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after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch the whole video and don’t forget to share this message with your loved ones

my child you are watching the video but you are not sharing the video so please

share my message to everyone close to your heart let the word of the Lord spread throughout the world type if

you are ready God is saying to you today my beloved child I am hastening the flow

of time so that you may soon hold your cherished blessing in your hands I know you’ve

been eagerly awaiting the answer you seek and I want you to know that the changes I’m orchestrating around you are

for your ultimate good prepare your heart open your mind

and let the doors of your home welcome my presence as I speak to you now I

solemnly promise that a transformation is on the horizon for your life I

understand your needs and I’ve known them even before you did yet I desire

Clarity in your thoughts and desires be certain of what you request understand

your goals and know that if you seek Triumph it comes at a price genuine

Faith fervent prayer hard work and personal sacrifices like

hand share the video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the

channel if you love Jesus I am here to bestow upon you a blessing of Eternal

significance for you and your family rest assured I will not Grant you

anything that brings sorrow or separates you from me my desire is not for your

family to suffer due to your absence I want you to shine in the world but may

Darkness never overshadow your home home remember those you hold dear for I do

not wish for tension to ens snare your relationships or for you to lose your

health my eternal longing is for the best for you true peace unwavering Faith

a tranquil life and Detachment from material possessions the goods of this

world are fleeting you brought nothing into this world and you will take nothing when you

depart however the love and affection you sow in those who cherish you the faith you

share the help you extend to those in need your unshakable faith and loyalty

these are the things that will bring you genuine spiritual fulfillment I have sent you a great blessing and one day I

will place a crown upon your head with my own hands I hold the power to change seasons

and times to transform hearts and to bring about blessings beyond measure

type if you believe in Jesus my beloved child I am aligning everything

so that you may experience my blessings and your suffering will be left

behind I stand at your door calling open up to me now I desire to

dwell in your home and I want my wondrous peace to fill every corner of your family’s Hearts soon you will

witness my power manifesting upon your family and yourself a time of Peace

healing and blessing is Drawing Near I have seen your faith I am listening to

your prayers your attitude pleases me and your sincerity touches my heart your

faith is alive and you Faithfully come into my presence each day you hold your

spiritual life in high regard unlike others who come sporadically and

do not entrust their paths and plans into my hands I want you to become an

example to your family and all you love let them witness the fruits growing

within you as your faith continues to strengthen your spirit mind and soul

more blessings are coming your way but they come with great responsibility type

Amen in the name of Jesus I will place you at the Forefront so that many may

see how I bless those who obey me those with Humble Hearts who patiently wait

for my response no longer filled with anguish and impatience when things do

not go as planned you are aware that your life your

family and all you do are in my hands many live in constant worry

believing they are amidst crisis during these times yet all good things are for

those who love me who submit to my will and believe in me you belong to the

faithful who have remained steadfast the doors are open for you and Showers of

Blessings and joy shall continuously pour forth always and everywhere keep

your eyes open for a grand opportunity awaits you many reject the blessings I send

them because they feel unworthy on your journey you will encounter many suffering Souls who

weep unable to comprehend that someone truly loves them forgives them and that

their future holds no pain or death if only they could Cast Away their disbelief and offer me the opportunity

to shower them with my love however you will yield abundant

fruit like the good tree you are when you have grown sufficiently and your branches are strong enough enough to

Bear the blessings I shall bestow upon you type I embrace my power to affirm

great Miracles will occur in you and your family I love you accept my love

open your heart and soul to this pure affection that fills you with peace

Serenity and divine strength my love heals all your wounds relieves your pain

and ailments stabilizes your emotions and grants you a Tranquility

you can find nowhere else only here beside me when you approach with the

desire to receive to grow to live solely in my presence you shall find it fill

yourself now breathe in this fragrance of my Holy Spirit and let the hours pass receive

