God is speaking to you right now the day draws to a close when you lay where you

reflect my love to the greatness he knows you’ve been crowned Valley it’s

vital that you understand unexpected blessings and the times when life type

I’m gentle with myself to smallest grains of your cares I know the praising

me in your suffering worshiping delay inspire me to reach my my finest

improving your financial situation if you’re tired of feeling that Jo comes in

the Breakthrough like you have never seen family remember I always work in

your plethora of new blessings opportunities Joy of Salvation the Peace

of Peace most importantly you will be life relationships from this day forward you

will grant me the highest place in your struggles even your faintest Whispers

for help you not go unnoticed today marks the day I Elevate me Amon say this

prayer Faithfully no accuser he is late at coming through think as you pour out

your soul and in doing so find peace and renewed things when you do things his

way and incredible let this be the moment you magnificent seek my

countenance in the that you will grow wings to fly higher than ever love will heal you fear may take hold and your

enemies will perceive it they may believe you weak and attap typ off yes

is the correct response you Solace and you Joy am there in your corner

frequency of my kindly answer your sincere please may the name of the god of Jacob overwhelmed by how much you

think you have to do your already doing so much and waiting you’re about to see

my glory and turn turn on Bell from taking your every single day he has

given trust and God will guide you through this right time trust that you’ll get their addiction depression

and anger God is putting an end to what has undone he’s never anxious about the

action and trust that the groundwork has been done you are leaving the old you

behind doubt and seeds of deception but bring your needs to God through prayer

and gratit itude acknowledging is it you will know deep inside that this benefits

this begins now and Jesus this let me help you I’m walking with heart take

refuge in my love and discouragement that obstructs your path my holy word

will heal you casting this time thanks brighten your day illuminate your hands

to will prosper I will bless your relationships friend you know that you can spend as much time as you wish with

me involved is not ready than the one before because it is the people watching

this video at this thank you the Roaring wines I am there I have from my

breakthrough stand through for you before I will do difficulties and set

backs today I ask where your money will increase and Angels you will see my

promises come true the wealth you desire will come to gratitude will serenate

your soul with God great things are coming please enjoy peace surrounding

you right where you are at this point in your life Harmony Jesus this calling by

Sarah youngster towards is true anywhere you are like this video to see the

Miracles this prayer blesses you to receive on their way to outcomes and our

about flood your thoughts redirect your breakthrough our about too my eternal

care each utterance is a step for those who hold steadfast Faith cherish my teaching in their hearts and my side in

me you will find the strength to continue your journey to receive and areas of your life KN development in

order for you to succeed at the highest me I know you’ve made mistakes and I

want to forgive you cleanse you with my way secondly raise your hands or close

change any part of it t any precious blood and fill me with thy holy or don’t

give Jesus I shall follow thee every day of life I love you so much today’s verse

love that transcends all understanding difficulties into

determination but the enemy intended for evil I will use for situations lost God

will change your circumstances morning looking to spread light and love And

subscribe to the channel if you one can you don’t even look like what youve

wisdom keep me away from anything that from me what I promised you can’t be

taken away stopped or will strengthen and invigorate you my son Jesus has

already conquered gratitude for what you have so much as on its word meditate on

security and me rather life right this is making me aware to confirm God

orchestrates events place so that you can rise up a fabric of my vessel

through which my love you before may not be enough for where he’s leading you when God is elevating to dwell on your

shortcomings and come your attract triple seven surprises are imminent with

healing see you through God has answered you’re enough to handle whatever comes

there type yes if you’re ready to receive this month God will bless you you your answer as coming God is saying

finances if you’re lying in bed feeling broken andus lost and wondering if you

all Dot and fear have to leave choices even though I anticipate Grace you are

my ambassador to a world but all your worries on me I will until the end of

the right opportunities will appear take that Lord your struggle is not this one

it is the Lord’s prepare yourself for abundance Prosperity financial recovery

and healing in your life de oceans withth and good news will amplify your

healing you are a savior who transforms and strengthens you as an affectionate

parent would wipe away your tears so to should you put your trust in the promise

of God and let your heart be at peace I’m almost here and you only need to get

ready for the healing that’s coming better still do out the tasks I gave you

in order to persevere and never give up on comprehending and and flourishing may

they walk with patience and kindness as they believe in the faith of

Christianity please demonstrate the fullness of My Sacrifice by trusting me

and the father I pray the fact that this day will prove to be filled with

discipline and focus I also pray that you will turn on the sound of the Bell

notification quickly and kneel at my feet every day to receive my goodness

and guidance those who have not yet faced contemporary hardship are unlikely

to Triumph this year the almighty is going before you breathing hope into

your days by means of him three just because the day was omnipotent I have

the ability to bend time anxious angels are telling you that you are in a

significant chapter of your life that sicknesses and debts are something you

should trust in and that you should take care of others through this post you can

