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my dearest child I speak to you now with a heart overflowing with boundless

eternal love a love that knows no limits a love that will never fade or falter my

concern for you runs Soul deep an ever-flowing River of paternal affection

that desires nothing more than your absolute well-being in every facet of your life there are times when a

father’s role demands a firm yet compassionate hand not born of anger or

disappointment but springing forth from the very Wellspring of profound and Abiding Love on this

day I must address a matter that weighs heavily upon my heart like a millstone

an issue that troubles me deeply for I see it causing you Grievous harm and hindering your journey towards true

fulfillment lasting joy and the radiant Destiny I have lovingly crafted for you

my beloved child I have been a witness to the choices you have been making and

the path you currently tread fills me with deep concern there are actions

habits and behaviors that have insidiously woven themselves into the fabric of your life leading you astray

and away from the Abundant overflowing life I so desperately want you to experience I have watched as these

injurious patterns have taken root slowly entangling you in their snares and diverting you from the sacred course

I have set before you but hear me now with every ounce of Love That courses

through my infinite being you must stop engaging in these destructive actions immediately cease them at once you may

wonder why I am urging you to desist from these harmful ways with such urgency and adamant it is because I see

with the clarity of my all- knowing Vision the long-term devastating consequences they

will surely bring these detrimental choices and behaviors are like noxious weeds in the vibrant Garden of your soul

choking out the beautiful fragrant flowers of my grace and suffocating the

Abundant flourishing life I have so lovingly planned for you from the dawn of

creation my precious child I have created you for a sacred purpose a

purpose far greater far more Transcendent than the fleeting superficial Pleasures these

deleterious actions offer I have destined you for greatness Beyond Your Wildest imaginings for a joy that knows

no bounds and for a peace that surpasses all human understanding but as long as you persist

in these harmful behaviors you will never fully experience the depths of my

unfathomable love or the richness of my boundless blessings upon your life you

may feel trapped in snared by the seductive Allure of these pernicious habits their tendrils coil tightly

around your heart but know this my child you are never alone in this arduous

struggle I am with you always watching over you guarding you ready to extend my

mighty hand and lift you out of the suffocating Darkness into the Glorious radiant light of my infinite all

consuming love all it takes is for you to turn to me to surrender these burdens

at my feet and to place your unwavering trust in my power the same power that

spoke the cosmos into being to break the chains that bind you and set you

free I understand that the prospect of Breaking Free from these deeply ingrained patterns may seem daunting

even impossible to your finite mind but remember this eternal truth with me your

heavenly father all things are possible you are not defined by your past

mistakes or your current agonizing struggles you are defined by my love for you a love that knows no bounds a love

that never gives up on you a love that will pursue you relentlessly to the furthest reaches of creation and Beyond

so my most precious child I implore you with every fiber of my being to heed my

words and take immediate action stop engaging in these destructive behaviors right now turn your eyes away from the

temporary vapid pleasures of this Fallen World and fix your unwavering gaze upon

the eternal Soul satisfying joy that awaits you in the warm embrace of my loving arms open

your heart fully to my transforming power and allow me to lead you into a life of true Freedom lasting peace and

boundless fulfillment a life defined by the brilliant Radiance of my glory shining

forth through you like a beacon in the darkness I know that lasting change is

rarely easy and the journey may be fraught with challenges that seem insurmountable to your human Frailty but

I promise you this I will walk beside you every step of the way guiding you

with my Infinite Wisdom strengthening you with my inexhaustible power and

filling you continually with the soothing balm of my unending unfailing

love together you and I will overcome every obstacle Vanquish every Foe and

you will emerge Victorious shining brightly as a brilliant reflection of my grace

mercy and resplendant Majesty to the world my beloved child the time for

decisive action is now do not delay or hesitate a moment longer choose life

choose Freedom choose me and the Transcendent reality of my eternal Kingdom for in me and in me alone you

will find everything your heart longs for and so much more an overflowing abundance of blessings beyond the scope

of your wildest dreams or highest imaginings I await your response with

the boundless patience and unconditional love only I can give with all my love

forever and always your heavenly father dear beloved your super thanks fuel our

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child I am here with you now surrounding you with my endless love trust that the

moments spent in my presence are always worthwhile after listening to what I

have to say you will feel liberated and whole my love is your support and my

peace brings you Tranquility as New Times approach you

will meet them with a Serene Spirit while many around you may be influenced by fear here you will remain calm secure

in the knowledge that I love you unconditionally and will never leave your side no matter what challenges this

