“Stop The Devil”– God | Gods Message Now l Gods blessings | God Msg

today God wants to say something to you

from the heart my beloved ones today I

am reaching out to you with a message

entr trust your journey to me this

upcoming week is set to be filled with

blessings and positive moments even

though things may not have begun as you

hope maintain your trust in me I promise

not to disappoint you prepare yourself


transformation life may present

challenges and pain but these

difficulties are temporary it’s crucial

that you remain positive and

uplifted comments Ines if you

believe you’ve been caught in a cycle of

negative selft talk believing you’re not

worthy or loved it’s time to silence

these destructive

thoughts know that you’re are deeply

loved and entirely worthy of Love seek

peace and release the urge to control


uncontrollable trust in my

guidance remember your Earthly existence

is Trent reflect on how far you’ve come

with my help overcoming numerous

challenges I encourage you to shift your

mindset focusing less L on the negative

and more on the positive aspects of Life

write alen to claim this blessing

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