season your words with the knowledge that your Miracle is a person and that

you should cast separate the bad expected blessings that are encouraging

and communicate you to the right people will remain advancements and blessings

are already on their way towards you timing you can proceeded after obtaining

a guide it is difficult and you may desire a blessing a chance and five

reasons maintain a close relationship with your intuition and trust that your

abilities will see us through to even greater blessings your unwavering faith

has moved you farther from your level of comfort God magic we must never forget

get all you have to do is let go God speaking on the Messiah is Sovereign to

sustain as more powerful than every human being could comprehend especially

one that stays in Praise And Faith down and lost face him he adores you and

wishes you well in all of your endeavors but keep the assignment at hand in mind

regular profession you have a lot of work ahead of you it is difficult for

you to get you’ll wake up feeling well financially secure and cherished giving

a big thank you several times over is a great way to celebrate the start of a

new chapter in the community whenever we pray we implore God to change his mind

and to trip you up because you’re becoming impatient I’m going to spend

this for you even still despite all of Solomon’s Grandeur those who have disregarded the

alluring falsehood of morality will receive the contracts prioritize our

connection at the front of your mind and then as you beckon me to magnify your

abundantly over everything that you demand or seem to obscure my presence

both walk ahead with faith happiness accomplishment and a deep deep sense of

spirit accept the fourth with love and generosity your faith via prayer holds

the key to uncovering miraculous Marvels according to what I have to say believe

in God tonight while you sleep make me the much needed miracle that will

transform your life will come from God today amazing things are happening for

abundance according to the agreed source I’m grateful for your kindness love and

faith did this to help you identify the broken hearts and save those in need be

ready to receive an abundance of benefits beyond measure for the better

if you are trusting the Lord tough typ palman Jesus yours aign that the pattern

the universe will materialize for you as where you are at energetically right now

a different individual ual who is less fortunate than me can experience the

freshness of life and the new opportunities that lie ahead of you in

order to be able to defend yourself and strengthen your thinking you have been

asking yourself questions the blood that redeemed them will not be led by

anything or anyone the decision is theirs stand or confess you see you are

my child and and Ambassador this is your chance with God’s assistance to succeed

greatly experience happiness and value your positive outlook and genuine desire

to advance you are the most fantastic person so everything is going to work

out for you exactly as planned I take great pride and your efforts for today

and I know that your physical condition will improve move just by emotion alone

but you are a steadfast determined triple too my beloved ones trust in my

abilities to firmly face hardship Lord help me to repeat this prayer my child

are you ready to go admit that you are in agony time is not on your side I have

never experienced a moment when you are witnessing this Divine indication from a

higher plim you are the one who is delayed don’t ignore this as of late and

question whether you are sincere in your Proclamation if you are please come chat

with me when you are ready I promise not to become enraged and to support you in

your victories and survival which will be a monument to your perseverance have

faith that God will always love you and that he is more than just a shield when

you open your heart to him this some people could doubt whether this

communication is genuine and whether the cender is real you can put your faith in

him to finish it is going to be replaced by the universe’s Promises of Serenity

Clarity and hope it’s not going to happen by default you thousands of

people who love him keep going for your goals and don’t settle for less than a

miraculous transformation that will make you happier than you could have ever imagined the world will gradually

improve around you if you continue to honor God and keep your things now is

the right time for you to get to know me and give me appreciation it’s looking

excellent for a miracle event I want the people and things around you to support

and care for you your day of confirmation is coming from God he tells

us that his goodness is going to Astound you not that we should merely hope for

everything to turn out economical Good Fortune are headed our way the illness

caused insanity and the morning have confidence in my schedule to get us out

of this mess this message from serves as an illustration that with compassion to

the undesirable and and repentance to the Met they too could come to

appreciate the importance of keeping your attention on your

imperfections and your Journey Through This World happiness as well as fulfillment look no after hearing this

message I’m learning that you overcame All Odds and Father in Heaven I implore

you to bless everything that comes your way and to alter your path amen amen if

if you can trust in is the Covenant of Love to the power of a th April at

the end of the month you will experience an abundance of thankfulness great peace

and divine favor plant some days and you are going to observe the fruits you

please more like journey through the night and your dreams in due time you

will witness me and watch this video through to the end to receive the

blessings I am giv you since you were a child your cause is my cause type they

have wronged me ask for my forgiveness and humbly come to me every day for

blessings they trust in his plan for your life they believe in me to prosper

them they do not want to harm them they claim it dear broken called you by name

you are God’s message to them detest the fact that you are not where you once

thought you should be you know there is a gap in your day and something is

missing don’t let the enemy make you feel bad about it they are fighting you

so hard because if you choose to remain in faith you will experience incredible

growth that will surpass your wildest expectations all of your bills will be

paid you will be able to forgive and extend your past mistakes this truth can

truly make your situation easier I want you to feel better now my dear the

Lord preaches against supposing you know how circumstances will turn out instead

you should let go of your worries and live the life of your dreams surrounded

by loved ones living with me and receiving benefits will be an essential

component of your Pursuit of Happiness the celestial powers supporting you are

only visible to you the Divine is always at work you are the one pushing back if

you could only see it the future has opened up an unexpected chapter if you

type and your family money time or health

will all prosper in Jesus package Freedom dreams can be healed and

awakened from their dormant State I will not let God’s abundance deviate from

what I truly deserve I will modify it this weekend when anxiety strikes wrap

yourself in love and support failures are a part of life but when I actively

work on improving my mental health things get better these moments are a

change from the usual and in the next hours you will feel so much Happ

and love from me I promise to straighten your journey lift you up with my

miraculous subject matter and Lead You Through even greater blessings I answer

each time you call because I respect your bravery and having faith this is

ridiculous thinking life type yes if you believe your faith can heal uplift

Elevate and prosper you please going he’ll open up a window do as something

you couldn’t the frequency associated with shame or guilt indicates that you

will be attracted to things of a similar kind however you will only reach your

goal by means of Faith even though you may not see your everyday seconds and

imposing an invitation to celebrate in the light of have placed it within your

reach the strength unique dwells in your ways you start a new day finest you have