World presents declare it aloud and put it in writing who loves you so profoundly who moved the very

foundations of existence to bless you comfort you in sorrow and dry your tears who sacrificed

everything for you cherishing you beyond measure who conquered death itself

Rising with eternal might to demonstrate that you too can overcome all obstacles and limitations you are the child of the

Everlasting holy and all powerful King you are the recipient of spiritual

blessings and the embodiment of victory in me you will always find a secure

Refuge I will be your constant Shield comforting you in both joyful and

challenging times granting you strength lifting you from the depths and

illuminating your path in the darkest hours today I invite you to hear my

words with a tranquil heart do not be afraid when you find yourself on uncertain or shadowy paths

you are never alone my hand is always intertwined with yours guiding you

towards a life of endless blessings rest in my unconditional love and trust that

I will lead you to the light rescuing you from the darkness that occasionally envelops your soul it is your faith that

ignites the flame and brings Clarity to my words it is your heart that rejoices

upon hearing my gentle voice your future is secure in my hands I Will Bless You

So abundantly that your past struggles and painful memories will fade away the world and those around you may

suggest that continuing the fight is feudal but listen to me when I say that once you fully grasp the depth of my

love for you you will yearn to live forever my love fills you envelops you

transforms you and surrounds you with peace and affection causing your problems to vanish and all conflicts to

be resolved I did not create you to suffer endlessly let your faith be ignited and

dare to believe I brought you into this world to Grant you the keys to my kingdom empowering you to be courageous

and claim the blessings that await you sitting in a corner weeping and lamenting is not your destiny you have

been chosen to experience Victory after Victory blessing after blessing that is

your Divine Purpose feel the gentleness and affection of my presence as it covers

you holding you tenderly in my holy Embrace do not be afraid as you walk

even though many may try to instill fear in you causing you to doubt my promises and lose faith my Holy Spirit fills your

soul and in moments of discouragement I will comfort you with a whisper of love

it is not my will for you to live burdened by sadness and guilt yes I have

forgiven your sins and you owe nothing do not allow anyone to convince you of

undeserved guilt or burden you with bitterness you should not carry my child

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journey watching over you and all that you do I guard you as you return home

and protect you through the night I am always with you cherish these words and

do not forget or ignore them I want them engraved in your heart for they are a

gift of affection a display of love you know that my words give you life filling

your weary heart with courage and energy I will continue to hold you in my hands and no one can snatch you away not

discouragement sadness or the attacks of your enemies

for my words give you strength and will lift you up even if you have stumbled I

love you this is is the truth and no force in the universe can surpass this

love respond to me with loyalty and devotion take a moment to write down and

express how you receive these words with gratitude and what you hope for with faith and blessing declare it and write

it now I am listening and accepting your trust with faith beloved your case is

settled your mistakes erased and you are forgiven I no longer remember your sins

you have made Brave and beautiful choices deciding to leave the past behind and walk in truth your

determination to adhere to my word and believe Until the End are wise decisions I will make others see in you

what I see a valuable and intelligent person who knows what they want and

understands the effort and courage required to achieve it recognize that faith in my word and prayer are more

powerful weapons than any hidden schemes the enemy might use against against you you stand firmly on the rock of Truth

and heir to my Everlasting promise I protect you with love and care and my

holy armies surround you rise courageously and go forth bring back

those family members who are distant from me using the power of my word to break through barriers many blessings

are yours granted to you with Grace and love now fight for them with

determination and bravery do your part and let me clear away what holds you back I want you to shine

brightly like a diamond go forth and fight for your family earn your livelihood and fear no one do not be

overwhelmed when opportunities arise for everything you do is for the betterment and future of your family my gaze has

swept across the world and rested upon you I have seen deep within you the heart of a brave Warrior I heard your

prayer and listened as you earnestly sought my presence like a servant yearning for water your soul thirsts for