even more of these gifts and This Love that I wish to bestow upon you this

beautiful love is yours never reject it do not strive to earn the love of those

who claim to love you but fail you and treat you poorly I appreciate you type

I’m abundant to affirm my beloved I love you with eternal love my Covenant with

you is Everlasting my plans are firm and my purposes are

true accepting my love means a change of course for You a New Life of complete

and plent ful happiness love without disappointments my love is more than

good it is marvelous it is forgiveness it is yours accept it I gave my life on

a cross and rose from the dead on the third day so that you too may rise and

live perhaps you do not yet understand this today but I am doing far more than

you desire and comprehend I shall touch your heart and reveal it to you you shall feel

a conviction so powerful that it shall Propel you to make important decisions

it is time to act to appreciate this Supernatural power that fills your life

no one shall belittle you regardless of your age or your past they shall tremble and be amazed at

the fruits your producing today when they finally understand that my spirit has been working in you all along and

that this beautiful and holy love is available to all the love the world

offers is limited many only promise love if you offer them something in return in

the end they give you betrayal and falsehood pain and misery rejection and

loneliness suffer no more I shall help you heal in my arms all your despair shall

be forgotten I love you tell me that you love me too

type to show your belief in Jesus do not let despair overcome you if on this

day you feel weak and lacking in strength I implore you to listen closely

to my words to open your heart wide to me and to embrace the serenity I offer you in

this moment I am the creator of the vast universe and I hold command over the

winds that may shake you know that I can calm these storms and silence the

threats that seek to trouble your world keep your faith unwavering and let your

vision regain its Clarity release the weight of what you consider accomplishments and do not dwell on your

perceived weaknesses instead Focus your complete

attention on me for it is when you acknowledge your own limitations that you truly require

me when when your faith combines with my power you become Unstoppable your

strength is replenished your spirits unbreakable with a Word of Faith your

weaknesses fade and you can boldly declare I am walk with hope Resolute and

continue your Ascent towards the Mountaintop where I eagerly await you this Summit is where your deepest

desires can manifest a place and time to embrace my will and allow me to

work in your life from here onwards you shall soar to new heights I have led you

to this point so that you never look back spread your wings and Ascend even

higher to receive the blessings type to manifest miracles

in your life my beloved I wish to bestow upon you a new dawn where despair will

no longer be your companion and your nights will be free from anguish your Mourns will be void of sorrow and

desolation you will lead a life filled with unwavering and active Faith as the

sun rises each morning you will choose happiness regardless of your

circumstances refusing to allow bad news or worries to erase the beautiful smile

that Graces your face you are my child and you have surrendered your

entire being to me my holy Spirit resides within you making you unique you

need not imitate the actions or words of others many May tremble at the slightest

rumor their hop shattering and fear engulfing their hearts but you are

different Supernatural love resides within you your faith is remarkable and

your prayers and words are filled with power so spread your wings be joyful and

share share these words with your loved ones type yes if you are ready for the

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dollar I take great pleasure in witnessing your active life how you rise

each morning with the certainty of my presence by your side your gratitude warms my heart and tears of joy flow

when I see you humbly kneel in prayer I am deeply moved by your unwavering

Spirit your patience your respectful treatment of others and your dignified

conduct these qualities Inspire and uplift many your choices successes

triumphs and the wonderful blessings you both receive and share with those

who support you those in need and those seeking healing all of these are Guided

by the holy spirit in your hands lies a mighty sword in your heart resides

strength and from your lips flow Divine words that break every

chain you may not be perfect but remember your strength comes from me the

creator of your blessings the one who leads you to victory in all your battles

guard your heart with humility and Trust there is no need to seek popularity or

flaunt human titles that Fain Authority I will use your hands to perform

Miracles ones that have never been witnessed by human eyes the healing

Reigns for your land are already pouring and rivers of Living Waters flow through

your Fields your aspirations will flourish and grow be

strong and courageous dear child for you stand on the brink of witnessing the

extraordinary with your own eyes I know you understand my words treasure this

beautiful Revelation in your soul like and share the video if you

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Jesus my beloved I love you deeply and your love for me fills my heart with

delight each time you express your love for me my my heart rejoices my love for

you is evident in the words that flow from my lips bringing healing and protection I am the god of strength the