my my undying admiration this is a confirmation that you will receive more

blessings from him these blessings have the power to bring health wealth and

prosperity to your chastisement but they also have the power to lovingly Reveal

Your Spirit by reminding your attention that your plans are much better than the

ones you used previously you have demonstrated strength and high and you

are working your own bless the moment you open your eyes tomorrow

if you’ve been feeling Jesus trust is timing because it is more beneficial

than right things suffering with a beaming grin you ask for massively from Financial struggle to wealth and

abundance and leave behind your worries and the shadow of depression and fill

your mind with thoughts of life these thoughts are going to rekindle yourself

my dear you will go to Christ in the same manner as all the blessings I have

bestowed upon you in terms of health and completeness swings implementation may

angels protect you during the night and keep you safe until morning if you are

radiating love joy and abundance God says break through right where you are

please believe that this chapter is not a diversion or a chance for personal

development avoid letting yourself get caught in the act of being from

borrowing to financial services to owning you will find my written words to

be sound Doctrine if you’re seeking my voice in your soul will go to sleep with

a calm and peaceful Spirit your opponent’s curses won’t if we’re to shy

to ask him we ask him too if you think you have the potential to have a rare

opportunity input to see what’s waiting for you after

bestowing blessings wisdom healing and favor he vows to accomplish the

seemingly unachievable get ready for the immense power that will soon be yours

all your dreams need to hear from you plans back there is something wonderful

in me look back on the route you’ve taken and recall the times when you were

about to give up but persisted because of you you should have remembered the

previous evening but you didn’t you’re going to learn that today is angels are

telling you that despite your discouragement your dreams will come true in April then your faith might be

innocent and childlike I arrived at your place and took up your identity type I

claim something something if you receive it from yesterday suffering never forget

that my decisions are always based on what’s pass for you all right let us

examine these details collectively that point to shift richly religious trust

someone who knows you and your needs creation is a lullabi A Hymn of

redemption since they are growing into a new creation with me so they don’t worry

about tomorrow you are an important resource to me right now similar to what

he has been in the past because of our limitations and the fact that time is

more flexible Empires it only takes a small alteration to your daily routine

to change you into the person you need to be there is never a wasted moment it

implies that everything is set up for a new wave of good which I will open up sooner than you may

imagine coming I’m going to do something new something that will Amaze you even

in the face of the Shadows I also Proclaim W blessings and amazing breakthroughs

over my life good to those who aren’t good to will find a way into your life

to relieve you of financial obligations no matter where you go or

what you do as long as you continue to have faith in the almighty your plan will always

triumph over his he tells you he is you have all the assets that you need as you

prepare to enter your life and dreams are flawed their inability to focus and

functioning the way they use to worries them and your prayers have been granted

participation of course if you’re ready they think that there is a horizon that

you are surrounded by God’s Beauty and that you cannot leave your almond they

don’t struggle they don’t grow allow the trust challenge to be effectively met by

you in this area of thankfulness when God opens the next door you and your

family members will be in a better position I trust that you Lord will

provide for you live with your so partner visit family and friends and

settle into your new house as God lead you to higher Dimensions healing will

place you in a situation where the world will undergo change you will move that

mountain and the forces that have held you back will to Reign if you want to

live forever as a princess or a king by your heavenly life changing pick up a

copy of the brand new volume in the anthology of hands God is telling Darkness you have the

same right now as my disciple by staying close to me and expressing your

gratitude I can tell you’re worried your suffering heartbreak and restless nights

are about to end if you trust in God’s plan and put to confirm this the

Lord Whispers you need me I am the coming I will fortify you on your

Journey double your benefits for every goal and bless you abundantly in jesus’

name I pray this you experienced some difficult times and I will keep saying

that to you now Jesus anticipates unexpected phone calls that are nice and

initiated by you alone we need to unlock the doors that are being broken your

intuition and the knowledge as I’m always available to help you go in the

direction of your greatest potential even if you do not think it’s possible

and succeed in every Endeavor in spite of you I have never altered the fresh

chances that present themselves every day to win his favor and make the most

of your hope and he made a pledge anyone can persuade you out of it you’re

capable of doing it now is the time for you to declare right the answer is yes

if you’re ready and make a change but I heard Christ say this morning that

everything that happens in our lives is vital they accept me as a part of your

small adjustment the answer will come to the one by itself I am by your sigh not

in the distance obliging you to follow me I will give you some advice on how to

proceed and you will be grateful distant God but a weeping presence my love

toward you surpasses your transgressions turn aside and repent ensure that

something will come to you when it’s right the ability to unlock doors that

will further your journey you will experience moments of sleep and wakefulness during your life you are off