me calling out day and night I tested your faith allowing you to walk through

a desert to see if your faith was strong and pure enough to turn you into an unbreakable anointed Warrior you passed

this test with steadfast faith and devotion Not Looking Back even as you

endured great struggles and your love for the world did not outweigh your your love for me you know I can cry too my

tears fall upon your soul I weep with joy because you are the vessel through which I choose to show my

love to the world I ask only that you love me with all your heart and mind

without any doubt and that you do not remain indifferent to the suffering of others it deeply touches me to see how

much you love me and how ready you are to support your family and be a blessing to your people and your nation don’t

hide I’m speaking to you even if you think you’re too old to dream that’s not

true I can renew all your desires filling you with a new passion to live

more intensely than ever before in one year you will reach the goals you

thought were Beyond reach you’ve dwelt on the negative outcomes that nearly ruined your life due to past mistakes

and sins but hear me now believe with all your heart and strength my beloved

child I want you to know that your past is behind you the darkness and despair

that once consumed you have no place in your life anymore don’t let your mind Linger on those who have not shown you

the grace of forgiveness they are missing out on the freedom that comes with extending Mercy you are here with

me now and there’s no going back to the way things were I have raised you up and brought

you into my presence I am your Advocate and your righteous judge through my love

your sins are forgiven you don’t have to keep paying the price for your mistakes you’ve already faced the consequences

and journeyed through the Wilderness the vibrant thriving life you now see before you is not a Mirage born

from desperation it is real I am here welcoming you with open arms offering

you freedom and a fresh start you are no longer held captive by your past

Proclaim it boldly write it down and share it with the world let everyone know that you are forgiven alive and

free your case is closed and there is no condemnation for you embrace my

forgiveness and open your heart to my love choose to rise above your

circumstances and live the life I have planned for you your dreams will become reality because I am your life your way

and your truth a future filled with blessings and joy awaits you and your loved ones never allow doubt or thoughts

that diminish my love to take root in your heart reflect on all the ways I have been there for you and let those

thoughts give you the courage to persevere to fight for your dreams and

to never give up when you entertain negative words and ideas you open the

door for the enemy to accuse and torment you if you place more value on the

opinions of those who dislike you than on my word they will gradually rob you

of your peace your joy and your purpose I want you to speak life over yourself

to think deeply about my promises to write them down and to believe in me no

matter what storms may come never question the unending love I have for you it is yours and you know it to be

true I will never withhold my love from you if you feel distant or abandoned

it’s because you’re allowing the trials of life to dampen the passion in your heart hold fast to me so that the Winds

of adversity don’t sway you remember in times of abundance or need I am your

Shepherd I will make sure that you have more than enough and that you and your family will be filled with joy even in

the presence of those who look down on you my blessing and mercy will follow you wherever you go when the enemy tries

to deceive you with his lies stand firm and declare my life belongs to God and

my soul is in his hands I am faithful to my Lord forever believe it with all your

heart for it was is and always will be true this is the sign you’ve been

waiting for the answer to your prayers you’ve cried out to me shed tears and

pleaded for a solution to your troubles now I am here to respond this is not a

coincidence you’re hearing these words at at the exact moment you need the most my Holy Spirit surrounds you and gives

you strength you’ve sensed that I wanted to communicate with you but I waited for

the perfect time so that you could fully experience my love I’ve been preparing you in various ways through words and

phrases with powerful messages that seem to jump off the pages of your Bible when you read it with a sincere heart today

you’ve opened your heart to hear from me to renew your Comm commitment to me and to offer me your faith trust and hope

believe that I hear your prayers so you don’t have to feel anxious wondering if

your words are reaching me from the moment you first called out to me an angel was dispatched from my heavenly

throne with the key to your freedom you are incredibly special to me

and there is a battle raging in the Heavenly realms for your life the enemy wants to see you defeated crawling on

the ground unable to claim victory but my armies are fighting for your future

pushing back the forces of darkness in the spiritual realm the sudden challenges you face are not random you

must be aware and Discerning From This Moment forward be mindful of your words

guard your secrets and be cautious about whom you trust the enemy is looking for

an opportunity to devour you to find a vulnerability in your your life that he can exploit he seeks to destroy you with

