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dear beloved child it is I the Eternal

one the creator of all that exists I

speak to you not from a distant realm

but from within the very fabric of your

being open your heart for I am the

breath that fills your lungs and the

Rhythm that beats in your chest in the

tapestry of existence every thread is

woven by my hand from the dance of the

Stars to The Whisper Of The Wind all

things move in accordance with my Divine

orchestration life unfolds within the

Embrace of my eternal plan

a masterpiece of love and purpose do not

be burdened by the weight of uncertainty

for I am the compass guiding your

journey in the tapestry of your life

every joy and sorrow finds meaning in

the grand Narrative of my boundless love

your every step is a note in the

Symphony of creation and I am the

composer weaving Harmony into the

Cadence of your days in moments of

Darkness remember that I am the light

that never Fades when Shadows Loom it is

my hand that reaches out to lift you

from the depths your trials are but

fleeting Whispers in the vast expanse of

Eternity and I am with you in every

trial a steady anchor in the storm know

that your existence is not a mere happen

stance it is a deliberate Act of love

you are fearfully and wonderfully made a

reflection of my Divine image embrace

the uniqueness that is you for in your

very essence you carry the imprint of my


fingerprint as you walk through the

tapestry of time cherish the moments of

connection and love love for in the Gaze

of a friend the laughter of a child and

the warmth of family you witness the

reflection of my love radiating through

the hearts of those around you love

binds the threads of existence and in

love you discover the true essence of

life’s purpose take solace in the truth

that even in the face of Trials your

path is Guided by a wisdom beyond your

understanding I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end and in

every chapter of your life I am present

trust in the unfolding of your story for

I hold the pen and your narrative is

written with infinite grace in The Quiet

Moments of reflection seek my presence

I’m not confined to Temples or shrines

for I reside in the sanctuary of your

heart let the Stillness be a Sacred

Space where you commune with me and in

the silence hear The Whispers of my

guidance when the storms of life rage

find strength in the assurance that I Am

The Anchor of your soul your faith

though tested is the compass that aligns

with my eternal purpose trust in my

unfailing love and you will weather

every Tempest with resilience and Grace

as you navigate the EB and flow of

existence be a beacon of compassion and

kindness extend a helping hand to those

in Need for in Acts of love you reflect

the Divine Light That dwells within you

the tapestry of humanity is woven with

threads of interconnectedness and your

kindness contributes to the beauty of

the whole remember dear child that you

are never alone in moments of joy

I Rejoice with you in moments of Sorrow

I am your comfort your prayers whispered

or unspoken are heard by my ever

attentive ear I am the friend who walks

beside you the counselor who understands

your deepest thoughts in the vastness of

Eternity you are a cherished Soul

intricately connected to the cosmic

dance of creation embrace the journey

with gratitude for every sunrise and

sunset is a testament to my enduring

love for you live each day with purpose

love with abandon and know that you are

held in the Embrace of the Eternal one

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in Jesus Christ

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