one who fulfills promises I strengthen the poor and the weak bringing Joy to

the hearts that weep for those who pledge total loyalty and genuinely love me with all their

soul and mind I open the doors and windows of Heaven they understand the

immens power of treating others with respect exercising patience avoiding

gossip and disputes speaking words of kindness and maintaining calmness in the

face of provocation your family and you are securely held in my hands in the

face of adversity respond with kindness and gentleness instead of anger or

shouting my peace will reain in your home and you will witness

countless Miracles receive unexpected blessings and your faith will grow

stronger you and your family will be filled with boundless happiness I will reaffirm my love for

you and my constant presence will be with you type if you believe in

Jesus fear not for I shall be your protector on this journey through life

watching over you wherever you may reside with my resplendant sword and the power of my my word I will defend you

tirelessly place your trust in my promises and know that everything I do I

do for your well-being I am by your side always and this should fill your heart

with great joy While others endure suffering you have

Tranquility peace and serenity life may deliver harsh blows but I shall Grant

you the strength to withstand them opening doors Pathways and hearts

showering your life with Incredible opportunities you will explore distant

lands travel to numerous Nations and carry my love to the corners of the

Earth for this is why I have chosen and raised you I know you intimately and I

am aware of the pain that has been inflicted upon you during your childhood yet I wish to speak to you with great

tenderness listen care carefully contemplate and reflect upon this message the pain from the past may still

linger but neither the wounds nor the sorrow are Everlasting you possess the

courage to place it all in my hands and let go of the negativity

forever from this day forward I desire for you to live a life filled with

forgiveness so that your mind and heart no longer dwell on those days of Ang uish type Amen in the name of Jesus you

are now free to shout for Joy shed tears of happiness and if they see you leaping

with Elation do not be ashamed let them witness you brimming with life free from

sadness so that those who caused you harm May realize that your mind no

longer dwells in agony and you are no longer bound by the pain

they inflicted I love you deeply and want you to distance yourself from

negative influences the trumpet is sounding though few can hear it the

promised times draw near and many will remain negative and

pessimistic wallowing in complaint when they could lead lives filled with joy

they have rejected me and fallen into deceit denying my love which is why they

live in Despair and failure type I embrace my power to firm my beloved I do

not wish for you to end up the same way I desire for you to live a life of

Triumph and happiness join me extend your hand to me follow only my lead and

I will entrust you with seeds of love and words of healing which you will sow in many hearts nothing

is beyond my reach and the Miracles I perform in your life will Astound you

tell me you believe in me I have something vital to share listen closely now do not disregard this

message absorb every word I am about to convey and share your thoughts with me

on this matter I wish to discuss with you I have come to assure you that I

will never cease to express my love for you each day I will find Sweet and

beautiful ways to make you feel enveloped and protected eternally blessed by the immense love I hold for

you my feelings remain unwavering and my Covenant of Love with You is etched in

my word sealed with my own blood and affirmed by the presence of my Holy

Spirit burning in your heart like a cleansing flame that purges impurities

from your soul it fills you with tranquility and tenderness granting you unwavering

strength secure and divine peace that steadies your your steps helping you

rise and Stand Tall once more ready to embrace life and dedicate more love and

time to your family this immense power I offer is wrapped in eternal love type

I’m abundant to affirm type to show your belief in Jesus while the Earth

spins and rumors of wars abound you will not cease to pray write in your prayer

book the names of the people you love and tell me what you want me to

do for them I already know their lives and their thoughts but I want you to put

your faith to work to learn to pray for what truly matters while everyone around

you trembles in fear due to the signs approaching neither you nor your family

should fear my beloved I will not abandon you I will not let you go you

must be prepared for While others are concerned consumed by fear you will witness great Miracles the trumpets are

sounding and the time of your freedom is Drawing Near so pray believe fight live

do not be frightened by what may come trust in my word nothing is impossible

for me I love you tell me you love me my love heals you my affection calms you my

hand supports you guides you lifts you up and my

presence surrounds you my Holy Spirit fills you to the point where you immerse

yourself in a river of pure and crystalline Waters feeling joy that has eluded you for so