deception and falsehood attempting to undermine your faith your future is

filled with amazing things and miracles beyond your imagination a life marked by

the supernatural awaits you though you may endure difficulties now remember

that your struggles are temporary and will soon come to an end the sorrow you

feel will lift and some who have wronged you will return seeking your forgiveness

and you will forgive them but your faith and trust must remain firmly in me alone

people may promise you the world but do not believe them no one else has the

power to truly bless you and protect you from evil no one else holds the true word that only I can give I never fail

and I never lie however if you begin to doubt me and place your trust in the

empty promises of dishonest people your blessings will vanish like Dust in the

Wind and some may never return now is your moment anchor your faith in my

powerful and Eternal Word which is alive strong and true

forever the time to decide is approaching choose my love my comfort my

peace and My Embrace make a serious commitment to meet with me each morning

to be filled with my word that guides you and gives you a a reason to keep going come without fear for I long to

hear from you no matter how you come or what state you’re in my doors are always open and my ears are always listening

come to me before Dawn for it is the ideal time to present your requests to me and to experience my loving presence

talk to me for your words reflect your thoughts and knowing that you keep a place for me in your mind is like a

sweet fragrance to me a pure and gentle worship share your dreams needs frustrations and

doubts with me for I am your friend the only one who truly understands and knows

you completely you have faced Fierce Winds of adversity walked through unexpected

seasons of worry and felt the pain of ridicule and cruelty crush your spirit

leaving you gasping for peace my word brings you that peace you will find rest

for your soul I will fill your heart with courage even in challenging times you will

experience calm when you feel weak you will find strength and when you feel

overwhelmed you will not be afraid cling to my promise and when your burdens seem

too heavy to bear come to me always remember that I am with you do not allow doubt to steal

the blessings that lie along your path I bless you because I love you and because I have chosen to do so I shower you with

favor and mercy because you are precious to me beloved in mine my love for you is

unbreakable and eternal today is a special day a victory

that you will always remember I have sealed these promises with my own blood

you will be filled with joy and I will grant you eternal life in my presence

there will be no more tears or pain this is your sign open your eyes for the

challenges you face will disappear the help you’ve been waiting for is on its way and the provision you need will

be supplied I love you and today that love is demonstrated tell me you love me

tell me you believe in me even in this difficult moment I am here reaching out

my hand to you take hold of it and cling to me with all your strength release

your deep sorrows and set aside the worries that trouble you come with me

for with my loving Embrace and Divine Touch I will heal you now is the time

for healing I will work a miracle in you healing all the wounds that have Afflicted you and erasing them

completely no one will see the painful experiences you have endured written on your face you will bear no scars from

your past trust in my love for you and know that I am with you always you are

never alone for I am your constant companion your sour source of strength

and your reason for hope I will guide you protect you and lead you into the

future I have prepared for you a future filled with purpose joy and the

Fulfillment of your deepest desires remember my child that you are

loved beyond measure you are forgiven redeemed and made new embrace the

freedom and life that I have given you and walk forward with confidence knowing

that I am by your side every step of the way I love you with an everlasting love

and nothing can ever separate you from my love hold fast to these truths and

let them be the foundation upon which you build your life you are mine and I am yours now and

forever my beloved child I understand the struggles and hardships you have

faced the enemy sought to crush your spirit and extinguish your light but through the power of my unwavering love

I will heal your wounds and erase the painful memories that burden your heart I am lifting the heavy loads you have

carried for so long know that your sins are forgiven and you are free to step into a brighter future you are on the

cusp of a profound transformation Embrace this season of change for I have chosen you for a

special purpose something extraordinary is unfolding in your life and it is time

to come back to the path of righteousness that you once walked though life’s challenges may have caused

you to stumble it is never too late to find your way back to me I have come to

guide you home even when you felt distant and lost my love for you has never wavered and I

long to see you walking beside me hand in hand towards the destiny I have

prepared for you I yearn to witness The Hope and joy in your eyes as the Miracles you have prayed for come to

fruition and you reap the rewards of your perseverance and Faith as you

embark on each new day fill your heart with gratitude and banish all words of

defeat from your lips silence the self-doubt and criticism that echoes in your mind when

others question your journey or ask why you walk alone declare with confidence that you are loved by God Proclaim that

