The Most Important Message You Will Ever See! God Loves You and Has a Gift for You!

listen to me this is very important I

have to tell you something right now my

child I am bigger and stronger than

anything that makes you scared or

worried don’t give up on me even when

you feel like everything is going wrong

you need to know that you are amazing
You are Amazing

you are beautiful you are loved you are

strong you are smart your life matters a

lot you have a bright future ahead of

you you are not a mistake you are a

miracle I am always with you no matter

what don’t be afraid of anything I will

take care of you today and every day
I Will Take Care of You

give me all your worries and troubles

and I will help you I will never let you

fall or fail I love you so much if Jesus

has saved your life more than once type

amen but that’s not all

I have something else to tell you that

will blow your mind do you want to hear

it then keep watching this video Until

the End this is something that only I

can tell you it is something that will
Its Something That Only I Can Tell You

make you feel special loved and chosen

it is something that no one else can

offer you it is something that will

change your life forever do you want to

know what it is it is my plan for you my
Its My Plan For You

plan for you is my perfect will for your

life it is the reason why I created you

and why I love you so much it is the way

that I want to use you for my glory and

for the good of others my plan for you

is waiting for you to discover it all

you have to do is follow me follow my

voice follow my word follow my spirit if
Follow My Voice

you follow me I will show you the way

the truth and the the life if you follow

me I will make your dreams come true my

plan for you is the best thing that ever

happened to you are you ready to find

out what it is pray with me now to find

out repeat after dear God thank you for

loving me so much thank you for having a

plan for me help me to trust in you and

follow your will help me to be brave and

strong in every situation help me to be

kind and loving to everyone I meet help

me to glorify your name and everything I

do in jesus’ name amen before you go

surrender your worries and Desires in

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