long your joy today is unlike any you’ve known before as you’ve journeyed through

trials and Solitude feeling abandoned and forgotten but fear not for those

days are now behind you soon to be forgotten type to manifest miracles in your

life today I stand before you to Grant you strength and dispel the Desolation

that has weighed upon your soul from this moment on my promises will always

be on your lips your constant companions if ever loneliness engulfs you cry out

for I am with you every day when weariness and the burdens of of

Life weigh heavy come to me and I will provide the rest your heart craves know

this dear one as your Shepherd you shall lack nothing in my hands I hold the

perfect provision for all your needs I am your path to Salvation and in my

divine presence fear shall find no home in your heart your root shall be firmly

planted by the flowing Waters and your life shall bear fruit that blesses not

only your family but many others as well should you seek something genuine and eternal

yearning for true love look no further for I am here on days when tears flow

for no apparent reason seek refuge in my love it is your only Refuge many may

offer affection but they often seek something in return always wanting more they may

pretend to be patient and offer friendship promising happiness yet

abandon you when you have nothing more to give in this world no one can offer

what I freely Give Love Peace healing and unwavering Fidelity come now receive

this blessing it is freely yours I do not seek your money I desire your heart

your faith your unwavering commitment and your burning desire to leave the

past behind and embark on a New Journey with me type yes if you

are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in

Christianity kindly show your support for our community by contributing super

thanks from $ to $ extend your faith towards a

brighter future with unwavering confidence and patience and declare your dedic with your own words I commit to

believing in your word with all my heart and I receive your faith my dear child

prepare yourself for the outpouring of blessings that I shall shower upon you

my beloved I love you deeply and I care for you tenderly even when others may

say otherwise I will find ways to show my affection daily today marks the end of your

tribulations and your storm has passed remember with me nothing is

impossible and my love knows no bounds you cannot begin to comprehend the

extent to which I will go for you A New Day Has dawned and from now on you will

experience nothing but blessings and opportunities doors will swing open

beautiful friendships will Blossom Prosperity will Grace your life and you

will be free from Financial burdens your prayers efforts and all that you possess

will be greatly blessed for when I make a promise it shall

be fulfilled I am by your side and I will remain with you no matter how

daunting the situation may seem I am your protector and your source of comfort when you need it most I will

guide you along the path of righteousness and nothing shall Cloud

your mind always remember I will be in your thoughts filling you with a

beautiful and eternal Serenity your heart will overflow with reasons to smile and the pains that once Made You

Weep will cease my blessings upon you are boundless for my love is

unconditional I am here present your desires both good and holy lay your

needs before me and I will answer your prayers like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love Jesus I will

bless you with Peace and Freedom bestow abundance upon you and prosper all your

paths let nothing confuse you or Rob you of your sleep for I will always be in

your thoughts reminding you of my promises and Commandments there is no one or

nothing in this world that can provide you with the Exquisite peace I offer I have listened closely to your requests

your Praises your complaints and your apologies in your prayers know that I am

deeply moved when you Express gratitude amid your troubles you have endured much

asking to face the processes that have caused you pain and sleepless

nights I admire your faith especially when you lift your hands in the midst of

your battles and say father father I love you thank you for everything you

may not fully comprehend it but I know that all things work together for good

trust in me type if you believe in Jesus my beloved I hear you and I am

deeply moved by your tears and your sincere heart do not give up for success

is within your reach you will witness the dry valleys of Your Life Spring to life and

resources you thought were depleted will be replenished in Greater abundance than

ever before be vigilant for the enemy’s deceitful tactics should not sway you

your feelings will not affect my continuous blessings if conflicts return to your

life do not despair cry out to me and I will answer your call worry no more for

I have dispatched my angels to protect you providing security and confidence do

not forget these words for they will Empower you to overcome your adversaries

you will witness fear dissipating as people see my work through you you belong to the right flock so do not