I have restored you wiped away your sins and that your past no longer defines you

remind them that you are never truly alone for I am always by your side

guiding your steps and cheering you on toward success trust in my grace and goodness

for this is your time of Victory I am working to heal every aspect of your being enveloping you in my strength and

Splendor stay alert and vigilant for the enemy is is Relentless in its attempts to make you stumble and lose faith when

you feel overwhelmed and in need of rest come to me in prayer and I will provide

you with the peace and comfort you seek do not allow worry to rob you of your

faith or Tranquility the battles you face may be fierce and the struggles intense but

remember that I am fighting for you in the spiritual realm protecting you from the assaults of your

adversaries even as you sleep you may not always be aware of the great victories won on your behalf but trust

that you are immensely blessed and shielded by my love no matter how daunting your problems may seem remember

that I am greater and stronger than any obstacle you encounter do not feel imprisoned by

difficulties or intimidated by the threats of your enemies your imperfections and past mistakes do not

diminish my love and protection over you your family and your entire household

when adversaries seek to bring you down with falsehoods baseless accusations and

fabricated problems I will be your shield and guide you through these trials emerging Victorious and

triumphant shift your focus away from your shortcomings and weaknesses and

instead find Assurance in my word which promises that my victory is your Victory

from my heavenly Throne I am preparing to bestow upon you the rewards for your

suffering the recognition for your courage the medal for your determination

to overcome the Crown of Life and innumerable blessings that await your

acceptance by faith declare with conviction both in your words and in

your heart that you will receive these blessings today marks a new beginning

for you filled with surprises and Abundant Blessings remember that my joy

is your source of strength and there are count wonderful things in store for you

maintain an attitude of gratitude and keep your trust firmly placed in me do

not be disheartened by the challenges that come your way and do not allow fear to take hold of your heart you know that

you are deeply loved and my blessing rests upon you your consistent faith and

belief in my ability to help you in all things have not gone unnoticed hold fast

to the truth that if you believe it will come to pass over the past year you have weathered

many storms and faced numerous trials yet through my grace you have emerged

Victorious each time the seeds of Purity love Faith and dedication that you have

sown will yield a Bountiful Harvest take heart my child for you will reap the

rewards of your labor in my perfect timing allowing you to fully savor every moment every detail and every blessing I

have unwavering faith in you and a deep understanding of your heart’s desires and

aspirations I am well aware of your struggles and I have been by your side every step of the way fighting alongside

you in each battle as you rest at night I am there to provide the respit you

need and to fortify your faith with each New Dawn I whisper to your heart reminding

you that your life is securely held in my hands and that today can be another day filled with wonder and possibility

you are cherished by a real all powerful and compassionate God never

underestimate your immense value and significance to me no matter where your path may lead I will watch over you and

if you ever find yourself straying from my love I will tenderly guide you back and keep you safe within my heart as you

finish reading and listening to these words take a moment to close your eyes and speak to me share with me your

feelings and the desires of your heart for today allow me the opportunity to

demonstrate my incredible love for you I am here my child and I am eager to spend

this time with you to discuss the things that matter most to both of us your life

the most precious gift you have received rescued from the clutches of death by an immeasurable sacrifice the enemy enemy

sought to cast you into the darkest Abyss but the Gates of Hell could not Prevail against you no force in

existence not the highest Heights the deepest depths nor the enemy with all

its might can challenge my Authority or snatch you from my protective Embrace I have redeemed you and bestowed

upon you the encouragement of the Divine you are forever loved forever cherished

and forever mine walk forward in confidence knowing that I am with you always with guiding your

steps and leading you towards a future filled with hope joy and Abundant

Blessings I can transform you but you need to surrender and allow me to work within you don’t hide anything from me

it’s better for you to confess directly to me than for me to uncover those deepr rooted issues you’ve prayed for peace

freedom relief and stability now the time has come the door is open but don’t

be afraid I come to you as a friend take my hand and let’s embark on this new

journey to a life filled with blessings so you can share my grace with the world

I love you get ready for this amazing transformation I have a question for you

listen carefully answer me without fear regardless of your respon response my

love for you remains constant I support the good you do I will continue to bless you and keep

