Stop! Don’t Scroll Away! God Has a Special Gift for You!

stop don’t scroll away this is the most

important message you will ever see you

are special and I love you more than

anything you are made in my imh and you

are perfect just the way you are don’t

look at others and feel bad you have

everything you need inside you sometimes

you may feel sad or angry or scared

that’s okay those are normal feelings

but don’t let them take over you come to

me and I will comfort you I will heal

your wounds and fill your heart with joy

don’t ever lose hope in me I am always

with you and I will never leave you I

will give you strength when you are weak

and power when you are tired if you

believe in Jesus Christ he will change

your life for the better but wait

there’s more I have a special gift for

you that will make your day even better

do you want to know what it is then keep

watching until the end of this video

this gift is something that only I can

give you it is something that will make

you happy peaceful and fulfilled it is

something that no one can take away from

you it is something that will last

forever do you want to know what it is

it is my grace my grace is my

unconditional love and forgiveness for

you no matter what you have done or what

you will do I will always love you and

forgive you you don’t have to earn it or

deserve it you just have to accept it my

grace is the best gift I can give you

because it will set you free from guilt

shame and fear it will help you overcome

any challenge or Temptation it will help

you grow closer to me and to others it

will help you fulfill your purpose and

Destiny my grace is waiting for you

right now all you have to do is say yes

to me say yes to my love say yes to my

forgiveness say yes to my grace if you

are ready to receive this amazing gift

type yes in the comments below

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