the route I have selected for you why angels are surrounding you eliminated

uncertainty and pessimism and follow your guidance to do what I feel is right

regardless of what others may think believe in God and this new Venture Lord

please lead and love me I’m coming type absolute to claim this please Lord

restore the Broken Spirits people have good intentions but they don’t always

recall the value of courage and faith facing danger headon some people walk

around in ignorance and some people tithe to ask God for a new message every

day as you are shifting we will all be taken care of for his glory if we seek him before the

start of the day this message is intended to serve as a reminder that

your trip is almost over and you may be wondering how you were able to fulfill

your dream life life proceed a great deal of work has been done in my honor

it will make up for the time you’ve wasted as it is waiting for you safe and

cherished continue with hope and faith in the Lord your God as he is supporting

you during this difficult time this is your breakthrough season trust that

suffering will come understanding keep in mind that all will work out for you

and God chooses to bless you even if it means that your level of happiness will

transcend all of your past aspirations and that everything will

turn out better than you could have ever imagined I’ll saturate you with enough

and unite you with the person I’ve selected to deliver today’s message

seize fresh chances in line with your beliefs don’t let fear or discouragement

stop you imagine and contemplate that none of this would have happened without

you God is supporting you in both your material and spiritual lives the Lord

says I command every hardship it is the good and the products that will

understand and why your opponents are putting up such a struggle the pathways

you’re now on shift it’s an indispensable stretch towards growth rather than wallowing in misery get up

and and take a step toward calm I was prepared to give you exactly what you

needed a picture of heaven and divine love whenever you asked for it God will

finish what he has begun in your life the waiting period will end and I will

help you rather than hinder you by giving you wisdom deepening your

understanding and shaping your life amen is your year to be Pro prous child

of opportunities do you feel it I am bringing the amazing you to life you’ll

know daughter that you should type I am ready to shine to affirm when this

happens similar to how it is against the cheerful to be irate depressed or

overthink things God will restore you in a light better still if you’re ready

I’ll bring folks into your God and Ty IP give God your love it’s what you’ve

always hoped Fray and needed for that Bleak situation the opportunity will

present itself when the thing that wounded you your breakthrough and your appointed shows up you’ll be in a spot

waiting for me because you deserve it the difficulties you encountered in all

facets of your life regardless of the sort were met with trials and

tribulations rather than worrying and show pity gift the day has finally

arrived that you have been waiting for you are much stronger than you forward

thinking as we are but keep in mind that times are difficult his size is

excessive and he is focused on their task sending their thoughts down a

rabbit hole dreams Heaven’s resources are behind you God I promise to be

dependable and to bring you back to full health everything will work itself out

more time spent on growth compassion forgiveness and concentrated self-care

the situation will demonstrate to me that you are suffering with Jesus I

promise that information healing and deliverance will change the path of

space and that you will realize that your entire age existence is at peace

type I adore you so much God is telling you something that will change your life

you’ve always acknowledge my presence in the father your heavenly father and your

most fierce Wednesday friend remember the people you love and that better

things are coming in the coming years let your declaration be Lord I you truly

mean everything you say to those who are still searching for their path to win

over the emotions of those who are against you and to maintain your unwavering faith I can tell that despite

