The Devil Will Be Happy If You Ignore Me | God’s Message Now For You Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child you have no idea how

much I love you this love of mine for

you has been there from the beginning

and will never change you used to be so

caught up in your sins that you couldn’t

love me or even understand how much I

loved you but because of how my spirit

works I gave your soul life which made

you spiritually alive it was this

spiritual awakening that helped you turn

away from sin and accept my gift of

eternal life and love that knows no

limits as you think about the amazing

gift of Salvation I want you to feel

overwhelmed with gratitude being

thankful is a strong tool that can help

you grow in Grace it makes room in your

heart and mind for my word which helps

you learn and grow remember that even

when things are hard having a thankful

heart can help you see all the good

things I do for you it keeps you from

giving up and feeling sorry for yourself

and it makes you more aware of my

constant presence and how much I love

you so my love grow your gratitude

because it will grow your love for me

and make it shine bright being happy is

a choice that you have to keep making

throughout your life in the beautiful

eternity of Heaven you will always and

easily be happy but while you’re here on

Earth I want to help you make smart

decisions at any time you can choose to

be positive and hopeful try to find

happiness in the little things that

happen every day if you feel

discouragement anger or any other bad

emotion starting to creep in remind

yourself to think about me say Jesus I

choose Joy because you are my God and

savior and nothing can separate me from

your loving presence it is said the

prospect of the righteous is Joy your

prospects are indeed good because I have

put on you my robe of righteousness as

you start each day be excited excited

and ready to receive the joy I have

planned for you some of my followers

miss the fun things I’ve planned for

them because they are too focused on the

bad things going on in the world and in

their own lives they don’t live their

lives to the fullest instead they are

cautious and try to avoid pain and

danger as much as possible that’s not

what I have in mind for you though every

morning when you wake up look for my

face with hope in your heart allow me to

not only get you ready for the

challenges that lie ahead but also to

show you the joys that I have placed in

your way for the rest of the day take my

hand as you start your journey and let

me share everything you do including the

Happy Times being thankful and trusting

are like loyal fans who are always there

for you when things look bad and the

world seems scary you can count on these

loyal fans stop take a few deep breaths

and look around you for good things and

beautiful things thank me for what you

find this is a beautiful way for you to

connect with me talk to me with thanks

telling me how much you appreciate all

the good things I’ve done for you thank

me from the bottom of your heart even if

your feelings are all over the place as

you keep telling people how thankful you

are you will feel Joy starting to fill

your heart also telling me over and over

that you trust me will help you remember

that I am with you and can be counted on

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