SURRENDER YOUR DAY “TO GOD” | Gods message today

hello beautiful

souls welcome back to our

Channel today we’re embarking on a

powerful journey together a powerful

prayer to express our deepest gratitude

to the

almighty dear God as I start this prayer

I am humbled by your honor

presence in every breath I take I feel

feel your love surrounding

me thank you for being my Guiding Light

my constant companion on this journey


life today I want to express my

gratitude for the countless blessings in


life for the love of family and friends

for the laughter that fills my home and

for the warmth of shared

moments thank you for the tapestry of

exper experiences that make up my

life Lord I Thank you not only for the

joyous moments but also for the

challenges that have shaped

me through adversity I have discovered

strength within I never knew

existed thank you for molding me into

the person I am

today your creation is a masterpiece

God from the town in mountains to the

smallest creatures each part of nature

reflects your Divine

Artistry thank you for allowing me to

witness the Grandeur of your

creation your love oh Lord is a beacon

that lights up my darkest

days thank you for the unwavering love

that carries me through life

storms your love is my anchor and I am


grateful God thank you for the unique

gifts and talents you’ve bestowed upon

me may I use them to make a positive

impact in the world to be a vessel of

your love and

compassion as I journey through life I

am grateful for the moments of spiritual

growth thank you for the lessons that

shape my soul and Draw Me Closer to You

you guide me oh Lord on this path of


transformation as we conclude this

prayer let our hearts remain open to the

blessings that surround

us may this expression of gratitude

deepen our connection with the Divine

and inspire a ripple of thankfulness in


world thank you for joining me in this

Soul stirring prayer

remember the more we thank the more we

receive until next time may your days be

filled with love light and boundless

gratitude God bless you



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