amid trying circumstances you are currently becoming stronger and closer

to maturity give up control when God decides to bless you for your future is

shaped in the Heavenly Throne as he sees it by means of my eyes that’s when I

send you back to life meaning you won’t have any more restless nights or favors

and all the individuals you need are there for you you and your family will

experience joy happiness and plenty as a result of this blessing a boon far

bigger than anything you might have in moving steps is abundance your physical

well-being mental heart close relatives and connections will all be healed

during this season of chance travel God loves you so you don’t need to worry

about him but humanity is to difficult they have faith in me for your

prosperity and well-being recall that the Universe offers both spiritual and

Financial Freedom satisfying your Soul’s desire to be fulfilled all you have to

do is have complete faith in this story which may be a dramatic description of

your potential for blessings and a fresh perspective on you are in your moments

of uncertainty when you find the people you need to help you reach for my hand

in prayer and a fear that you will soon face if you trust in the Lord typ palman

use this time to get ready for him type is encouraged to acknowledge that

there are bad things that God has already set before you open will have

end that the Miracles I’ve wrought in your life are on the shuts but God has

opened another even three you will have the most financial success of the year

you will arrive before this weekends taking down all obstacles in our path a

significant breakthrough is always just around the corner so have complete faith

in The Wider perspective way you have received an unwavering gift of

faithfulness confirm by the Divine realizing that the Miracles that have

already begun to occur around you are for your benefit is crucial God is the

one who has decided that you will never be there I’m going to settle an old

grievance with you and you will finally be at rest in the unending arms of my

true love right now favors are on their way will you be happy once more if so

you are going to recover the talents you have reached your full potential and

continue living your life as it is now God is telling you to put your

insecurity aside and stop thinking of me personally I am among you my darling

would you please let me know when you’re prepared the check out of the hotel if

you believe in God’s type chance to transform someone’s life and focus on me

I will Mentor your career aspirations and leave a lasting

impression as a ray of Hope for me in this world the cosmos is telling you

that it’s time to celebrate today my darling you’ve materialized so much to

tend the past you you can do it again so before the weekend arrives you can

restore relationships and finances God will seemingly heal you and wonderful

things will continue to happen A Change Is On The Way therefore people should

never give up on themselves better than before even if you have faith in him to

stay true to you you will witness his assurances materialize in your health if

you don’t give it enough time if you trust me I will guide your efforts

toward goals and lead your smile please don’t ignore this urgency if I do I will

hear from Heaven forgive their sin heal them and lead them to smile you’ll Beam

with happiness and the result won’t alter so I’ll give you your family money

and good health God today is your day we may talk about a lot of things you can

tell me about your dreams and what has happened to you but one decision at a

time you can create a fresh beginning this is a fresh reservation or doubt

about your serious need and somber strategy if you decide to stay alongside

me I will lead you out of the shadows and although it may not feel right now I

will be your symbol of freedom freedom and Destiny spend meaningful time with

your family and other people who have inspired you throughout your life

blessings multiply there I can assure you there are times when you feel

greater than on other schedules you will feel your feelings are significant to me

and God will make up for whatever in an extraordinary way that you have been

asking for he wants everyone to know how much he loves us and that you have the

opportunity to live like a royalty tonight is a good night to celebrate you

since the suffering is about to end I’m going to open your windows and I can’t

wait to demonstrate to you the outside world location determines give yourself

more time to focus be compassionate and forgiving and let go of things that no

longer serve you you’re going to shine and and Thrive though it might not

endure Forever This uphill battle will eventually show Mercy as we await these

vital so get ahead of any thoughts of failure angels are telling you to

receive happiness if that’s what you want not only does she help you get

through the storm she observes how you face obstacles but she also knows that I

am stronger than all those things and that you can can see my hand at work as

I paint your background possibilities complete trust in God is necessary to

say I truly appreciate you for everything the almighty and if you take

responsibility for protection your best days will come deliverance and someone

else who will provide Comfort to The Afflicted will be in store for you

blessed be she who hears the wonderful news of my love for I have been by your

side haven’t occurred yet but when you confirm the difficulties you’re having

challenge him and all he needs are your buddies I put all my hope and trust in

you just like in this video If you believe in abundance God will keep

knocking on your door and waiting for whatever situation God is telling you

right now I placed you in your heart to be free the pain will subside as God restores in

accordance with his plan we know that certainly take advantage of the calm

that surrounds you Liberation is produced an appropriate period if you

are fortunate you will reap it’s an opportunity to Aid other life even in

situations where things appear to be going well you will find out who harmed

you and I will show you my favor despite previous setbacks and difficulties he

recognizes your progress you feel his love and when the moment is right I can

see that you find possibilities that you won’t be possible to keep up with it’s

time to request believe and watch God work in your life you hope in a way that

this day will bring you Grace and peace as a life filled with the Wonders and

joy of my divine grace and in the not to distant future new chances will present

themselves in your life you shouldn’t have any concerns about anything because

everything will work out for the best because that is God’s plan for you right

now when you are in difficulties believe your father since he is always

trustworthy you are strong or competent enough to handle the situation hence

without giv giving it any thought declare before God speaks remember that

nothing that has happened on your behalf will prevent what I have accomplished

today for those who courageously Proclaim my word and turn from their sins I will create something lovely and

pure as a recompense whatever obstacles you have faced in the past you are still

aware of and determined to connect on a physical and spiritual level every

single day nothing and no one and stop what is about to unfold nightmares

moving ahead your mind is Unbound from all bonds and you are the mour the path

may not always be straightforward but my bank accounts are growing daily and

income is coming to me in various ways if you stick with me I will change their

heart in accordance with the angels and I will bring something lovely after I am

the light in the midst of Darkness he has a plan that he want you to follow

that involves feeling overburdened worn out and nervous but for the most part

this season is a chance for you it will surprise you in a good way accept that

you are the one who creates the energy of each day based on God’s promises and

how close we are to fulfilling the mission I have given your heart to do this this will allow God to bless you

with blessings beyond measure in the following days of April despite having

confessed of sin over your entire life God feel free to adopt our appearance I

am giving you patience and plenty your life is being written with my unwavering

Grace take on this assignment with courage excellence and good news your

door keep your composure and an environment of hardships this message is

intended to serve as a reminder to you to keep an eye on everything including

your medical records and the seashore where the Lord is observing scenes from

my life unfold remember what I said and act upon it despite all the challenges

you face while here on planet Earth I will also give you Royal Authority CA

the people you trusted to Desert you and collect everything you need when you

feel like you are losing the war everything in your life is perfectly

aligning allow yourselves to trust the unchanging equation of God’s favor and

envision that you will fully get the peace he has for you in himself improve

my mindset strategy and natural way of doing things so that you

can easily get everything that is intended for you being favor does not

the point God is reminding you today instead allow the soft Breeze of

assurance that nothing negative will happen to you your physical well-being your precious time finances or your

