The 6 Ways Jesus Protects His True Believers (Christian Motivation)

in a world experiencing uncertainty and

so many different seen and unseen

dangers of every kind it’s comforting to

know that God has promised to protect

his children life is not a playground

but it is a

Battleground however we must always know

and hold the Divine assurance that we

have been given by God that he is

watching over us and is protecting us at

all times what you need to know first

and foremost is that everything that is

valuable is protected whether you

believe it or not you are valuable to

God you can reject this truth but it

does not negate the fact it does not

negate the fact that you are precious to

God and for this very reason while

you’re still on Earth God has put

measures in place to ensure your

protection so today I’m going to look at

six different ways God protects you as

his child firstly God protects you by

his constant surveillance nothing on

this Earth happens outside of the field

of sight of God in actuality nothing

happens in this universe outside his

scope of Vision Chronicles States

for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro

throughout the whole earth to show

himself strong on behalf of those whose

heart is loyal to him how does this make

you feel to know that God is watching

you how does it make you feel does it

make you feel scared and nervous at the

fact that God is watching you or does it

give you an addition level of peace

knowing that you’re under the constant

watch of a loving God who has nothing

but your best interest in his heart so

let me ask the question again how does

this make you feel knowing that God Is

Watching Over You does it make you

nervous and scared or does it give you

an additional level of peace I guess it

comes down to your perception of God if

you view God as a cosmic Tyrant who is

looking for you to fall short of the

standard of the word of God so he can

Crush you with his right hand then yes I

would be nervous yes I would be scared

but if your perception of God is that

he’s a loving God who sent his only

begotten son to die for your sins and

your transgressions because he knew you

could never bridge the gap of sin so his

only begotten son who is perfect in

Holiness perfect in righteousness

perfectly perfect had to bridge the gap

of sin so that you may have eternal life

if your perception is of this loving God

yes you will receive another level of

peace knowing that God Is Watching Over

You Even if your enemies are plotting

and scheming against you God is there on

your behalf to ensure their plan

backfires remember in Psalm

it states that God will prepare a

table for you in the presence of your

enemies change your perception of God

God is not against you God is for you


what shall we then say to these

things if God be for us who can be

against us change your perception of God

God is not out to get you believe me if

God was out to get you he would have got

you years ago God is on your side in the

Bible there are countless narratives

that depict this protection a perfect

example of this is seen in Kings

and Alisha prayed open his eyes Lord

so that he may see then the Lord opened

the servant’s eyes and he looked and saw

the hills were full of horses and

Chariots of Fire all around Alisha in

this situation Alisha and his servant

gazi were surrounded by an army of men

gazi was gripped with fear not knowing

the great army of the Lord surrounding

him and Alisha it was only after Elisha

prayed that he saw the vast Army Of

Heaven around him that same protection

belongs to us today you literally have

an army of angels watching over you so

the next time when the chips are down

when you’re feeling afraid remember that

an army of angels is watching over you

ready at the beck and call of the Lord

to come rescue you in whatever situation

you may find yourself in even in today’s

day and era there are so many personal

testimonies by children of God of

miraculous escapes by Angelic means

which defy all rationale and all all

human explanation Psalms

for he shall give his angels

charge over thee to keep thee in all thy

ways you don’t have to live a fearful

and limited life believe that God loves

you and that his angels walk with you

day by day and they are there to watch

over you the third and fourth way God

protects us is by building Hedges of

protection around his people like what

we read in the Book of Job the devil

could not do any anything to harm job

because there was a hedge of protection

surrounding him we therefore can

conclude God puts a hedge of protection

around his Saints for protection so that

the enemy cannot reach you just like in


as the mountains are round about

Jerusalem so the Lord is round about his

people from henceforth even forever you

are surrounded don’t ever have any

doubts about it you are surrounded by a

hedge of protection in the Bible

that is a statement of facts not opinion

but fact if we look more closely at the

story of job there are three great

truths we learn from the devil’s

statement in job

the devil says you have made a

hedge around him and his house and all

he has on every side we learn the

following firstly God has a hedge around

him personally therefore God has a hedge

around you as an individual secondly we

learn that God had a hedge of protection

around job’s family therefore God has a

hedge of protection around your family

thirdly we learned that God had a hedge

of protection around jobs finances and

his property and all his Endeavors

therefore God has a hedge of protection

around your finances your properties and

all your endeavors so we can live with

the comfort and the Peace of knowing

that same protection which is upon job

is upon us we cannot see these Hedges of

protection around us but they are there

God does not leave his children exposed

because we know that the enemy comes to

do only three things to steal kill and

destroy if God’s hedge of protection was

not upon us the enemy would have done

all those three things to us already but

thank God for his hedge of protection

the fifth way God protects us is through

the Holy Spirit the Bible teaches us

that as many are led by the spirit of

God they are the children of God

therefore when the Holy Spirit leads us

as his children he guides us to go to

the right places at the right time to do

the right thing at the right time

therefore our protection is in the

guidance of the Holy Spirit I think at

one point or another we have all

experienced an inner voice telling us

not to go somewhere and without us

knowing that was the Holy Spirit guiding

us and leading Us in the spirit if you

think back in your life

there have been incidences you have

experienced being led by the spirit at

points you think it’s just a weird

feeling you’d have telling you not to go

to a location or telling you not to do

this or telling you not to do that but

you could never put your finger on it

and in actuality it was the Holy Spirit

leading you the Holy Spirit guides us

and protects Us in more ways than we

could ever imagine the sixth way God

protects you is through the blood of

Jesus the the blood of Jesus is the only

way you can receive Redemption and be

spared from the wrath of God you are

cleansed and Justified and forgiven by

the blood of Jesus the blood of Jesus

holds power and authority the blood of

Jesus has the ability to command and

control because it is supreme you see

you could read the whole Bible you could

pray times a day days a week but

without the blood of Jesus there is no

power without the application of the

blood of Jesus there is no Authority

without the power of the blood of Jesus

you cannot defend yourself against the

enemy Revelations says and they

overcame him by the blood of the lamb

and the word of their testimony they

overcame how did they overcome by the

blood of the Lamb Jesus has already won

the battle he has already overcome

everything that can come your way at

Calvary he paid all not some but all

what does John

say the things I have spoken to

you that in me you may have peace in the

world you will have tribulation but be

of good cheer I have overcome the world

you see the blood of the Lamb is a

Christian secret of Victory but you need

to apply it you need to apply the blood

of Jesus on your life no one can do it

for you it is your obligation your

respons responsibility and your duty to

apply the blood of Jesus over your own

life There Is Power in the Blood of

Jesus there is protection in the blood

of Jesus there is a covering that only

the blood of Jesus can provide but only

you can apply the blood of Jesus on your

life on your own so I’ve only spoken

about six different ways God protects us

but God has an infinite number of ways

he can protect us believe in the

protection of the Lord upon your life

and your family’s life type Amen in the

comments if you believe

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