The Lord Says; “YOUR TIME HAS COME, THIS WILL HAPPEN NOW” 👆 God’s Message Now

your time has come and you will see this

coming very


remember God designed us to be in close

communion with him he created us to

share in the Divine Fellowship to

establish a deep personal connection

through heartfelt

communication his intention was for us

to bask in His blessings on Earth with

the ultimate goal of rece receiving the

gift of Salvation in

heaven however the unfortunate reality

is that human actions which Trace back

to the earliest days in the Ken of Eden

created a rift between Mankind and

God nevertheless there is a Beacon of

Hope We Are Resto to God through Christ

who allowed us to die to sin and be

reborn with

him you should never let your hurs be

troubled because God through the work of

Christ on the cross has lined up the

most incredible blessings for

you always remember when the almighty

God places his hand of blessings on your

head it signifies his favor and

greatness upon you

it equips you to conquer any obstacle

and assures you of your chosen

status today through this message he has

personally handpicked you to receive


blessings others may attempt to hinder

you but remember they did not Grant

these blessings so they cannot take them

away from you dear child of God take a

moment to close your eyes and imagine

the creator of the universe laying his

hand of blessings upon your

life fear his touch as he best us favor

healing strength and breakthroughs upon

you your life is about to be filled with

Abundant Blessings in every area where

you once

lacked the hand of God’s blessing is

Drawing Near all you need to do is allow

it let the almighty place his hand of

blessings upon your life this

month I declare that this month will be

your best month so far in Jesus name you

can affirm your faith in this message by



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