awesome

wonderful Lord I worship you with all

that is within me you are worthy of all

glory honor praise adoration

Thanksgiving you are my God and my

savior you are my father and my friend

You Are My Hope and my joy in jesus’

name amen before you go show your love

to your lord in the comment


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