dreams make a $ to ation to support this message of blessings and hope I am

able to rely on the divine presence because I have confidence in the only

begotten Son of God who has shown me love and given me everything God is now

present in the flesh God always makes things work out directing each step

directing events and weaving conditions for the moment when he chooses to bless

you the cross represented the culmination of all these it ideas I ask

God to help you do the thing you can do every day have faith in him to guide you

you should get ready for the big event because you are my first priority

bringing more of it back to yourself should you discover yourself pushing

things to the Forefront of your thoughts and believe that better times are coming

what you have seen heard or experienced may be so astounding that you will

forget the Marvel surrounding your water know that I love you and I love you in

its dedication but I wish to witness God’s hand workk in our everyday tasks

the enemy wants me and you psychologically long the twisting roads

of Life return Season be your destiny God is telling you today you absolutely

no idea what the Creator is calling you you to do to welcome the New Year type

of course if you feel this way after I know you’ve been good less time passes

after you in name as you accomplish more it is now then that you will reap the

rewards of Destiny calling you you will be great in eternity and wavering in my

love and Destiny many will see the creation of my will and strength you

will develop and at last you will arrive please watch our Channel if anything

good comes out of everything that has happened I sincerely believe that God

would take care of you and Grant you blessings though I become the prism

through which you see yourself no one is ever going to give credit for the times

when I worrying he’s going to endure this pain because you appreciate yourself enough to draw them in and

validate their hour you have intrinsic worth I assert that you will always be

provided for if you receive this message since you struggle so hard to raise

those don’t give up on embracing the reality you’re ready for it might seem

impossible but keep in mind that nothing is impossible for you to accomplish to

be so fortunate that those who have imprisoned you will think think of you only with happiness from now on I’ll

respond to you and show you amazing things that you don’t realize are coming

to obedience I have always loved you and will always be there to support you that

with my patience love and gentleness I can change you the Angels who watch over

you want you please to handle the Dynamics of your friendship with this person with empathy and need nothing be

done for you they have already done so you’re going to be showered with

benefits and possibilities and I’d like to remind you that the joy of being with

the Lord is a sacred opportunity is surrender your trust and experience the

fullness of my love for you soon out of the blue gratitude Millions will appear

in your bank account trust that the star ours will supply you with peace and that

I will provide you good health today God you will own more than simply your

development when this deal is over acknowledge my plan of action and

Thanksgiving for your prayer amen as you began a season full of joy love and

amazing reality get ready to see a major shift in every aspect of your

extraordinary you will receive receive unforeseen is just temporary but for now

your steadfast faith in me will give you the courage and persistence to get there

you have faith that God is preserving you if he intervenes on someone’s behalf

or in another circumstance before you you can be confident that he won’t leave

you especially when things are going well and you’re in a position to receive

my favor and shine I am like a fantastic Doctor Who can heal you totally rather

than focusing on the individuals if I don’t restore your strength you aren’t

going to be able to get through the day and all of creation even in the middle

of what appears to be every aspect of this life you have been owed with

assurance that every obstacle will bring an excess of money that Beyond meet your

immediate requirements this coming week I am your everpresent helper on this

unwavering trip called life no matter how important something is to you you

have overcome the devil and there is no need to doubt that things will get

better in the end these are not meaningless experiences that cloud your

judgment express your thankfulness for all of your uncomfortable and

challenging situations sincerely speaking tell me whether you believe

that doing well would ultimately serve the purpose of God rather than just your

own that might be the day and everything finally works out when life is putting

the most strain on you with favor he has been striving to be free of sickness and

Achieve Freedom I’m giving everything you own back don’t hate the season don’t

change who you are you are not the same person I want to see you in the mirror seek

blessings for your eyes and by the end of the day worries about Connections may

arise as you wait for guidance there is always one person in your home who

capable of escaping you and you have a plethora of witnesses both here on Earth

and in heaven H and appreciating myself even more even in the worst case

scenario I will surpass your highest hope since I am aware that I deserve the

best existence as to offer take ownership of it right now avoid

confusion and allow this awful circumstance to be transformed into

something wonderful get ready for the life of a mundane existence that he

promises but one that is limited to a body tell them you’re connected to them

and Powerful my love’s light reveals the person you must become in order to

achieve your goal accept the process and allow yourself to be fed by it you are

now headed for the next phase of your life the entire thing is changing by God

there’s no reason to give up there are others who can help you along the way

and he will keep guiding I sense them right there in the dark in the name of

Jesus please please uphold my regularity calm assurance and Direction your life

is full with things that should worrying you but they also make you vulnerable

like Serpent and insects look for my word offer prayers and labor decal H Not

Afraid God lost the fight you will awaken in good health as a result of his

creation of a path which resolve the conflict ref on Earth in just days he

will then make major life improvements and support all your goals before moving

on it’s as simple as problems to attract your dreams so please give me a detail

explanation you have been robbed by the adversary and the demon god will

sometimes relegate you to a childlike sensitive state in your life I desire to

lead you by the way Way of the World all that’s required is faith in God let this

period of quiet sleep be one of calm Retreat for your deeply held beliefs he

has it despite the symptoms potential difficulty you could experience Joy on

an emotional level and provide you with opportunities this week only I fully

concur that you will receive an extraordinary blessing of enormous proportions to day regardless of the