you safe it’s a simple question yet some who claim to seek me hesitate unsure of

what to say or do you might not fully understand who you are or what you can

become before you answer think about this message write it down share it with

others feel how these words dispel your fears and strengthen your beliefs and Faith the fire growing within you cannot

be quenched my holy spirit is with you now and from this day forward wonders

and miracles will happen in your life my precious child please answer me

amidst the challenges you face what will you do will you move forward like a courageous Soldier or will you shrink

back in fear will you endure insults and let the malicious steal your blessings

or will you rise and in my Holy Name claim the victory I have secured for you tell me that you will fear nothing and

no one no matter how powerful wealthy or intelligent they might be even if your

enemies dress grandly and their threats make others tremble you will not be afraid because the almighty God is with

you what right do these evildoers have to intimidate you they only seek to instill

fear understand this if you take your faith seriously also recognize the

authority I’ve given you this power is not for humiliating or harming others

nor for boasting my power doesn’t work if you lack humility but in a peaceful heart my

presence resides and with the right attitude you can conquer Nations

remember even when you feel weak sometimes you are not even when the evil

one Whispers doubts about your worthiness know that you are worthy worthy of my embrace my love my

forgiveness and this home filled with love waiting for you you have an inheritance that you’re already

receiving you are my child and I desire to see you Triumph for your sake and for

your family’s sake I am ready and able to bless you abundantly Believe In This

Promise the time to move forward is now do not stop despite everything happening

around you I am always with with you keep moving forward without looking back

hold on to the progress you’ve made and continue with determined steps holding tightly to my hand know that even as you

walk through valleys shadowed by threats I am there with you I am your father

your creator your companion your protector and your

shelter it brings me joy to help you I Delight in blessing you and staying

close by your side I will never turn away from you or be unfaithful I know that sometimes you may

receive news that makes you anxious but remember nothing in this world can

separate you from me in me you’ll find the strength needed to keep going to

enjoy the blessing things I have for you and to successfully reach your goals

you’ll hear many things in life but don’t let them disturb your peace or disrupt your sleep don’t be frightened

by threats or worried by a doctor’s diagnosis your life is in my hands your

well-being is part of my plan your future is bright and secure so don’t let

fear stop you take these promises to heart after listening to me spend a few

more moments in my presence with all your requests thoughts and fears I know you’ve made mistakes and I

want to forgive you and cleanse you with my powerful blood so you no longer carry unne necessary guilt and remorse that

could block your way I shall strengthen you twofold bless you and multiply all your

blessings each time you come to converse with me I shall assist you in overcoming

and triumphing however remember what I am imparting to you today you have many

tasks to fulfill do not allow anything or anyone to hinder you do you

understand my message the curses of your adversary Aries shall not touch you the pit they have dug for you will ensnare

them I always watch over your comings and goings your sleep and your waking moments my angels surround you

protecting your life and well-being with flaming swords I give you the power to step on serpents and scorpions nothing

will harm you none of them will have power over you seek my word pray fast

and kneel before me daily to receive my blessings to hear my words and to be

shielded by my protection I will intervene in the lives of those who oppose you they will feel ashamed and

will not dare to harm you again they will understand that no one can mock my holy name and they will realize that

faith is not a trivial matter they will see that your faith in me represents

power honor integrity and Truth many

around you including yourself will start to take their spiritual lives more

seriously this is important walk with confidence looking up at the sky do not

look back at those who tried to bring you down I hold you in my hands and will not let you fall or trip over the

obstacles they set in your path stand strong and do not be scared by threats

or ridicule from others because if you show Fear they will see it in your eyes

some may think you’re weak and try to attack you but they are nothing they

cannot harm you because they will face me and their true cowardly nature will be revealed by my glorious light keep

Faith stand firm and upright Victory is already yours now you can rest and live

in peace knowing that no harm no person no evil can come near you or your family

live your life in complete peace letting go of those who wish you ill hold on to

my love and evil will not touch tou you Embrace this day with joy placing all

your worries in my hands my Army of angels will be with you wherever you go

and I will never stop showing you and telling you how much I love you amen my child click on the Subscribe

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