stray or jump aimlessly from place to place type Amen in the name of Jesus do

not distance yourself from the indestructible protection I offer and do not not

disregard my guidance when I correct you listen to my messages and give me your

full attention do not let Pride fill your heart I desire for you to remain

humble and simple just as I am the time has come to

rise above your past mistakes Faith no longer needs to look down lift your head

high and Savor the good things that await you I your heavenly father have

chosen you to inherit my blessings in my presence you will find rest and strength

you have attentively listened to my promises and now if you truly believe

them demonstrate it by standing up to face any challenge with determination

and unwavering faith I am your creator the one who

has fashioned all that you see and I know what I am

doing I will lead you hand in hand with my Holy Spirit guiding you with the

light of my word I will bless the place where you reside sending Showers of

Blessings for you and your family to reap the fruit of your labor in my perfect timing if you are hearing these

words understand that they are meant for you bow your knees in reverence for the

place and time where you stand is Holy I desire to work Supernatural miracles in

your life but I ask for your faith commitment and loyalty

this is a token of my love and because you have asked for it these two words

are my sign to you I love you I care not for your past for the moments of Victory

or defeat that it holds what matters to me is your heart as it beats

today with the knowledge that you need me that you cannot bear the burdens that

weigh upon your soul the depths of your despair I long for your repentance for

it is time to change your course and I urge you not to turn back now in this

very moment I extend my hand to lift you up and guide you towards a righteous

path one that leads to Liberation on the horizon the light of my truth shines

brightly and I await you with open arms ready to envelop you in my grace to

forgive your mistakes and to offer you a fresh and glorious

opportunity type I embrace my power to affirm my dearest I wish for you to

embrace my love renew your health and find strength I hope that you choose to

remain steadfast in this word which will grant you emotional

stability and resilience to face the years ahead remember this moment etch it

in your heart the day and hour you receive this message let this profound

emotion become a lasting memory marking the beginning of a new chapter in your

story today you embark on a life of Miracles and wonders scripted with the

power of my blood and sealed by my resurrection you will discover new

dreams aligned with my eternal purpose and witness many doors

opening the destiny I have reserved for your family and yourself will come to

fruition despite the challenges that may still linger in your home I am

continuously working on their hearts molding them like a Potter with Clay the

people you see today will be transformed in a few months within your home

courageous and faith-filled hearts will dwell there the families around you will be astonished by the powerful

Transformations that you as well as many others will bring about and they

will witness countless Miracles accept it acknowledge it believe it change is

possible in your life and your home and this is something I can bring about there are no impossibilities for

me alter your way of thinking and believing those who make mistakes today

can be transformed type I’m abundant to affirm your character demeanor and

speech about the future your spiritual maturity all of you will be renewed

starting tomorrow you will awaken with thoughts of me filled with seal you will

think of the victories I now bestow upon you forgetting the past failures and

defeats you will treat those around you with patience and affection speaking to

them with gentleness your voice will not be raised in anger and you will not harm

those you love with with insults disdain or shouts Joy Harmony and peace will be

reborn in your home I implore you to entrust your worries prayers and anxieties to me do

not let anxiety consume you or let anger snatch away your long for happiness

today I grant you the faith and determination to overcome the symptoms

of illness with unwavering hope for your healing type to show your belief in

Jesus my dearest I want you to follow the wise counsel of the doctors I have

placed in your path I will guide them to apply their knowledge and health will

return to your body I will perform the miracle you request in my perfect time but for now do your

part Embrace these promises heed my messages and persevere here daily to

keep your faith alert and active help me carry these words to those who need them

bless all you can even in the midst of your struggles and trials extend your

hand and provide support decide to do it do it now and you will see how as you

show mercy and assist others my powerful Glory will manifest before you welcome

to a new spiritual level prepare for a Supernatural life

with experiences you have not seen or heard of and miracles that will come to

pass in you and your family you will receive provision and abundance in your

home there will be no misery and sickness shall not enter through your

window nor tragedy knock on your door my child my beloved I will continue

reminding you of this in your heart you are important to me of Great Value type

amen if you believe in God if you’re all set type yes take care of yourself type

I claim it if you receive this declaration type yes if you’re ready and

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