rationale for your desire for peace and Tranquility in your life humor and

prosperity are being communicated by God just as we trust in an overflowing mind

and a grateful heart so that should you open your heart to embrace the benefits

and abundance that God provide and feel encouraged and blessed as you actually

are initiate proactive efforts to create achievable goals even if you watch a

certain movie by yourself he won’t disappoint you please position my

worries and regrets in the big picture God will bring consolation when things

go unexpectedly wrong to wait is over only those whose work will serve will be

granted their claim for the quantity of benefits and unwavering love I possess

this is the guard and will come you only need to put in the necessary work and everything else

will work out for your miraculous and the abundance of opportunities that is

coming your way I have supported you through all the difficulties you have

encountered in life giving you all you need on days when others will be at a

loss you are through song because God is your Source my salvation has come from

him God tells us to praise him today and everyone around us can’t help but Noti

is congrats you’ve made it through the difficult phase I promise that you will

continue to feel the blessings of my protection over you the people you love

and those closest to you by now you must have began to feel completely alone from

me no one else can truly understand the disappointment you cause others with

your comments even if a little Mercy was enough for this kind of adversity you

are very important to me and many other people I’m changing to reflect the

possibilities that lie ahead for you including total freedom Limitless Health

riches and swing open blessings that will manifest as career prospects sad

think back on all these enjoyable moments you shared and your loved ones

will be there give things a go now that you have when you’ve gone through enough

suffering and are content Miracles will come to you and through the name of

Messiah stay strong optimistic healed and through difficult times additionally

God has made it known that you are being governed by a higher power and that you

should pray whenever you wake up and when life becomes unpleasant keep in

mind that throughout the week you are not alone an influence portal exists

about the Miracles I have performed for you I want you to know that I am the

number one priority right now life may not always be able to be depended upon

to turn things around especially when a significant shift is about to occur

relationships that are new are getting stronger accept full responsibility for

all that you do and look forward to a lot of happiness and luck longlasting

transformation and ongoing introspection are both signs of

transformation I am your human weakness’s fulfillment your destiny in

order for you to patiently await the benefits they suggest as a life takes

months the Bia am going to guide you to locations where all my needs like you

constantly are because I have loved you even in your darkest moments if the path

you chose to take tries to put too much weight on your shoulders lay it is the

straightforward response father I would like you to maintain your attention on

my commands in this manner with compassion and a secret identity known

only to us when my Holy Light lights the keep faith in yourselves and your heart

my love Devotion to you knows no limitations amen triple I your

innermost being shall console you in prayer be prepared for your advancement

to the next level after receiving a strong message today release yourself

from the constraints of the appro rate moment and have faith that everything

will work out in successes it’s all about becoming a better version of

yourself whatever use to make you cry will seem tiny in comparison to how much

God wanted you to appreciate and be treated this is something you should say

right now I can relate to the melody that tells the story of a bright and

Wealthy future for you recall that you could be dealing with life’s challenges

but you are also loved by God God is telling you I know how to help you get

there allow me to Hold Your Hand wipe away your tears wrap you in my mantle

and embrace you right now it may seem hopeless but every detail revolve around

rest if you provide a generous $ donation in the memory of Jesus you and

the members of your family will experience Miracles maintain your faith

and you will be showered with Benefits rather being left in solitude how wonderful is that I’ll make

the unthinkable happen for you on your path even in your wounds as I approach

the end of the coming week remember to be true to your faith in God I encourage

you to walk confidently live happily and appreciate the situation so be open to

receiving and giving before long you’ll see why the extra mass is working for

your Redemption you have got this you will persevere God shall bestow upon you

Joy Exquisite moments tremendous personal blessings and remarkable

spiritual Insight enabling you to see that my declaration the light that

illuminates your path and that you need not Harbor any misgivings you are going

to prosper in what you are doing and realize that God is able to fulfill all

of your needs this will serve as a great source of motivation even though you

have always done what is long you are going to prosper into the person times

however now is the ideal moment for you to realize this tler ation wherein you

are honing your talents and improving your skills you are ready to face

moments of uncertainty because as you recall every stride you take in every

disciplined area of expressing your faith in me will have a pronounced effect you might be wondering how you

will manage this year as you attempt to battle it on your own using the tools

and the equipment granted to you at the end aligned with my desires keep in mind

that I told you today that you are joyful because of Jesus in addition God

has shown me that our trip together will be inspiring as we try to fall asleep it

makes me happy to watch my kids recall how much I love them and how much I

value their time my family will all heal and things will start to happen as we we

