STOP!!! I’m extremely proud of you.

my precious child I have meticulously

designed life plans for you that are

brimming with hope and bursting with my

loving intentions these plans may

diverge greatly from your own goals or

the paths you have imagined but they are

unquestionably good and ideal for you

keep in mind that I am the embodiment of

pure light and in me there is never any

Darkness in any uncertain moment search

for my light those identical tools that

your adversaries use against you will

eventually become the basis for even

larger accomplishments allowing them to

have a liberating impact on the lives of

countless individuals ignore the

frightful news and the unstable

prophecies that have been presented by

Voices that are dishonest in the past

in the present and in the future my

sovereignty will not be shaken you are

one of a kind my most treasured creation

for which you were designed to dance

with delight and accept your authentic

self as a Priceless gem do not be afraid

for my guardian angels are surrounding

you and assuring that you will not

suffer any harm take in my bright

presence and you will discover both

peace and strength to love it I want to

express my unending thanks for

everything you’ve done for me your

unwavering determination in the face of

adversity has not been in vain rather it

has prepared the way for an innumerable

number of blessings each and every

obstacle has presented me with an

opportunity to learn and develop take

advantage of these challenges

since they will teach you vital lessons

about life throughout the course of your

day seek me with all your heart and

speak your prayers out loud as your

mouths open and praise Heaven rejoices

even when you are unable to comprehend

what is happening believe in my

assurances they have the potential to

completely alter the course of your life

the beginning of each new day comes with

it the possibility of experiencing my

love and protection allow me to seek you

out by opening your heart to the

wonderful touch that I have to offer

your problems will disappear if you take

off your shoes walk Barefoot along the

Riverside and allow the rivers come

flowing to comfort you allow yourself to

be transformed by the Holy Spirit as you

surrender to the cleansing water ERS and

allow my Holy Spirit to wash over you

and your family if you are in the

presence of God how do you find peace

send out Ammon to share your experiences

of spiritual

revitalization the calm that is beyond


comprehension something that we should

Revel in I want to reassure you that I

will never waver in my resolve to

bolster your trust and provide direction

to those who have doubts please approach

me with a spirit of humility and real

respect not out of a sense of

responsibility but rather from a heart

that is overflowing with love and


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