do not want you to disregard my voice because it is reassuring you in a loving manner that you should not be afraid

that I am with you that you are not alone and that you will succeed even if

it may seem that everything is working against you your Victory is close at hand so do not shut this video and do

not leave this Paige this is not a mere coincidence if you are receiving this

message it is because your time has come I about to disclose something Supernatural to you deep down your soul

your spirit feels it you are on the point of experiencing it you are about

to experience it I have the ability to do miracles in your life if you have

faith that is both simple and sincere this is something that I

strongly encourage you to listen to comprehend Embrace and accept with love

I am aware that you are going through a difficult time but have confidence that I can help you take it easy because I am

already working in your favor you may experience confusion because the cacophony in your head may

be able to drown out the soothing voice of my Holy Spirit do not shut your ears

do not let the irritation that you feel from your errors to overwhelm you forgive

yourself I know that you used to feel powerful but now you are exper experiencing a decline in your strength

I know that you are exhausted and that you are feeling weak but my power is made perfect in your

weakness now I want you to rise up address this issue with courage and pay

careful attention in response to what I’m going to say do not be afraid of

those who hide in the shadows with cowardly intentions allow my words to reignite the flame of my love inside

your heart you will learn to confront obstacles and difficult circum ances you

will climb walls and defeat Army and stand firm in battle like a powerful

Warrior do not be troubled by those who chatter and condemn you nor by the storms that arise on the

horizon I am your God and I am with you I am your father and my deepest wish is

to protect you so that you are protected like a valuable treasure I will give you

Victory and you will be successful because I am the master of gold gold and silver the supplier of your Necessities

I Empower those who are modest and upright but I bring down those who are dishonest and

abusive child you are protected by my arm and no issue or adversary is too

huge for me to handle I will grant you Victory threaten my flock victory is

yours I am your source of strength rush to me in the thick of the storm I am your rock of Salvation your Refuge your

God do not believe that this circumstance will bring an end to your happiness or Rob the success that you

have committed yourself to achieving yourself to your family and approached me with your faith ignited feel it and

your heart jumps with excitement my power is already performing wonders in your life because

of your faithfulness and your active real Faith do not be concerned you have

made the first step toward achieving your goals I will give you many more years filled with knowledge and you will

use them to spread my light to those who are still dwelling in darkness know that when you pray I listen and wait in your

heart for my response I am here for you you have cried ou

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