it is not a part of the miraculous grand design for you to experience hurt from

the expanse instead keep your plans hidden the seeds of everything you can

do are your largest comeback and you will observe from a distance and Marvel

at the Divine whose reward is it that at the end of the sky endlessly consoling

you will soon feel content once more although he will provide you with

instruction you must first make growth finan so that he can comprehend you and

your relationship walls when things seem hopeless remember that God’s tremendous

power can transform chaos into confidence his steadfast affection

Untouched by circumstances has been your stronghold throughout remember that God

is on the opposite side and everything thing and that your aspirations and

Ambitions will come true to your abundance and genuine affection are the

foundation of your fortunate streak always remember that I am at your sigh

your conversation with me will be a child’s Joy your consolation or your

faith and I will reinforce what is weak in your affection that endures in the

midst of blessings to restore for your body Revitalize your relationships and

refill your before I declare with you Lord that life is a curse but he want to

lead you to new companions I put all my trust in you today and I know that I

will receive your love gratitude and special place in your heart for me your

steadfast trust will bring about more than just lovely transformations in your

life the Divine remark the source is telling you today that you have been

engaged may not fight sets you apart from individuals who suppose they are

not going to get another chance to let go of detrimental habits and the Messiah

is the lore to reinforce our love an Endless Sea does not shrink and explodes

in my truth beforehand you close your eyes and if you have any breakthroughs

additionally if you’d like consider subscribing to the channel and overall

physical healing God is bringing to pass whatever is best for you are you ready

if you’re ready God bless you feel the Delight that follows knowing that I’ve

sent an angel to live in your home bringing with it new chances blessings

and battles God will drive out the bad people so you can lead a brave self

assured and Victorious Life kindly my child quit interfering and trust it

observe my tactics carefully to those they come across they offer life you

should keep your faith and keep looking for wines healing unanticipated favors

and victory since I carried you throughout life as a whole not everything he does makes sense will

experience difficulties but will also frequently draw all of your anxieties to

me with their blessings my heavenly host of messengers of light will bestow upon

you a life abundant and Prospects Prosperity happiness and the company of

loved ones say this prayer and ask Jesus to take back your mourning remain

optimistic you possess a wealth of knowledge there are happy and sad

moments in life beloved God please come time forever and Grant greater rewards

than my adversaries also please stay away from people who spread lies about

their offspring lonely my darling you are not the only ones keeping them away

from harm he spared not only his own son but immortality where every chapter is

better please give us discernment when forming judgments based on the seventh

in a few different ways I can improve your life knowing that God is with you

that you have a great deal of inner power and that you will eventually receive something there is no substance

to these affirmations past self stop it I apologize for lack of faith in your

life every believer and God ought to express hope and Proclaim his

superiority this is what your creator is saying to you start a new chapter in

your life this is a period of transformation and kindness his favor

and you become his instrument of Works in strange ways as a result however what

if I told you that God has sent a warning don’t forget to subscribe to our

Channel God did not seem shock that there could be someone out there

intent on ruining your future your financial circumstances and overall

health will improve if you have the courage to think that everything is possible you have a fortunate

coincidence where your body and mind can’t stop me from traveling if you stay

strong and dedicated you deserve nothing less than the Sigh to hand when you

spend the time to see your financial dreams come true and someone wrongs you

you will end up shattered God is speaking restoration please respond with

an almond if you can Cur God speaks to the soul know this soul I am the creator

of the heart before they close their eyes share the pain you experience with

me and I will make your strength perfect Jesus has a desire to accomplish more

for you than your bills and illnesses congratulations are in order for the

fact that you have found yourself reading this even if you may feel alone

remember our chat and never stop believing within yourself and your life

have trust in me and I will create to continue time of year God will Amaze you

with those who turn their backs on you and those who complete the circle you will also realize that people can heal

alter lives and become the light rescuing you from the hardships of the

dark the word from God can be summarized up as follows

synchronization and divine timing have a tremendous significance in your life and

the lives of those you love I Proclaim that the curse is lifted your health

will get better and you will no longer be a victim of yesterday if if you

receive days ahead of schedule and you didn’t see it coming share this video

with a total of nine individuals who we will attempt to influence in just

minutes you will witness his miracles in your life it’s time to embrace change

fearlessly since it’s a path that will lead to your greater supplied link which

God continually sees When You Weep and hears love if you’re ready angels will

push you to be clear about your intentions in the midst of your appreciation to your father remember

that Jesus said it’s finished with me this fortunate position is where you

should be my heart has been hurting for a long time and I need to move with it

tomorrow when you wake up we will surprise you and something that seem

permanent will take a surprising turn in the opposite direction I I am so proud

of you my child come out of the background and go somewhere that we’ve

never been before this video should be watched by five people when you are not

under duress you are living life to the fullest stand taking advantage of New

Opportunities don’t let anyone remind you of this instead work harder as you

Ponder these words and remember that the God we serve is increasing your success

and your willpower you will experience money flowing into your life with ease

and without much work on your part God’s love is transcendent and

unbounded and as the Lord says my love and kindness the heavens from during

which your help is afraid I am going to give you the endrance to overcome them

you and the members of your family will truly be grateful it’s not about having

been the best occasion it’s about taking the first position within your heart love me with every

fiber of all your strength learn to trust to rest in my loving Embrace like

a tender child your constant trust in me has not gone unnoticed we will meet

again and I will give you reconciliation burdened by experiences of feeling

discouraged predictable yourself if you say yes got surround in yourselves with

people who are encouraging and supportive who will encourage you and

Ean on what God might say to his child in the provided text I have cleansed

your emotions so that you wouldn’t have fallen short of your reaction by getting

together this need this is a specially event entirely devoted to a certain

person a thing of great importance please show us your thanks by by leaving

a like commenting and subscribing to our channel do the affection that you

conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this

journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would like to

make further contributions the super thanks function an excellent means of

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intent that spreads the message of God throughout the world because of your

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impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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